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Maths Tutoring Sydney

Ezy Math tutoring provides tutoring services in various areas of Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sydney. Parents who are currently looking for maths tutoring in Sydney can therefore immediately take advantage of the maths tutor Sydney services we offer.

Common Problems

Maths Tutoring Sydney

Problems with maths is more common than you might think. The reason for that is actually quite straightforward. Maths is a subject that is taught over a number of years, just like learning a new language. When some of the building blocks during those years are missed, students can experience serious difficulties. However, it is something that can be overcome by going back to the basics.

Other common problems that often occur with maths are learning disabilities. The most intruding problem is often dyscalculia. This is a learning disability characterised by difficulties learning basic arithmetic facts, processing numbers and performing fluent calculations.

Confidence can also be a problem with mathematics and can be a cause as well as an effect. What we mean by that is that failing in maths can lead to a lower confidence which has an impact on other grades as well. A lack of confidence can also be a cause, for example by not taking initiative in class, feeling embarrassed or feeling less good than the other students.
However, having problems with maths does not necessarily mean that the student has a learning disability or emotional problem. Education expects a lot from children these days, so sometimes they just get overwhelmed and need a little extra help to get through

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Our Tutors

The tutors who work at our maths tutoring Sydney department are selected according to high standards. Every tutor must meet certain requirements and must be fit to work with children.

In order to guarantee the suitability of the tutors in our maths tutor Sydney department, we submit possible candidates to a screening process. Our screening process consists of interviews, simulations, background checks, resume screenings and more. Our existing tutors also need to follow regular training modules in order to maintain the high standards we want to provide to our clients.

Tutors who work for Ezy Math need to have qualifications. Our employed tutors either have a PhD degree, work as a teacher or are educational professionals. This provides parents with a guarantee that they can expect professionalism and value for their money.

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What We Offer

The services of our maths tutor Sydney department are not limited to tutoring a specific aspect of maths. Our maths tutor Sydney department will also make sure that your child changes study habits and makes them more effective at maths, regardless of their skill level.

Next to maths, Ezy Math Tutoring also provides tutoring for additional subjects. This includes physics, chemistry and English.

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Finding the Right Fit

Before we assign a tutor, we usually ask the parents for more information about the student. Some students also need more attention than others, especially if they are struggling with a learning disability. However, Ezy Math also has specialised tutors who have experience with learning disabilities.

Once we have a general idea of the problems and background, we assign a tutor who can evaluate the issues in depth and provide both parents and student with an effective solution.

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Student Benefits

Private maths tutoring is always recommended. A tutor from our maths tutor Sydney department will work one-on-one with the student, ensuring that all the study material is absorbed and understood.

A direct result of maths tutoring Sydney is a clear increase in maths grades. However, for a large amount of students this effect also spreads to other courses. By learning how to study more effectively and by gaining more confidence in own abilities, maths tutoring Sydney can have a profound effect on all academic achievements.

It is also easier for students to accept one-on-one help. Asking questions in class or the help of a teacher can sometimes be embarrassing for students, especially in a class where striving to become better is considered to be nerdy. With maths tutoring Sydney, this does not have to become a problem, because all questions can be asked during a one-on-one session.

Another great benefit of maths tutoring Sydney is the fact that students start to develop good habits. Parents will notice that their child starts studying without encouragement from the parents. They will be more organised and disciplined, which is definitely a good thing for the future.

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Specific Maths Levels and Subjects

Ezy Math Tutoring provides a wide range of tutoring for various maths years. In general, we provide tutoring starting from year 3 to year 12. This also covers a wide range of maths subjects, including but not limited to arithmetic, algebra, functions, graphs, sequences, series, geometry, vectors, trigonometry, differentiation and integration.

Extra exercises are also available on the resources page. There you can find a number of free spreadsheets with exercises for various maths years. However, clients who still want additional material for their child can always request this from the tutor. Most tutors make such study material available during the tutoring process.

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No Need for Cash

Parents who want to pay for the tutoring of a student do not have to carry cash around! Ezy Math Tutoring offers an online payment system that makes it easy to pay for tutoring services.

Our online payment system runs on PayPal. Most people in Australia already have a PayPal account. However, even if you do not have a PayPal account, it is incredibly easy to set one up. PayPal transactions are also very safe, so using PayPal for online transactions is definitely recommended.

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Contact Us for More Information

Do you want to request a tutor from Ezy Math? Or do you have an additional question that you could not find an answer to? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team and call 1300 312 354.

Parents who want to make an appointment with a tutor can also use the online enquiry form. This is a quick and easy process, simply enter your name, email address, phone number and message.

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