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Maths Tutor Finder Sydney

Are you looking for a good maths tutor finder? Then you are in the right place. Ezy Math Tutoring is a professional maths tutor finder who covers a large part of Australia. Want to find out more? Read on and discover everything there is to know about our Maths Tutor Finder Sydney department.

The Right Tutor

maths tutor finder Sydney

There are many reasons why people choose a maths tutor finder Sydney agency instead of a freelance maths tutor. The biggest reason why people choose a maths tutor finder agency is the quality guarantee.

Before we accept tutors in our maths tutor finder Sydney department, they need to undergo certain tests and screening. Because of the fact that tutors are going to work with children, we need to guarantee that these tutors are skilful but also trustworthy and safe. Every Ezy Math tutor in our math tutor finder Sydney department needs to comply with our strict rules and training program.

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How Does It Work?

Parents contact our maths tutor finder department by calling us, filling in the enquiry form or sending us an email. Once contacted, Ezy Math can appoint a local tutor for the student.
The first lesson from Ezy Math Tutoring works as a trial. This lesson is basically used to determine the problems the student is having. Once this lesson is completed, the tutor can create a good learning strategy that will not only help the student determine what to study, but also how to do it.

Our maths tutor finder Sydney services are not limited to catching up or preparing for an exam, because it also provides the student with tools to study and how to look at maths in a different way. After some tutoring, most students get a lot more confidence and do better in other courses as well.

The lessons are paid for through our easy online payment program. Parents only need one thing to pay for the lessons and that is the name of the student. However, every student also gets a unique ID that can also be used to pay for tutoring.

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Tackling a Unique Problem

Our maths tutor finder Sydney department understands that each student is unique and take in information in their own way. This calls for a unique approach. By spending time with the student, the tutor can figure out what works best for the student. Some children learn better visually, while others work better by doing exercises and by solving practical problems.

The problems that students are experiencing with maths can be unique as well. This is why our maths tutor finder Sydney department offers the first lesson as a trial, so if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it. During that time we can determine the exact issues and how to approach them.

Our maths tutor finder Sydney department also provides extra worksheets for students who want to practice a bit more. Please refer to our resources page and discover some of the exercises we made available.

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Better Studying

Having problems with maths does not mean that a student is less talented or smart. Some children experience problems with studying and absorbing certain information. One of the tutors from our maths tutor finder Sydney department will give a child the tools he or she needs to study in a more effective way.

Some common mistakes that occur during studying are: misreading questions, working to quickly, a lack of planning and not looking at titles and headers to figure out the core of the study material.

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What If I Do Not Like the Tutor?

All tutors at our maths tutor finder Sydney department are extremely skilled and tested on every level. The chance that a student or parent does not get along with a tutor is therefore very low. However, should you prefer a different tutor or have problems with the tutor you are assigned, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our maths tutor Sydney department and the entire Ezy Math Company strives for perfection. We always take the needs and wishes of both students and parents into account. So if you do have a problem or a concern, you are always free to contact your local maths tutor Sydney department and relay your concerns.

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What Maths Levels Can You Provide?

Ezy Math specializes in the provision of maths tutoring. For that reason, we offer maths tutoring for various levels. Students can count on Ezy Math tutoring for maths starting from grade 3 up to grade 12.

Our tutors also come from various backgrounds. We have tutors who actually work as maths teachers, graduates with a PhD degree and other educational professionals who can provide the standards that we expect of them.

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Do You Cover Any Other Subjects?

Ezy Math Tutoring also offers additional subject and course material. This includes English, physics and chemistry. All tutors who tutor a certain subject are specialised, which means you will always get a tutor with a high skill level.

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Do You Provide Tutoring For Children With Special Needs?

Our company also has a number of specialised tutors who have the qualifications to tutor children with special needs. This can cover a wide variety of things, including but not limited to dyslexia, dyscalculia or a general learning disability. If you need tutoring for a child with special needs, please mention this in your application or when you contact our staff. This way we can provide you with a specialised tutor.

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How Do I Contact You?

Parents who want to hire a maths tutor sydney for their child, or want more information about Ezy Math, can contact us by calling 1300 312 354. Clients can also email us at info@ezymathtutoring.com.au.

Contact by post is also a possibility. Simply send your request to Ezy Math Tutoring, Level 8 253 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022. Still, the most convenient way to contact us is still the enquiry form which you will find on the right side of this page.

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We Would Like To Hear From You!

Have you been using the Ezy Math tutoring service and would you like to share your opinion about the process or the tutor you are working with? Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a testimonial. We are always happy to hear your feedback!

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