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Just letting you know how happy Jack is with Yuta. He’s so lovely, friendly and polite and  has been  great helping Jack with his maths. Jack understands the way Yuta explains things and is much more confident with his maths now. So far this year Jack has been struggling with maths and his marks have been in the 40% range. Since the tutoring with Yuta started, Jack has sat for his Year 11 Yearly Exam in which he got 70%  which is a great improvement, so he was really happy about that and feels that with continued tutoring he can improve a little more. Jack would like to continue tutoring with Yuta  after the school holidays when school resumes, so we will keep in touch and book in again once Jack receives his new Year 12 Timetable. Thankyou. Kathy, 23rd Septmeber 2014
Thank you, the feedback I got from Michael is that the tutor Gavin is great and quite understanding. Stacey, 19th September 2014
Zoe is great, Dylan really likes her and feels comfortable around her which is great. as you said, we wont be seeing actual result right away but I think its going to work :) Aneta, 16th September 2014
We are very happy with how things are going. Luke is a great tutor. He explains things in a way Hannah can understand and if she doesnt he is very patient and tries it another way till she does. Thank you Annie, 16th September 2014
We are very happy with the way James is tutoring Julian.   Julian is responding well and is comfortable around him being of similar age and James hasn’t long completed his HSC.   James is passionate about tutoring and is going out of his way to bring out the best in him and to reach his full potential. Lisa, 16th September 2014
Caroline is fabulous. We have had complicated family issues in the last month and will be getting back on track in term 4 and expect to have Caroline each week until after exams. Many thanks Liz, 15th September 2014
I'm very happy with the progress that Abbey is making with Isabel, Isabel had lost most of her confidence in her ability to do her school work. Abbey’s positive approach to Isabel’s work is starting to reflect on Isabel. Sonia, 15th September 2014
Yes , I am very pleased with Ed.   Early days and my daughter has been a little reticent and awkward about having a tutor however I am going to make her stick it out .   I however, am  very pleased with Ed and his approach with Olivia   Look forward to seeing some results in the near future Alida, 15th September 2014
Patrick is such a wonderful young man and he and Reece really work well together! I have also engaged your business for my daughter also. Darlene, 14th September 2014
The tutor provided was of a high standard and our daughter made clear progress with her maths as a result of the tutor's methods and style. Although there would certainly be some benefit to be gained from ongoing tutoring - chiefly providing maths extension opportunities - and we may return in the future for further tutoring, we are more than satisfied with how our daughter is doing and the level of confidence she has now attained. Kate, 13th September 2014
We met Cameron for the first time on Thursday and he was great,related well to Mitchell and it was obvious that the had a great understanding of the subject matter. I think it will be a good fit. Thanks for finding him Jody, 12th September 2014
Kirra is really benefiting from Payal already so we are very pleased! Exams start next week so hopefully just her confidence boost will help and then by Nov she should really see results.   Thank you once again! Shannon, 12th September 2014
Corey is enjoying his tutoring with Lital she motivates him and visually works with materials for him which seems to be working. He has only had 3 sessions so over time hoping to see some success. Tammy, 12th September 2014
Hi Erica we are very happy with Rachel. The kids love her. Thanks Coralie, 11th September 2014
Sean has been a blessing, firstly gaining James trust and allowing him to open up in a safe environment and confront his difficulty with Maths, and then by showing him that math has practical uses and that there is nothing to fear. Without Sean's guidance James would not have progressed so far this year, and we are truly grateful. I wish Sean all the best with his studies and what I am sure will be a successful career. Rebecca, 10th September 2014
Thank you for your assistance with the 2 sessions my son had with Christina. Christine was very punctual, organised and knew Yr 7 Math, and revision skills very well, and additionally was also a very patient and knowledgeable tutor. Connie, 9th September 2014
Tahlia has started to show improvement and confidence in her Maths, since being tutored by Lisa Lin.  Lisa is a lovely person and Tahlia has built up a great rapport  with her.  It is early days, but I can definitely see some good progress.   Megan, 9th September 2014
Everything is travelling smoothly with Rebecca and Hollie and I’m looking forward to them getting back into it this week. Kevin, 8th September 2014
Hi Erica, Yes all seems to be going well with Sean's tutoring. He responds well to Andy. Thanks Jennine, 7th September 2014
Hi Erica, everything good so far. Isaac is lovely and Adam appears to be relating well to him. He has had 2 recent Math tests and has seemed more relaxed about them so I think we're seeing some short term gains already. Catherine, 6th September 2014
Timothy is very happy with how things are going with Jerome.  Tim feels like he is learning and is comfortable with Jerome who I have found to be a very polite young man.  Tim has not had any tests or exams since he began tutoring, I'm sure we will see an improvement at that time. Kate, 5th September 2014
We have got off to a great start with Devina.  Aiden has really enjoyed the sessions so far and finds Devina explains everything extremely well, actually much better than his teacher at school.  We are making really good progress and even after such a short time Aiden has gained so much more confidence with his maths,  so many thanks for sending her our way. Vicki, 4th September 2014
Melissa is great. They have clicked and Lysander is working well with her. Sabine, 3rd September 2014
Hi Erica,   Thanks for the follow up email.  Currently I am offshore and will be back in Perth around the 19th. I am sure Alex is going well, however time will tell.  Louise and Myself are happy with Safire. Ashley, 2nd September 2014
YES ALL GOING WELL.  Daniel is appreciating the support from Nathan. Sue, 1st September 2014
Hi Erica,   Thank you for your email enquiring how Grace is settling in with Rose.   In a word "great " they seem to have clicked straight away. Grace had a test following  the second tutoring session so she wanted to run a few things by Rose and the results of the test were fantastic.   Not to take anything away from Feraz, as Grace's Maths had started to improve, but I think Grace is responding well to way Rose is explaining things and maybe because she is a girl too! Leanne, 31st August 2014
Marcos seems great, Oliver is very happy. Difficult time with HSC on near horizon, so the assistance with exam prep and technique is helping immensely. Jodie, 30th August 2014
Bethan, gets on really well with Sydney. Sydney is enjoying her lessons and she is already getting a better understanding of her maths. Laura, 28th August 2014
I have been extremely pleased with our ezymath tutor, Lawrence.  Apparently "he knows everything about maths".  He has worked diligently and patiently with my daughter and has managed to keep her focused throughout each lesson.  I also found the reports he provided about her progress detailed and considered and very helpful in providing feedback about her strengths, gaps and progress.   I found ezymath tutoring very professional and easy to deal with.  There were no contracts, which makes it very flexible, the price was reasonable and the tutor came to our house. They provided a tutor who was current with the HSC curriculum and very knowledgeable about his subject.   The feedback reports that were provided at the end of each term were very detailed about all areas of the learning - both the positive and the areas she needed to work on.   I would definitely recommend ezymath tutoring to other parents - it has been a very positive experience.... Elizabeth, 27th August 2014
Everything is going well so far. The tutoring has been working well. Jamie seems to connect with Kevin. We are away next week but hopefully I can keep the momentum up with Jamie! Sarah, 23rd August 2014
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