Year 6 English

What’s new in Year 6 English?

In year 6, students learn about the difference between objective and subjective language. Students look closely at texts of the same type or texts by the same author to identify similarities and differences. At this year level, students begin to analyse the strategies that authors use to influence readers. When editing their own and others’ work, students are now expected to explain their editing choices.

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Main content of Year 6 English

The core contents of year 6 English are:

  • Understanding the uses of objective and subjective language,
  • How complex sentences can be used to enhance explanations,
  • Comparing similar texts and texts by the same author,
  • Planning, drafting, and publishing imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts,
  • Editing their own and others’ work against set criteria and explaining editing choices.

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Common challenges for students in Year 6 English

In year 6, students are usually able to formulate sentences correctly but often stick to basic vocabulary and sentence structure. Being able to construct more complex sentences to add more detail and enrich meaning is a common challenge at this year level.

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Main outcomes for Year 6 English

By the end of year 6 English, students should be able to:

  • Understand how language features and patterns can be used for emphasis,
  • Compare and analyse texts,
  • Listen and contribute to discussions, and interrogate ideas,
  • Create detailed texts for varied purposes and audiences,
  • Use correct grammar, select appropriate vocabulary, and use accurate spelling and punctuation.

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Most important concepts to ensure your child understands in Year 6 English

Being able to compare different texts, listening carefully to ideas put forth in class discussions and responding to them, writing detailed texts, and using correct grammar and spelling are all important in year 6.

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If hiring a tutor, what study habits and content to focus on in Year 6 English?

A tutor can help your child develop their listening skills and form opinions by engaging in carefully directed conversation with your child. By asking pointed questions, the tutor can show your child how they too can interrogate others’ ideas in a way that provides a basis for sustained and purposeful discussion of ideas and issues.

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Main challenges involved in tutoring a Year 6 English student

Ensuring that the student is ready for secondary school is one of the main challenges. Knowing how to approach writing tasks, setting aside time for brainstorming, writing and then proofreading and editing are all basic skills that will hold the student in good stead in year 7.

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Some good ideas on how to help your child in Year 6 English

When looking over your child’s written work, it is tempting to immediately point out the errors. Instead, try to start with positive feedback by pointing out what they did well and which parts you enjoyed. Then, you can talk about the areas needing improvement. If there are many areas requiring improvement, limit your suggestions to an amount that your child can manage.

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What they say about our tutoring:

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Phal has been amazing with our kids and she has improved their standard immeasurably. They have delighted in her passionate teaching style and have come away with much knowledge and strategies in approaching their maths.
Ezy maths was very quick in finding the right tutor for my daughter, who is doing her HSC this year. Joyce was very well organized, caring, knowledgeable and used great techniques. Matilda was very happy with her and learned a lot. Ezy Maths gave us helpful hints on how to be prepared and what to expect from a tutor.
We are very happy with Joshua. He is young and energetic and seems to catch my kid's attention. His English is excellent and he has a very pleasing polite manner.
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We are really quite happy at present with Peter. He has been helpful and he and Lucy get along well.