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Cohen has been very good and encouraging. I feel that Olivia is starting to feel more confident with her maths. Thanks. Kerrie, 22nd June 2014
We are very happy with Terence – James seems to be making good progress at getting the basics of his 3 unit course. Terence is very calm, methodical and can simplify maths steps/working and James is responding very well to Terence’s teaching style! Terence so far is very knowledgeable on the maths topics James is covering in class. Terence has also been very flexible & accommodating with postponing/adding lessons as required which we are very appreciative. We have been very pleased with our experience with tutoring so far! Anna, 21st June 2014
Eshan has been a great help to Georgina over the sessions she has seen him and she felt much more confident preparing for her mid-year exams (Y9).  I think she will get an A overall for maths this semester which is great given both math exams were quite difficult and the average score was much lower. She has also been asked to join the enrichment maths group from the beginning of next term.  Although Georgina is a little apprehensive about the step up, she knows it is a great opportunity to get exposure to more difficult work before things really step up a bit in Y10.  The school is very happy with her results and I feel confident that she will continue to do well, with the right support.  I feel there is much more potential upside for her to be gained through ongoing tutoring and it will be great to have Eshan's support as Georgina joins the enrichment stream at school next term.   Julie, 20th June 2014
Kelly is a fantastic tutor & lovely person who clicked with Emily immediately and Emily noticed her own improvement within days. Emily sat her Maths semester exam 3 weeks later after having Kelly there was a big improvement!!! Thank you for referring Kelly to Emily and we look forward to having her tutor Emily for as long as we can! Teresa, 16th June 2014
Kareem is so happy with John. He is very comfortable with him and feels a lot more confident. I can see the difference in Kareem's attitude, thank you. Omima, 14th June 2014
We are very happy with Elissa. Matteo likes her and is very happy to work with her each week. He is definitely gaining more confidence. Thank you! Sonia, 13th June 2014
Mia is loving her tutor, she even said she wishes he could be her teacher because of how well he is explaining everything to her. Thank you! Ivana, 12th June 2014
Before EzyMath, we had tried two different maths tutors for our son Mathew, they have been ok but not great.  I approached EzyMath because Mat wasn’t really connecting with the tutors that we had sourced independently.  EzyMath put us in touch with Luke, a Uni student that lived close by. Luke was closer to Mat’s age and related to him much better than just another adult telling him what to do.  Luke was flexible and would come on different days if Mat had a test that he needed to prepare for. The other thing that I love about EzyMath is that they do the character vetting for you, it’s not just some random out of the paper that says they know how to teach Math.  We are thrilled with Mathew’s new found confidence with this subject and would recommend EzyMath to anyone who needs a bit of extra help engaging with a subject and becoming more confident.  Happy kid is a happy parent!  Thank you EzyMath. Dianne, 9th June 2014
Najib is making progress with Daniel and he feels more confident about tackling maths problems. I am sure Daniel will continue to improve under Najib's careful direction. Dana, 7th June 2014
I find the monthly parent report very informative and am impressed with the standard of tutoring provided by Zev, not to mention his professionalism. If anybody was to ask me about student tutoring I would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend Ezymath tutoring! Brad, 6th June 2014
I have no doubt it was Nicole's tuition that increased Eden's understanding & test results to an acceptable level (in fact, a little beyond that). Nicole is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable & expresses her ideas in a manner that suited Eden, I felt she was able to adapt her teaching methods to cater to Eden's learning style, which is an incredibly valuable skill as a teacher/tutor. Gillian, 29th May 2014
Sean has a true talent for tutoring. James has bonded so well with him already, he looks forward to his sessions and already the class teacher has advised that he is understanding concepts better and may move him up a level in maths! I'm very happy with his progress. We are glad that Sean has picked up on James' difficulties and appreciate his genuine care for James' progress.   Rebecca, 28th May 2014
Devina is fantastic, I am so happy with Josh’s progress to the point where he got the Maths award last week for his efforts!!! Donna, 28th May 2014
In regards to Manisha and the help she provided lsabella last year, my husband and I were very happy with the improvement in Isabella's maths results.  Manisha was able to explain things in a way that she could understand in a non judgemental way, gave her some great examples to work with and was available for questions any time.  Isabella's confidence in her maths improved as a result of all of Manisha's efforts. Before we came to you, Isabella disliked maths intensely and had no confidence in the subject.  The more comfortable she became, she was able to assist her classmates who were struggling. I would be more than happy to recommend Ezymath if the opportunity arises. Helen, 28th May 2014
