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Awesome feedback from Jessica about Emily's progress. Much better than previous tutoring agency. Icristia, 2nd November 2016
Bailey is really happy with Jackie, and so are we, he enjoys their sessions and I can see he is understanding much better.  Jackie is very courteous and punctual. Fiona, 2nd November 2016
Carl has enjoyed working with both his tutors this year and is well prepared for his VCE math methods exams. Having a personal tutor, even for a student like Carl who is already achieving excellent academic results, has helped relieve some of the stress of VCE and enabled him to sort out areas he wanted to work on with more depth. Margaret, 2nd November 2016
Thanks for following up.  Daniel has been fantastic and we appreciate his diligence. Vinita, 1st November 2016
Miah seems to be responding well to her tutoring sessions with Alex. She is feeling less conscious about her problems with maths - which is great. Catherine, 1st November 2016
Alex, he helped Matt enormously. Not only the actual helping him understand how to tackle some questions but I feel Matt gained confidence going into the exams feeling like there were now no areas he had a poor knowledge of . He was particularly happy with his 2nd maths exam but in both cases he said there questions he would not have been able to answer without Alex's help. Alida, 1st November 2016
Thanks Gene it seems to be progressing well .  Vibha is committed and doing a great job . I'm pleased so far. Dave, 30th October 2016
Chloe has had 2 sessions and is starting to find Maths easier already. She has tests coming up and Rosario is focusing on this. We've found Rosario to be patient when explaining the different processes to Chloe. She is also warm and friendly with her and this is good for Chloe who also has anxiety issues. Irene, 29th October 2016
I would like to pass on my feedback about my daughter - Jacinta's tutor Amreeta. She has been a fantastic! Can't speak highly enough of her. I have nothing but praise for her and the way she patiently and calmly explains everything Jacinta is struggling with at school. Leah, 28th October 2016
. Ruby enjoyed the session and is very happy with Vibha, so we're off to a good start. Rebecca, 27th October 2016
A great start - Grace is quite comfortable with Daniel. Carolyn, 27th October 2016
Joseph is fantastic and the perfect tutor for jack; thank you Sarah, 26th October 2016
So far so good. Scott has been great. He is exceptionally patient and really flexible at fitting in with our timetable. Meg, 25th October 2016
Steven has been a wonderful and patient tutor and has really helped Thomas with his confidence in Mathematics and we have been grateful for his assistance during this time. We have been impressed by both the tutor and Ezy Maths Tutoring Company for the personalised service and would not hesitate to contact you in the near future should we need assistance with any tutoring next year. Boavista, 24th October 2016
We have had a few lessons with Deanna and She seems to be very enthusiastic and keen to teach Catherine. Zeina, 23rd October 2016
Thanks everything is going well and we are happy with Jo. Fiona, 21st October 2016
Katherine is just the boost that keelie needed. Ian, 20th October 2016
I am very pleased to provide feedback. Matthew has been outstanding, polite, punctual and an excellent tutor. He is an asset to your business and please pass on our commendation. Fiona, 19th October 2016
Sarah is finding the tutoring with Shabana very helpful. Sarah has has three tutoring sessions and Shabana has been explaining concepts or questions which Sarah found confusing. I really like the way Shabana interacts with Sarah and how she keeps reminding her about the importance of practising. Sue, 16th October 2016
Ben continues to have great rapport with Kai and I think he even looks forward to the lessons which I can tell give him much more confidence. Melani, 13th October 2016
Both Amber and myself are very happy with the first two lessons Kamen has given.He has a great way of making Amber at ease with the learning process and we look forward to seeing her maths improve. Joanne, 13th October 2016
Thank you for sending Jackie for Kate. I feel it is going very well. Most importantly Kate likes Jackie who is building her confidence with maths. Hopefully this will lead to a more positive approach and therefore results as we progress. Kelli, 12th October 2016
I am really happy with Gabriele and the confidence she is providing the girls in their maths.   Marcela, 10th October 2016
We are extremely pleased with Hilario and would be happy to recommend him to anyone. Alison is a bit picky and Maths is a subject she hates but feedback from her has been really positive. She commented this morning that if her school teachers were like him, she wouldn’t have been having issues with Maths.   Mark and Anne, 8th October 2016
All Good, we are really happy with Stephen. Boavista, 6th October 2016
Everything is great , thank you for referring Josh! We are very happy with him. Veronica, 5th October 2016
Thomas Attard has been great, Max likes him and seems to be making progress and we are happy with the service. Jennifer, 5th October 2016
Everything is running smoothly with Anja she is a great communicator and it has made life easier. Allie, 1st October 2016
Lochlan's first tutoring session with Anuraj was great.  Lochlan really liked him. Tracey, 1st October 2016
Annalise has settled and is working well with Sam.  He's a great tutor, very attentive and makes her think! Yvette, 30th September 2016
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