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Things are going really well.  Emily is a lovely young woman who has engaged well with my daughter.  Tia feels comfortable with her and is learning new skills.  It is great. Thanks once again for such wonderful service and professionalism.  It is such a change to receive follow up and genuine interest in the service provided .  Your company is to be commended!! Sami, 11th March 2014
Laura has definitely gotten Diana to a great start. She eagerly anticipates her tutoring  and is seeming to take more  interest in Maths especially in the strands that she did not feel very confident about. Diana has told me that Laura's  explanations are easily understood and is simplified which makes it easy to remember. She also explains various strategies that can be used for problem solving which is good for time management when attempting to solve problems in class. Diana is able to use the notes taken during tutoring in class which is assisting with her understanding of the relevant strand or concept. Rubina, 8th March 2014
Charlie's tutor, Alex, was remarkable with Charlie and I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is doing a lot better in numeracy. Janelle, 3rd February 2014
Our son lacked confidence when tackling maths subject matter and in doing the associated homework. We contacted Ezymath Tutoring, who quickly found us a tutor  who worked well with our son. As the sessions continued, our son gained knowledge and confidence in the subject matter, improved his study technique as well and ultimately got a satisfactory result in his year 12 exam.  We would recommend Ezymath Tutoring to any parent looking for assistance in their child's maths education. The tutoring is backed up with helpful hints and reference material  as an added bonus. Stephen, 19th January 2014
I found Ezy Math’s tutoring excellent. I would highly recommend it. They managed to find a tutor whose teaching style was perfect for my daughter. They related to each other and my daughter’s ability in maths increased exponentially. I was very happy with them. Astrid, 6th January 2014
Thankyou to Ezymath tutoring for building up the confidence my daughter needed in preparation for high school this year. During year 7 she was falling behind and her self confidence was waning, causing her to panic about high school but in the few short months she received one on one tutoring at home, her confidence grew and she learnt how to tackle new problems and ask for extra help when needed. Having the extra help, in the comfort of our own home was a winning combination. She is now more confident about what this year holds for her and is looking forward to new challenges, knowing she is better equipped to handle them. If needed down the track, we won’t hesitate to start up more tutoring sessions again. Kylie, 4th January 2014
We are incredibly impressed with our tutor, Serena.  She is a gifted and most dedicated teacher.  Her ability to extend our daughter has been remarkable and we are thrilled to have her continue with Miki.  Thanks for a wonderful program. Jane, 11th December 2013
Morgan has progressed in his math quite well, he feels more confident, and feels better about his results in class as well. My wife and I are considerably happy with how Morgan has progressed since we have been using the service and would gladly recommend the service. We would like to commend and thank Meneka for her tutoring and actually making math easier for him. It got to a stage where he refused to let us help him, and him only wanting Meneka to help him. So she is definitely a great tutor. Richard, 9th December 2013
Srishti has been a wonderful tutor for Eric and she developed a friendly rapport with him in a very short time.  Eric described her as having a nice personality and being very knowledgeable.  I would be glad to recommend her to other tutoring jobs if needed. I wish to thank you for fulfilling my criteria of a good tutor so quickly and so successfully and I shall not hesitate to recommend EzyMath to other people in need of tutoring services.  This is the only tutoring agency that really listened to my request I have ever dealed with. Mona, 8th December 2013
I just wanted to thank you Ezymath for helping my son to understand the curriculum of year 10 math.  My son found his teacher would repeat the same thing over and by having an ezymath tutor he was able to hear it explained in a different way and as often as needed for him to understand it.  He came 2nd in his class and passed with confidence.  I also found our tutor to be reliable, responsible and patient and I will be calling again when my daughter needs help with her math, which will probably be earlier than year 10.  Thank you again for supplying a tutor so quickly. Simone, 6th December 2013
Mihika is doing very well with both Lachlan and Courtney, they are building up a rapport together and their exam results have been improved. It certainly has boosted their confidence and we they like their tutor. Louise, 6th December 2013
Thank-you!  Chelsea & Jarrod, are very happy with Vafa, and find her very easy to get on with, the kids are feeling very comfortable!! I am very pleased. Josephine, 5th December 2013
We have been very happy with Kayla's tutoring! Charlie said he was the best prepared he had ever been before a Maths test. He got 64/67 for the knowledge part (previous test was 19/65!). His problem solving, while not fantastic, improved, and his communication had also greatly improved. We are pleased that he ended up with a pass after the previous test, and really I think he will only get better now. Charlie reports that she explains things really well to him which is fantastic. Ella, 2nd December 2013
