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Ezy Math Tutoring is situated near Perth’s city centre, 120 St. Georges Terrace. As the main city in Perth, St Georges Terrace is at the heart of Perth’s business area parallel to the Swan River, and just a short walking distance to the riverfront area.

Our unique approach to tutoring within the safe and comfortable surroundings of your own home ensures that a great learning atmosphere is created. Our expert tutors ensure that not only will your child understand and absorb the content of their maths but also they will gain experience and abilities in learning and application of knowledge that can be applied across all subjects and life. Please feel free to give us a call at 1300 312 354. We are also available for email enquiries at info@ezymathtutoring.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your child or children achieve outstanding success in school and in life.

120 St Georges Terrace,
Perth, WA 6000

More About Our Maths Tutors Perth

Ezy Math Tutoring offers private in-home tutoring services all throughout the Perth metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs. Our Perth office is situated in the heart of the city’s central business district on the 28th level of the AMP Tower on St. Georges Street, which is only a short distance away from the riverfront and Government House.

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With Ezy Math Tutors Perth your child enjoys the benefits of one-on-one tutorial sessions right from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Every one of our tutors have been extensively trained in the Ezy Math Tutoring philosophy, which entails creating a personalised study programs to suit each student’s individual needs. We have a large network of professional maths tutors in Perth who are all dedicated to helping your child become more successful in school.

Founded in 2006, Ezy Math Tutoring has quickly established itself as one of the most reliable and effective tutorial services in Australia with its unique approach towards teaching Math, as well as other core subjects like English, Chemistry and Physics. We cater to all year levels starting from Year 3 to Year 12. We also have offices all throughout major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

EZY Math, Perth - Your maths tutors Perth experts

Get Real Results with The Ezy Math Way

The Ezy Math philosophy is based on learning proper study habits and becoming motivated through proper encouragement. Through this method, students will actually enjoy working on their maths lessons.

Our Perth math tutors do more than just break down complex concepts to make it easier to understand; they focus just as much on boosting a student’s confidence and self-esteem to help them become more motivated. Aside from getting higher marks in school, properly motivated students with the right study habits will also be more effective outside of the classroom.

Real acquired knowledge requires having a thirst for learning and not just knowing the right answers to standardised test questions. More often than not, students with poor study habits will simply forget about what they’ve learned as soon as the test is over. These largely inadequate methods will prove to be extremely inefficient and counterproductive as your child gets older and has to deal with more difficult math topics such as geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Even if a student is not necessarily failing classes and tests, poor study will most likely not help your child realise his/her full potential.

While the traditional classroom environment works for most students, it is relatively inflexible to the individual needs of each student. Students who are struggling in school tend to lose interest and focus as time progresses. This is where our expert maths tutors in Perth can help the most. Our tutors not only teach lessons, they help your child gain self-confidence and strive to work harder.

With Ezy Math’s proven teaching methods conducted in the comfort of your own home, our tutors are able to keep students fully engaged in the learning process and find ways to make math fun. Success in school leads to further success in life.

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Learning with Ezy Math Tutoring is easy. The first tutoring lesson is completely free of charge. One of our specialist maths tutors in Perth will come to your home and assess your child’s current learning needs and provide you with a comprehensive action plan. This initial tutoring session is also essential in determining if your child’s personal tutor is a good match. If you feel that your assigned private maths tutor is unable to build a good rapport with your child, we’ll quickly provide you with a more suitable substitute.

All of our expert maths tutors in Perth go through a rigorous screening process. Aside from having university degrees, and in many cases even advanced Master’s and PhDs, our tutors need to possess the passion and dedication to help students learn and get ahead in school. Rest assured that all those who meet these basic requirements have a true love for teaching and know how to respect your child’s unique learning needs.

EZY Math, Perth - Your maths tutors Perth experts

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To ensure that progress is being made with every one of our students, our tutors report back to Ezy Math Perth’s offices on a regular basis. In case additional support is necessary, Ezy Math Perth has all the right resources on hand.

We also provide our maths tutors in Perth innovative and practical training modules to make sure their skills are continually being improved. With our broad network of tutoring professionals all across Australia, Ezy Math Perth always has access to the most effective best practices based on actual experience and not just theories.

Ezy Math Perth does not charge any extra booking or cancellation fees. We offer simple hourly rates, and you can choose how often our math tutors in Perth can conduct lessons with your child. There are no minimum terms or long term contract commitments.

So call us now at 1300 312 354 or email us at info@ezymathtutoring.com.au to schedule your first free lesson. You can also simply fill up our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you to organise the first tutoring session.