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Daniel is great. Gracie has taken to him very well. Debi, 4th May 2015
So far all is going well – Andrew is fantastic and easy to communicate with. We have had three sessions so far and this term he will be working on the next unit of work rather than just exam revision. Jacqui, 3rd May 2015
Emma and I are very happy with Philip as a tutor.  All is going very well.  Phil seems very reliable and conscientious and offers appropriate support but allows Emma to work the problems herself which she appreciates. Gillian, 2nd May 2015
He's here now, drinking miso and walking Em through Pythagoras (poor sole).   It's all good.  She appreciates this time and enjoys his learning insights so that's a winner. Amber, 1st May 2015

Thanks for your email.


So far, so good. My impression of Kavindu is very good and I believe that Emir is very happy with him too.


Many Thanks

Mina, 1st May 2015
Yes we are happy with Kavindu. Emily seems more confident with one on one home tutoring than class tutoring. thanks Michael, 30th April 2015
So far Katie has been prompt, personable and prepared.   As you say it is very early days -we are only just getting to the point where we are clear on where she is at and where she needs to be.   Cara, 30th April 2015
I just got back from the US this morning we are very happy with Rhett and Connor has really clicked with him and his teaching methods.   Under Rhetts tutoring Connor managed to go from a fail to a C+ 65% on his resit after only two sessions with Rhett so a great achievement if we had the ability to have more sessions with Rhett we would happily take them. Brian, 29th April 2015
Yes very happy with Phoebe she is a wonderful tutor & very pleasant towards my girls  they feel at ease with her as she explains all maths concepts in the simplest of forms (much to the delight. of my daughter Phoebe who said she's learned/understood a lot more in the last three weeks than she had learned all of last year) &  she's building up their confidence to have a more positive outlook when approaching their maths homework! Georgina, 27th April 2015
Agnes quickly determined the areas that we could see Charlotte was struggling with. It was lovely to see Charlotte's body language change during the course of the first session from slumped over looking disinterested to sitting up and engaging with Agnes by the end of the hour. I had never seen her like that when we have sat down to do maths before. I knew that I lacked the strategies to give to Charlotte and Agnes is certainly showing her these patiently and with the support she needed. Leeanne, 27th April 2015
Yes we are very happy with Georgia and Catrina seems to be enjoying maths again. I have also recommended Georgia to another parent at my daughters school Kerry, 25th April 2015
It's going very well so far and Caitlin and Isabella have bonded very well   Her confidence is already increasing so I think this will be a good arrangement Mark, 24th April 2015
Very happy with Luke at the moment. Billie seems keen and is interested in what Luke is showing her. That’s a step forward for her when it comes to Maths. Tracey, 22nd April 2015
Cassie is great!   Ashley is already showing improvement in class and is happy with Cassie as she is easy to understand and can relate to her well.   Thank you Michelle, 21st April 2015
Thanks for your follow up. All seems to be going well so far . Anthony seems quite comfortable with Max and I think a little more confident . Of course it's still early days so we will assess his progress again soon. Antonietta, 20th April 2015
Thank you for your follow up email. I think Daniel has done a great job connecting with Anthony. Hopefully Anthony will gain some confidence with his maths. Florida, 19th April 2015
Thank you for the email. I just want to tell you how happy we are with Lisa. Because of that two hour block right before his math half year exam, his grade has already improved. I am ver impressed with Lisa professionalism and her preparedness. Andrew enjoys math tutoring with Lisa. Krisztina, 18th April 2015
We are really happy with Hayoli as a tutor.  I don’t like to compare but she is 100% better at explaining things than the last tutor.  The difference is quite amazing actually.  She is very efficient, just comes straight in and gets straight to work.  No chit chat at all (which I don’t mind).  She actually brings in resources that she thinks will help Amy and seems like she has a plan, rather than just turning up with nothing prepared.  I can highly recommend Hayoli.   Thankyou for finding Hayoli for us.  She is amazing, Robyn, 14th April 2015
Karina is lovely and I think she will work out just fine. Amelia is very happy with her  and they seem to be getting along fine.   I hadnt realised Amelia was so far behind, and am actually glad she asked me to find help. Elizabeth, 12th April 2015
Alycia is going along nicely and is getting on really well with Katherine. So we very pleased with the tutoring Alycia is getting. Cary, 12th April 2015
  Thank you for your email. Alexandra is finding tutoring with Ben to be invaluable. She has had two lessons and we have already seen a confidence boost. Ben is great and explains everything throughly. Elisa, 11th April 2015
we are extremely satisfied with ezymaths and Gabrielle. I have recommended ezymaths to many and Thomas has made great progress with Gabrielle’s tutoring. Alison, 9th April 2015
Thank you for the report. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sending Brady to our home to assist Laura with math tuition. He fit's in well and has a nice approach to learning for a young student. Very happy client. Heather, 8th April 2015
I'm an older student studying nursing this term I had a maths calculation exam that required 100% to pass . As you can imagine I was "freaking out !!! " 100% are you crazy !!!!!! .   Then I meet Lisa !! she was one of my favorite people !! she was punctual,organised , and willing to spend the extra time if needed ,Lisa  researched  and came up with numerous,exams ,test and quiz's and got me all sorted with all the necessary formulas that where need to  get my brain working again . I actually believed I could do this .   It was the happiest text I'd ever sent to notify Lisa I passed !! 100%  Wow ,I would have not been able to do it with out Lisa's help . Jennifer, 6th April 2015
We really like Mark, his communication style really suits Remy, and he is able to work out what she needs very quickly. We would love to stay with him until the end of the year. They are a good match.   Thank you Keili, 5th April 2015
Zac is progressing well and is enjoying his tutoring with Emily.  He has clicked with her and they seem to be working well together. Mel, 5th April 2015
We’ve had 2 sessions with Hyolie and I find her very knowledgeable and organised. My daughter is comfortable with her, so far so good. Maria, 4th April 2015
Kyle seems v competent and determined. Zahara is paying full attention as she obviously wants to grasp maths Anny, 4th April 2015
Yarra is very happy with Andrea, and I can already notice improvements :-)   I expect Andrea to keep tutoring Yarra for a long time. Haytham, 3rd April 2015
Michael has been great and the sessions have been productive. Uznar now feels she has caught up with the rest of the class. Mina, 3rd April 2015
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