We are very pleased how things are going with Megan and her tutor Swati. Swati is always punctual, she is very knowledgeable, she has excellent manners in tutoring & in general, and she is helping a lot already in building confidence in Megan abilities to understand maths for this year. Megan is comfortable and at ease to ask any questions when needed during the tuition. Cara, 27th November 2013
We undertook tutoring with EzyMaths to assist my son in his Year 12 studies. We have found EzyMaths tutors excellent to deal with, always friendly, efficient and on time, and always willing to fit in with our personal timetable, and I am sure they have made a vast difference to the possible outcome and assisted my son for his future endeavours. I would recommend EzyMaths to anyone in a similar situation. They cater for all needs and I have found them to be of great benefit to my son and us. John, 25th November 2013
Raymond is fantastic and very professional, he is always punctual and Frank already feels like he really likes the way that Raymond does his maths explanations. Thank you so much, it's going really well. Sandra, 23rd November 2013
The experience has been great and the results speak for them self. My son gained confidence as a result of the tutoring and i would gladly recommend you to my friends and family. The tutor was very pleasant to work with and very approachable. Celeste, 21st November 2013
I would like to commend Mandy on her fantastic work with Jack.  She has been so patient and we could not have asked for a better match with our son. Their hard work has paid off as we have received several comments from Jack’s  teacher telling us how well he is going in maths and that there has been an improvement. Michelle, 18th November 2013
So far so good. Tri-Andrew and Ryan are getting on really well. Ryan had a maths test after only the 2nd tutoring session and got a B, which is the highest grade he has ever got. Ryan and I are really pleased with how it’s going. I just wish I had organised tutoring earlier. Teresa, 14th November 2013
Things are going well. Chris is doing a very good job. Since the tutoring sessions, my daughter seems to be more positive and has stated that Chris is explaining the work well, which makes it easier to understand. I am confident that this was the right decision and can’t wait to see the results. Eva, 7th November 2013
Lucy is wonderful. Dominique is participating well in the sessions and covering areas I feel she requires assistance in. Jane, 6th November 2013
We had been looking for a Maths tutor for my son for the HSC for some time with very limited success. Companies would indicate they were able to supply a tutor but when push came to shove there was either no one available or the booked tutor never showed up. In desperation I spoke to a friend who I knew had a tutor for her son. She recommended Ezy Math and indicated she was extremely happy with her son’s tutor Faraz. Ezy Math were easy to get on to and able to find me a tutor for my son almost straight away. I was really pleased to be advised that the tutor was Faraz whom I had already heard good things about. Faraz contacted me and we were able to organise a suitable time. Faraz has done a fantastic job keeping my son motivated and on track. The point of the sessions for us was guided revision and to consolidate the learning that was happening in the classroom. Faraz was calm and patient and able to keep my son focussed. My son has indicated he felt the sessions were extremely useful, and really helped him to pull together what he needed for the exams. Feedback reports sent monthly let me know that Faraz felt things were on track and where improvement was needed. Invoicing and payment was easy and no fuss via the website. All in all I have been really pleased with Ezy Math and so has my son. Vicki, 4th November 2013
Lee has been terrific for Harry. He has helped Harry develop confidence and knowledge in Maths that certainly wasn't there at the start of the year. And the results Harry is achieving at school are outstanding. Thank you. John, 2nd November 2013
It seems Gillian is really benefiting greatly from the tutoring and I must say that Joyce is a super star! She has somehow turned Gillian 180 degrees in her attitude to maths. Steve, 2nd November 2013
I just wanted to thank you and my son’s tutor, Faraz, for all of your work with him over the last couple of months. I have found Aiden to be much calmer and more focused about the subject since Faraz started tutoring him, which has been fantastic. Aiden found Faraz extremely helpful in guiding his revision and assisting him with the components that he was struggling with. Vanessa, 1st November 2013
We were very satisfied with Tammy and have recommended ezymathtutoring to other people. Fiona, 31st October 2013
Thank you for following up on the tutoring.  Kishan is proving to be very suitable. He and Chris relate very well. Priscilla, 29th October 2013
Paul is very pleased with Peter's tutoring style and he feels he is making progress as he recently sat a math test and did better than previously. Paul is being better motivated by Peter and as Peter explains it , Paul feels he understands concepts better. Thank you. Irene, 29th October 2013
Matt was excellent, he helped Josh immensely. I only wish we had started earlier. I now know who to come to for my other two children. Thank you. Sue, 26th October 2013
I have used other tutors and tutor services in the past however the difference with ezymath was that I received regular reports on how my son was progressing and also tips and tools to enhance his learning.  The tutoring is very structured and also disciplined which kept my son on track.  Yesterday we received his year 9 Naplan results and he achieved a Band 10, and his results last semester at school were excellent and his confidence and ability has improved immensely  – many thanks to ezymath and his fantastic tutor. Sarah, 18th October 2013
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