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Maths Tutor in Sydney

Are you looking for a maths tutor in Sydney? Ezy Math Tutoring has the solution for you. Our maths tutor Sydney department offers the professional services of educational professionals, PhD graduates and genuine math teachers.

Why Choose Ezy Math Tutoring?

Maths Tutor in Sydney

When you need a maths tutor in Sydney, Ezy Math tutoring will provide you with a tutor who is not only skilful, but also safe and trustworthy. Our maths tutor Sydney department specializes in tutoring services for maths, but also physics, chemistry and English.

There are also many benefits for students who take advantage of a maths tutor in Sydney. A tutor from our maths tutor Sydney department will help your child look at maths in a different way. Instead of having a dislike for maths, a maths tutor in Sydney can provide a student with a genuine interest in the subject and a new found motivation. This means that our maths tutor Sydney department does not offer a temporary solution, but a permanent solution that can have a genuine impact on the future achievements of your child.

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Student Evaluation

Before our maths tutor Sydney department can create a strategic learning plan for your child, an evaluation will have to take place. This is done by a maths tutor who will be assigned to your child.

The first lesson with Ezy Math Tutoring is completely free. This is because we evaluate the needs of the student during this first lesson. The findings will form a basis for the individual learning plan created for the specific student.

An evaluation covers many different things. The tutor will find out where the exact problems lie and what subjects the child is struggling with. Other things that our professional maths tutors will look at is the study method of the child. All these things will be taken into account when the tutoring process starts.
Each child is unique in their own way and this is also the case for the way they learn and absorb information. This fact is the reason why such an individual learning plan is so important and necessary.

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Special Needs

Some children may have additional problems studying due to a learning disability. Ezy Math Tutoring also have a number of specialised tutors who can tackle this problem. Whether your child has problems because of dyslexia or dyscalculia, we are always ready to help.

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What Tutoring Entails

Parents contact a tutoring service when their child is dealing with bad grades or falling behind in school. An Ezy Math tutor will definitely deal with that problem, but will deliver even more benefits on top of that.

A maths tutor needs to ensure that the child has a really good maths foundation to build on. As you may know, maths starts from a very young age and teachers use the knowledge gained from a previous year and build on that. However, if they miss a certain bit of maths foundation, this may cause problems in a following year. Many parents are often quite surprised when a child suddenly have bad grades in maths, even when they did okay in a previous year. This is why a maths tutor is often necessary, because they can rebuild that strong foundation that is needed to succeed.

Since the maths tutor is working privately with your child, it is easier for them to keep up. The tutor will work according to their pace and strengths. Some children learn better by doing things, while others are better at studying theory. All these things are taken into account by the maths tutor, so good results are guaranteed.

Maths tutoring is also a great confidence builder. When a child does not do so well in a certain course, especially maths, they tend to feel inadequate, ashamed and less confident. Our maths tutor will also tackle that problem by giving the student more confidence in himself or herself. The student will learn that they are able to keep up and they may even surpass other students. From experience we have learned that raised confidence does not only have an effect on maths grades, but other grades as well.

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Paying for Tutoring

To make the entire process safe and easy, we have provided our clients with an online payment system. The client simply enters their user ID or the name of the student to pay for the tutoring. All online transactions are completely safe and encrypted. Paying online is also easier, because you do not have to keep money in the house to pay for your tutor.

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We Are Always Improving

Not only students that get Ezy Math tutoring learn something, because we do as well. All the tutors we employ need to attend regular training and education programs so they stay on top of the latest developments and techniques.

Tutors are also obligated to follow practical training modules which helps them improve their teaching abilities and teaching methods. All tutors need to hold themselves to the Ezy Math standards and that is why continuous training is provided to them.

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Extra Study Material

Maths tutors will supply your child with extra study material and exercises to help them. However, Ezy Math Tutoring also has additional worksheet available on the website. These worksheets can be downloaded for free and can be found on the resources page.

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Our Testimonials

A large amount of students and parents have already used Ezy Math tutoring. On our website you will find a considerable amount of testimonials from some of our clients and also a video telling you more about their experience with Ezy Math.

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Contact Us Today

Do you need maths tutoring in Sydney? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with a certified maths tutor.

Clients can contact Ezy Math Tutoring by telephone at 1300 312 354. It is also possible to send us an email at info@ezymathtutoring.com.au or you can fill in the enquiry form on this page. Ezy Math tutoring will arrange a professional tutor for you as soon as possible.

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