Luke was a great tutor and we appreciate everything he did. Overall we were completely satisfied and would be happy to recommend your service. Olga, 28th May 2014
The sessions are best summed up by Sasha herself after Tiasha left last Monday afternoon - "Mum do we get to fill in a questionnaire about Tiasha because I think she is a fantastic teacher. She's introducing me to new things and explains things in a way that I understand." - we are very happy so far. Kathryn, 22nd May 2014
We think Ingrid is fantastic.  She and Elizabeth have a wonderful rapport and we can already see improvements in Elizabeth's work. Kerrie, 21st May 2014
Melissa was wonderful & we look forward to seeing her again in a fortnight. She was so patient, encouraging, gentle & knowledgeable. Grace felt so special & clever afterwards she can't want to see her again. Bianca, 15th May 2014
Darren is very patient and kindly spoken and Julia is really enjoying her tutoring experience with him. Claire, 13th May 2014
Rhett has been by a couple of times now and has been extremely professional, with a very standard of teaching.  As you know, we had worries that Abbey was going to fail the last SAC of the term. However, after spending two sessions with Rhett, I am pleased to say she came home with a B.  She is enjoying her sessions and is getting a lot out of them. Patrick, 18th April 2014
I am very happy with Fiona, and though we are only in the early stages of tutoring, Alyssa has made significant improvements in her attitude and confidence. Initially she was dreading tutoring, now she has embraced it. Fiona has been extremely flexible and has impressed with her professionalism and knowledge from day one. We look forward to continued success under her tuition. Rebecca, 4th April 2014
Things are going very well at the moment. Much of the use Max is getting out of it is that there is time to ask questions and have detailed explanation of concepts. This is what he felt he was denied in class and was causing some degree of anxiety on his part. Brigit appears to be a good tutor for him as it is always important that he likes the person he is dealing with especially when it is in a subject area which isn't the main focus of his primary interest or ability. Brett, 1st April 2014
I just wanted to say thank you, Ruhail is a very pleasant young man, and show a very professional manor approach with Tutoring Stephanie. Stephanie is also impressed and when I have questioned her how she is finding Ruhail and the Tutoring, her comments were all pleasant. She said Ruhail is very nice and explains maths in more simple terms, making her understand Maths easier. She compares Ruhail to the teacher at school and can’t understand why she is left dumb-founded in the classroom yet her Tuition makes much more sense and understands the topic/task clearer. So far we are both impressed with Ruhail and his tutoring. Rose, 28th March 2014
We are very happy with Kirill. In a short space of time he seems to have developed a good relationship with our sons. They feel comfortable asking for assistance in understanding concepts etc. I feel that Kirill is a good match and a great role model for them!!! It doesn’t hurt that he is from NZ (like me); sporty (like my boys) and at Melbourne Uni doing engineering – which is something that I think may interest Mason!   Penny, 27th March 014
Holly has stated that Jennifer her tutor is helping her with her Maths. She is certainly in a better frame of mind with Jennifer than when either myself or my husband had tried to help in the past. Early days yet but looking positive. Jen, 27th March 2014
Jade has settled in really well with Sangdi, and has told me that she feels she is learning and understanding new things each time they have a meeting. I am also happy with Sangdi as I can see that he has already made progress with Jade. Tammie, 26th March 2014
I'm really happy with my tutor Karen which has helped me a lot with my work so far, she really does help me with my errors and to understand my topic and it has made a difference to my learning and I'm more ahead of the class now. I would really like to thank this company for letting me try and push my ability to my greatest. I hope the rest of year stays the same and once again thank it had made a big difference. Shahad (student), 24th March 2014
We are very happy with Aurelius, he has turned something that was "like another language" (according to Aaron) into something he understands and has found his first test easy.   We intend to hold onto Aurelius for as long as he wants to coach Aaron. Dimitri, 18th March 2014
We are very happy with the tutoring work that Adedayo has done with Harrison so far. He has quickly formed a great rapport with Harrison and are they working very well together. Adedayo has been very encouraging and has managed to give Harrison confidence in his abilities even though they have only had a few sessions together. Harrison looks forward to his tutoring and has positive approach to sitting down and working with Adedayo.   We look forward to continuing the tutoring arrangements and positive outcomes for Harrison. Kim, 16th March 2014
We asked for assistance on a short term basis to help with some exam preparation.  Our tutor was quickly able to assess our daughter’s capability and provide practical assistance with problem solving and techniques. Most importantly the tutor instilled real confidence in our daughter’s ability, offering encouragement, support and reinforcement all the way.  We would not hesitate to contact Ezy Math for our future needs. Danny, 12th March 2014
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