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Everything is going very well with Rory and Scott seems happy with how things are going. So no problems at all. Thanks for asking. Sandra, 12th August 2014
Elijah says Shan is a really good teacher and is finding it really helpful. We’re happy so far with how things are going. Louise, 12th August 2014
All is going well, Marvin and Chris have hit it off and the tutoring is helpful. Angela, 11th August 2014
We are extremely happy with Jerrold! Max and Jerry seem to have a good rapport and are making progress. Jo-Ann, 10th August 2014
Things are going well. No issues and Jacob is going into class with more confidence. Mel, 9th August 2014
Tutoring seems to be going well and Sonny’s confidence is growing! Tania, 8th August 2014
We’d tried a number of group maths tutoring for our daughter but felt she needed more one-on-one attention. I found EzyMath Tutoring when searching on-line for a maths tutor and it has proven to be the perfect solution. The tutor was reliable, skilled and handled our 10 year old with patience and understanding. Our daughter  has developed enough that she found NAPLAN testing this year to be stress free and is confident in maths with her class peers. We highly recommend EzyMath Tutoring for that individual attention and will definitely use them again for secondary school maths if required. Rachel, 7th August 2014
We are happy with Amy. Angelique is very comfortable with her! Effie, 7th August 2014
Hazel is excellent and she gets a long with Ayse very well as they had the same teachers from school. Yvette, 6th August 2014
Oscar is finding the tutoring very helpful in realizing he is able to "do maths". He is feeling a lot more positive in general at this time and we hope that the gradual improvement he makes will continue to provide a source of self belief and positive thinking. He is very comfortable working with Kirsty and is keen to continue with her. Tina, 5th August 2014
Joseph is a legend.  The feedback from Max has been great, and what he is doing is excellent.   I am really impressed with his work and the effect it seems to be having. Thanks! James, 3rd August 2014
We have been very pleased with the approach Darrell has used with our daughter. He has been very personable and works at developing a relationship with our daughter while teaching her. She has responded well and feels more confident with her maths skills. She received positive feedback from her teacher after only two sessions with Darrell and she is confidently waiting for the results of her test. Darrell has always been polite, on time and communicates well with us. We appreciate his support. Belinda, 2nd August 2014
So far, we are very happy with Hamza and the work he is doing with Asha. He is always prompt, organised and has a very gentle and patient manner of teaching which Asha appreciates. Nicole, 2nd August 2014
We are very happy with Kieren. Quinn thinks it's fun and Ronan, although he's very shy, is comfortable with Kieren. Rochelle, 1st August 2014
The tutoring seems to be going well. I've asked Niamh and she is also very comfortable and happy with Ben. First maths test since her tutoring with Ben started and she received a mark of 90 so I think we’re on the right track. Ann, 31st July 2014
The tutoring is going tremendously well.  The system you use, the high level of communication and dependability shown by Nirvan, and the teaching style is working exceptional well.  I’m very impressed with your service, and its meeting my (high) expectations.  I fully appreciate that this is not a quick fix, and it takes time.  We’re committed to continuing this throughout Term 3 and 4 at least. The support and patience Nirvan is showing is really helping Emily, and he is supportive and has the capacity to challenge her at the right pace.  I’ve asked her why some things that we’ve tried to work through before have made more sense when explained by Nirvan.  She said that he works at her pace and stays with something until she understands it. Many thanks.  Your back-office communications is also highly supportive of parents and whilst you’re delivering on what you’ve clearly explained, I find your level of communication extremely professional, supportive and consistent. Gayle, 20th July 2014
Daniel is great and established a good relationship with James from day one.  That’s the first part of the battle! We are now looking forward to James getting more confidence and mathematical skill over the remainder of this year. Narelle, 29th July 2014
Everything has been going well  - Isabella is very happy with her tutor and scheduling tutorials and communication with him has been no problem at all.  We would highly recommend him to other students. Tanya, 28th July 2014
We're very happy with Shaun, he's a lovely young man and has surely helped Fergus with his learning. Susan, 28th July 2014
Nathan is great and Katelyn is really happy. At first she wasn't very keen on having a tutor but she is not complaining at all anymore.  We are off to a great start and I feel positive. Andri, 22nd July 2014
We are very pleased with the progress of the tutorials with Aprinder. Dean is engaging really well with him and already seems more confident.  We hope his apparent progress will be reflected in both a more positive attitude toward maths that is enduring and also in his maths results at school. Mia & John, 20th July 2014
Tilly has been doing very well at school with her maths - she received an A on her report. She says she is far more confident. Thank you so much for providing us with an excellent tutor in Christy - it would be my pleasure to provide a reference any time. It has made a significant difference to our daughter's confidence. Sue, 18th July 2014
Compliments on the nice touch with the follow up. It comes across as very professional. In fact the whole process from my initial inquiry about getting some help for Jake, through to now has been very professional, informative and direct. Yes, things have been progressing well between Jake and his tutor. They formed a good rapport straight off the bat. Jake has made comment of his own free will how he is enjoying the support. That in itself is something - getting more than a grunt from a 16 yr old! Steven, 16th July 2014
I just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with Tianna's tutor, Josephine. Josephine is so bubbly, easy going, very patient and great at teaching Maths and making it fun to learn.   Tianna is quite taken with Josephine, has built a great rapport with her and has made huge progress with her algebra in the short while Josephine has been tutoring her. Josephine is definitely a great asset to your company and we are so happy she is Tianna's tutor Mariela, 14th July 2014
As you say it is hard to gauge the impact this early, however they seem to have a few laughs and Steve has said Jack is a lot faster in his response time. So that's progress considering Jack's willingness to begin extra learning was very poor. It didn't take more than 2 lessons for that to change. To date we are happy and are glad we didn't leave it any later, as it it the beginning of term I'm sure i will be getting feedback from Jack's teacher through the term on his improvement.I look forward to that. We want him to enjoy all lessons not dread the thought of attending classes. So far so good, Steve seems like a great match. Camilla, 8th July 2014
I am very happy with Rachel. She is very professional and her and Samantha have developed a good working relationship. Samantha has expressed to me that Rachel explains things really well and now she is understanding concepts she hadn't previously. Maria, 7th July 2014
We have seen improvements in Cheyena’s work and results, Aaminah has been really good and we are pleased, thank you. Tara, 3rd July 2014
In a nut shell, we are very happy with Tamara and Laura's progress so far. Her teaching techniques are excellent, exactly what Laura needed & to top it off she is very well mannered and very patient. You can also see that she genuinely enjoys teaching/educating her students. It's a shame there are not more teachers like her! Stephen, 1st July 2014
Emily is doing very well and Melanie is great. Emily is really comfortable with her and although it is early days she is improving. I am really happy with Melanie and the progress so far. Janine, 1st July 2014
Everything is going well with Warit. Evan is happy with him so far. I trust that will continue.  He's comfortable to ask if he doesn't understand something. Warit has given Evan some good maths tips with his times tables that Evan has understood. Mary, 23rd June 2014
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