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I'm very impressed, and happy with the progress. Thank you Jan, 3rd April 2015
Thanks for the email and yes Tannishka is very happy with Ryans tutoring. He is already showing signs of improvement. Amodha, 1st April 2015
Thanks for your email. Tamara is very happy with Jessie. He is organised, well prepared and able to teach. Tamara had mathematic test at school and her results were very good.  She was sitting on 50.7%, and following tutorials and practice afterwards her score was 67%. She is very hard working student willing to improve and as parents we are very happy with Jessie as tutor to help Tamara to reach expected goals. Thank you! Duska, 1st April 2015
Stephen has found Adam really good with his tutoring and he feels he is getting good value from he time spent with him.  He explains things well in a way that Stephen can understand.  This is working well for us. Thanks Kathy, 31st March 2015
Yes l am happy and Sofia seems happy with Simone which is great.   Simone is giving her homework to do and yes Sofia is doing it without any pushing from me :) Mary, 30th March 2015
Sam is really enjoying his maths tutoring with Matt. He is a great tutor and is really helping Sam. Thank you. Kristina, 30th March 2015
The Tutoring with Sheetal is going well sofar…Salma seems to be responding well to him and his way of tutoring! Hope this is enough feedback for you! Helena, 29th March 2015
It has been going good so far. Ruby is more confident with the maths she has been having help with. River, 29th March 2015
All is going well so far with Orson tutoring Rachel. She is enjoying her lessons. Thanks. Jade, 27th March 2015
I am very happy with my daughters tutor Surya, firstly he is very well manned , he is very good with explaining different methods for Patti to better understand . Vivian, 26th March 2015
Thank you. The tutoring is working quite well at the moment, Paige is understanding more of her maths thanks to Chirags explanations. Jean, 26th March 2015
Thank you for the email. Everything is going well so far. Nicholas is happy and believes the tutoring is helping already. The one on one means he can ask questions in a safe environment. Teresa is very professional and reliable, always turns up on time. Nicholas says they get on well. Michelle, 24th March 2015
Thanks for the contact. We are happy with the way things are going with Dean, and more importantly Olivia seems to happy. We understand that it will take a few months before we start seeing measurable improvements in her results, and we just really hope it helps her. Teresa, 24th March 2015
Well the man is a genius - he can get Katie and Alex to focus for an hour, it's amazing and has ignited a small flame in their interest in Maths which I am sure will continue to grow over time.   He has a great way of communicating and so far it seems to be working Mark, 23rd March 2015
I have been impressed with Ryan and his work with both Jess and Luke to date. Bob, 18th March 2015
All fantastic with Imogen's tutoring! Kavisha a is excellent with Imogen!! Belinda, 17th March 2015
Desiree and Hyolie have Got off to a great start. Hyolie is very professional, patient and shows Desiree the relevance of everything she teaches her.  Desiree feels very comfortable with her and I look forward to a continued relationship between the two of them. I would also highly recommend Hyolie to other students. Mirianne, 17th March 2015
We are very happy with Michael. He has built up a good rapport with Jonathan and myself, he always arrives with a plan and has thought about each session in advance. My son's confidence is growing each week. He has a math test next week even though it still is early days it might give us a understanding of how things are going. Vicky, 12th March 2015
Everything has gotten off to a great start.  Rose is lovely and is engaging Tyler.   Sharon, 12th March 2015
Taj is absolutely loving Brady. Although I don't think he will love Maths anytime soon he does enjoy Brady teaching him. Donna, 11th March 2015
Erin is enjoying working with Cassie and is already showing the benefits of working one on one with her tutor. Dianne, 11th March 2015
Cassie is great and the tutoring is going well. Siobhain, 10th March 2015
Josh is great, Jaxon really likes him and they get along really well. Very happy with him in all aspects so thank you. Natalie, 10th March 2015
So far we are happy with Stella Ananya is feeling more comfortable With her every week. Stella has been able to help her with general homework questions as well so that's fantastic for us. Krista, 9th March 2015
I just wanted to let you know that Mila is very happy with her new tutor Amelia. She told me after her lesson tonight that Amelia is really helping her a lot, and that she is understanding concepts more clearly and feeling more confident in class and while doing homework. Eva, 4th March 2015
Caitlin is very happy with Rose, things are going really well so far.   Brett, 1st March 2015
So far so good with Amelia - she has always been punctual, professional and friendly and Mila feels comfortable with her. Eva, 28th February 2015
Everything going well at the moment, no issues and Michael is an extremely patient and competent tutor. Alex is enjoying the sessions and appears to be moving forward. Deborah, 28th February 2015
Aurelius is fantastic.  Christian and him have hit it off really well and Chris is getting a lot from Aurelius knowledge.  Much appreciated. Stephanie, 27th February 2015
My daughter is very happy with John, he is making it fun for her and they interact quite well. Very pleasant young man. Overall I am very happy with John and looking forward to my daughter  having a greater understanding in Math. Rita, 27th February 2015
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