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Dianna has been happy so far with Amy's approach, methodology and personality. It's a bit early to expect any result with regards to her improvement. I'm sure with Amy's help, Dianna will be able to boost her confidence before the high school. James, 26th November 2014
Louisa is very pleased with Stella. She is a very conscientious and capable tutor. Thank you! Zoe, 25th November 2014
Mollie is fantastic. Annabel really likes her and she's readily available for extra sessions. Kami, 24th November 2014
  Thanks, we all love love love Kieran.  Just what both my kids needed.  Awesome tutor! Monica, 23rd November 2014
We found Luke to be a knowledgeable and good tutor who worked well with Jessica. He was able to provide us with 2 tutoring sessions prior to Jessica’s exam. I think more than anything he helped settle her nerves and was able to provide exam study strategies to enable her to approach the Chemistry exam in a prepared and calm manor. Mel, 22nd November 2014
We are certainly happy and off to a great start. Edward has been great, punctual & helpful.   I am confident this  trend will continue and George's math will only improve. Belinda, 21st November 2014
I am delighted with Domenic’s tutoring. I was concerned about how the tutoring would go because Jake struggles with a high level of anxiety but Domenic has put him at his ease.  He has engaged very well with my son, and is enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgable and organised. He explains concepts in a way that Jake can grasp them: Jake has had at least one “ah-ha” moment in every session. Domenic is also always punctual and polite. He has made a big difference already to Jett’s confidence and performance at Maths. I look forward to having him continue to tutor Jake through his HSC. Joy, 20th November 2014
Mitch has been so wonderful with Nick and is doing an amazing job tutoring Nick, especially getting Nick focused on completing his maths homework. He has worked with Nick so well and has established a great working relationship with him. His patient demeanor is certainly a strong attribute and has made tutoring for Nick so much easier.  Nick has commented several times that “he has learnt more with Mitch today than he has all week with his teacher”. Linda, 19th November 2014
Sam is happy with Michelle. She is very clam and delicate in teaching Sam. Nikki, 18th November 2014
We are all very happy with Rebecca. Myself, my husband and especially Grace, which is wonderful. Rebecca and Grace's school teacher have spoken via email and are working together. I think it is too early to see any real progress, as you said we would expect to see a difference in the next couple of months. But for now we are glad Grace is getting the help she needs while enjoying the company of Rebecca. Debbi, 17th November 2014
Thomas got 83% in each of his 2 Maths exams in the last week, (he went from 97 % to 50 % which made us think of tutoring)   but for me its not the mark – it’s the fact that he is happy and confident and really looking forward to his tutor time. It has done such a lot for his confidence Big thanks to Gabrielle! Ali, 16th November 2014
Holly enjoyed her lessons with Jennifer as she was VERY patient and simplified the tasks, so that Holly could gain a better concept of the task at hand. Jen, 14th November 2014
Very happy with Jason's tutelage.  Anna understands him and they work well together.   Thanks for the connection! Yvette, 13th November 2014
All going well,  and we are happy with Jules. Melissa, 12th November 2014
I would like to say that at this stage things are going very well, Gabriela is very confident and he has cleared up a lot of questions for her. She is very happy. Vanessa, 10th November 2014
We are most pleased with Jonathan.  Jonathan is extremely diligent and personable.  Jack is surprisingly enjoying his sessions with Jonathan.   So far the results exceed our expectations. Simon, 10th November 2014
We have been extremely happy with our tutor David, and will be recommending Ezy-Math to friends. Sharon (our daughter in Year 9) has moved up almost 50 marks in Maths and has gone from being a C student to an A student.  She received 92% for her yearly exams. We are also very happy with our two sons’ improvements as well. Shane, 9th November 2014
We have been very happy with Lawrence.  He has been patient and on time every time. Sandy, 9th November 2014
So far so good.  Zachary and Gabriella seem to have a good rapport and I have noticed that Zac is working more confidently.  It’s early days though, so time will tell when his grades start coming through.   Gabriella is a lovely young lady and we are happy having her as a tutor. Dan, 9th November 2014
Yes l'm happy at the moment and Sebastian seems to like Kate. She comes and gets straight into it then finishes off with a brief summary of what they have been doing. Which is great. At the moment Sebastian has only had three sessions, so still too early to tell. However there was a day at school when they did some Maths and he said he found it much easier, which is fantastic to hear. Jessica, 8th November 2014
So far its going really well with Monique.  She is very nice, approachable, flexible and encouraging Wendy, 8th November 2014
My daughter is a fantastic reader but her maths was awful. We just couldn't get through to her even her school teachers gave up on her. I needed a professional to sit with her one on one at my convenience  and at a good price. Ezymath tutoring did all that for me, they were fantastic, the teacher we had was so patient with Chloe and they both got on really well. But more importantly Chloe now has a better understanding of numbers, we couldn't be more happy and would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve on their maths Jim, 7th November 2014
We are very pleased with the the tutoring Calvin is providing – Liam is benefiting already after only 3 sessions Gil, 7th November 2014
We are more than happy with James. He has made a strong impression on both Jack and Sam. Both boys are keen and eager to please James. He has a lovely quiet demeanor and is constantly praising the boys and clearing explaining the steps as they are learning. Cate, 7th November 2014
l'm very happy!! Bridget has learnt so much, the tutor is such a beautitful person and an amazing teacher Robyn, 6th November 2014
Emily has truly benefited from tutoring and I would not hesitate to recommend your service or to come back again if we felt Emily needed further help. Sam, 5th November 2014
Mel has enjoyed maths since she took up lessons with Rebecca which is music to my ears.  She feels more confidence now with her maths.  Rebecca is a fantastic tutor and we couldn't be happier with the progress they've achieved so far. Faye, 5th November 2014
I want to thank you so much, as Zoe has been so amazing. Ella has loved learning from her and I hope that if we come back next year we can request her. Rebecca, 4th November 2014
Stella did an excellent job tutoring Tori for her HSC and at this stage we think she did reasonably well in the exam Ross, 4th November 2014
Anthony sat his final Maths exam today and I would like to thank you and especially Jonathan for his efforts and restoring confidence in my son’s ability in sitting his exam. Mario, 3rd November 2014
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