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30 Jul

Tips For Solving Word Problems

Many people think that they fit into one of two categories, “numbers people” and “words people.” Numbers people have a field day with equations and graphs and formulas, and can look at a set of numbers and can immediately recognize a pattern. Words people are readers, writers, they can great pronunciation skills, and can use […]

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14 Jul

My Child’s Grades Dropped Suddenly, What Can I Do?

Some parents have felt that heart wrenching, punched-in-the-stomach feeling that comes along with thinking their child is doing great in school, only to eventually find out that they are struggling, sometimes even failing, in one or more subject area. This can come as a shock to any parent, especially if their child is usually an […]

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1 Jul

Using The “Think Aloud” Method

Classrooms all around the country are getting a little louder, and it is not because teachers are losing control of their classroom management. It is actually a sign that connections are being made, and students are learning in a way they’ve never learned before. Classrooms may sound a little louder because students have discovered the […]

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