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Find a Tutor Sydney

Our Find a Tutor Sydney Department can provide you with the maths tutor you have been looking for. Our find a tutor Sydney system is not only one of the easiest systems for parents, it also guarantees the perfect tutor who can cater to the individual needs of your child.

The Ezy Math Philosophy

Find a Tutor Sydney

Children have a lot to deal with nowadays. Academic expectations are on an all-time high and many students are struggling to keep up. This is especially the case for maths. Students have to learn the material pretty quickly, but they are not shown how to study or how to look at a mathematical problem. This often leads to children losing faith in themselves and they start to underperform due to a lack of guidance.

Ezy Math believes that every child needs to be motivated and encouraged in order to succeed. We also believe that every student learns in a unique way and that true teachers should cater to that way of working. However, due to a large amount of students in one class, this is not always possible in school.

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Who Is Ezy Math?

Ironically, the Ezy Math Tutoring Company was started by a mathematician. He had a true love for maths and decided he wanted to share that gift with others. He quickly learned that having a love for maths makes all the difference.

Since the start of Ezy Math, the company has grown out to be one of the biggest tutoring providers in Australia. Our company currently offers tutoring in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Also, we have built an excellent reputation with both parents and students, so Ezy Math is a quality service you can trust.

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The Find a Tutor Sydney System

Getting in contact with a maths tutor is very easy. Parents send an email to our team of professionals. Once they have established the level of maths your child needs, we will pick out the perfect maths tutor for your child.

Once a tutor has been appointed, the tutor will meet you and your child at your home. The first lesson is a trial so if you don’t like it, you don’t pay, and is used by us to evaluate the problems the child is dealing with. This makes our Find a Tutor Sydney System almost infallible.

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What Can My Child Gain?

Parents and children can gain many benefits from getting a tutor from our maths tutor Sydney department. The most beneficial improvement for most parents is better grades and that is definitely something that our maths tutor Sydney department can deliver.

However, we need to mention that there are more benefits to be had by using a tutor from our maths tutor Sydney department. First of all, children get all the time they need to explain some of the difficulties they have been experiencing in school. A listening ear on its own is a great benefit, but a tutor will also show the student how to tackle those problems and get more confident in general.

A maths tutor will also work at the pace of the student. This means that there is more time to discuss maths subjects your child is having difficulty with or catch up on some basics that are needed to take maths to the next level.

Children generally feel more at ease with a one-on-one tutor as well. Some students are having quite a bit of trouble asking questions in the classroom or are afraid to make a mistake because they think they will be laughed at. Our tutors are all professionals and will encourage your child to ask questions.

A good maths tutor can also provide the child with that link between maths and real life. Many children and students believe that they will not need maths later on in life, because they have a certain profession in mind. However, once a tutor explains some real life links, the flame of interest in maths gets rekindled.

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What about Learning Disabilities?

Our maths tutor Sydney department can also provide your child with a specialised tutor for learning disabilities. A learning disability does not mean that your child cannot succeed in math. Everyone’s brain works in a very specific way. Sometimes small adjustments need to be made in order to process information more effectively.

Some children struggle in school because of dyscalculia. This particular learning disability causes children to have difficulty in understanding or manipulating numbers. A common misunderstanding about this condition is that many people believe that children with dyscalculia have a lower IQ, but this is definitely not the case. Studies have shown that even people with a high IQ can suffer from this condition.

Dyscalculia is not something that cannot be overcome, just like other learning disabilities. Our maths tutor Sydney department has quite a bit of experience with learning disabilities and can assign a specialised tutor to tackle this particular issue.

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Read What Others Say

Are you wondering what other people say about Ezy Math Tutoring? Or would you like to read some of the experiences people had with our company? Please visit our testimonials section and read the experiences of parents and students.

Have you used Ezy Math Tutoring before? Then do not hesitate to leave us a message and share your experience with other parents and students.

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Getting a Tutor

Parents can take advantage of our online enquiry form to request a tutor for their child. Once we receive the form, we will contact you to make an appointment.

Clients who rather not fill in any forms can also give us a call. Call 1300 312 354 to make an appointment with a tutor or ask for more information. Parents can also email us on info@ezymathtutoring.com.au.

More information about Ezy Math tutoring, the subjects and our tutors can be found in the for parents section. You will also find some answers to frequently asked questions and how you can pay for tutoring. Should you not be able to find certain information, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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