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Thank you for the follow up email. Eden is already streaking ahead with the help of Nicole. She is great at what she does. Eden enjoys the tutoring sessions & feels comfortable with Nicole. Nicole is also very accommodating regarding upcoming tests etc & is willing & able to schedule additional sessions, if & when required. I am very happy with the progress so far. Gillian, 19th August 2013
Graeme is happy with Gajith as it is great to have someone who can explain how to answer the question on the spot. Michael, 15th August 2013
I am very happy with Luka.  He is conscientous and reliable. Susan, 15th August 2013
Nicholas seems happy with Gaj and already he is seeing improvements in his understanding of the maths topics he has covered.  Nicholas is more motivated with maths now and his confidence has improved greatly.   Alba, 14th August 2013
We are extremely happy with tutoring.  Daniels confidence has grown already and he is enjoying the sessions.  Ben is great .thanks Sue, 14th August 2013
Kaziboni has been excellent teacher & uplifted my daughter Ahliyah spirits & has taught her so much this last month. My daughter & I are happy with his tutoring skills & Ahliyah understands his teaching methods very well. We are happy to continue tutoring from Kaziboni & I would highly recommend him as a tutor to any child. Thanks again & have a wonderful week. Jasmyn, 12th August 2013
Great tutor, Tanus and Michael have already made a connection and Tanus likes his tutoring style... the ice was broken early and easily. Congratulations to you and your team, our experience of your tutors has been and continues to be extremely positive. Have a wonderful evening. Julie 7th August 2013
Yes very happy with Katie, she is lovely and very thorough, Jessica is doing well Kym, 7th August 2013
It is all going well. Alon is very dedicated and my daughter is really enjoying the sessions. His personality is perfect for her. Melinda, 7th August 2013
Tanmoy is fantastic. Delaney is connecting with his teaching technique. Although it is early stage we are very glad Tanmoy is available to help Delaney. Louise, 31st July 2013
Thanks so much for the follow up!! Daniel is fantastic and Tom is really enjoying his time with him!! He said he understood more after 2 hours than his first semester of Chemistry!! Really happy and so is Tom! Cate, 30th July 2013
Just wanted to let you know that i am very impressed with Angus. If you could have all your staff as good as hime you would be close to retirement. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and he is very engaging.   Hopefully Amy can take advantage of his knowledge.   Thanks Peter, 30th July 2013
Thank you for following up the tuition, actually we are very pleased with Joyce. Matilda says Joyce is very well organised ,uses proper techniques and tries to covers all problem areas. So far all is good & we are looking forward to a good outcome. Betty, 24th July 2013
We came to Ezymaths because our son has problems understanding some of the year 8 topics. When I contacted the company, the customer service staff was very understanding and spent time listening to my problems with my son's attitude towards Maths subject. He answered all my questions and removed any doubt I had about the success of a tutoring service to my son in our own home.   My son was very happy with the first meeting with Amy and the second meeting he started to warm up. The 3rd meeting, he was already asking questions and was able to do his homework independently because he understood the concept.   He said that the tutor's explanation about the topic was very clear and he now have better understanding of the concepts. Since he is in the top class, he found that they move very fast to the next topic in class and appreciated the one on one lesson from his tutor and the convenience that he doesn't have to go anywhere.   The company is very easy to deal with. No pressure nor hassle from the company.   I would recommend parents to talk to Ezymaths if their children have problems in Math or if the children want to improve their grades.   I will definitely call Ezymaths again when my son encounters difficulty with certain topics in class. Victoria, 23rd July 2013
Very happy with tutoring, Charles has been very helpful. Gilda and Charles are working well together. Suzan, 23rd July 2013
Both yannick and lanah had their second lesson with Rachel on Monday and I am very happy with  the way it is going. They are comfortable with her and feel they can communicate well with her. Samantha, 18th July 2013
Nohemi is great. A very professional tutor with an easy going personality. Brayden has found her lessons quite helpful and has no issues with her teaching methods. As school returns from holidays this week we will see how successful tutoring has been (to-date).   If nothing else, I do believe Nohemi has increased his confidence in Algebra. Mario, 15th July 2013
Aiden is really happy with Faraz. He felt a bit awkward the first week but the interactions were much better the second week. Aiden finds it very useful because he needs guided revision (it's not necessarily about learning the content). Definitely a good investment! Vicky, 8th July 2013
For now, we won’t be continuing but we haven’t ruled it out for the future.  We were very happy with your service and Jade is a beautiful person!  She has helped Keegan with her confidence in Maths and helped improve her grade this year.  We postponed tutoring at the end of term 1 because Jade had covered as much as she could before introducing new work, which we didn’t want to do until it came up in school.  Therefore, we had a break to see how Keegan went, and she’s had no problems thus far.   If any problems pop up this term, I plan to get in contact with you and Jade ASAP! Bridget, 5th July 2013
I would love to offer some feedback on Derek.   I discussed this response with Jaidan last night and he requested that I let you know that he thinks Derek is AWESOME.   From my observations,Derek quickly created a great rapport with Jaidan which is important for effective communication.   I have queried Jaidan after each session and feel that he is benefitting greatly from Derek's input. He is feeling more confident and very comfortable to source support from Derek. I could not ask for more at this stage so thank you and more importantly please thank Derek on my behalf. Judy, 30th June 2013
Yes we are very happy with Nuradha.   He is extremely friendly, very reliable and my son has connected with him well.   I will definitely keep you informed of our progress. Chris, 29th June 2013
Sophie has been good so far, Barnaby seems happy with her teaching method.   She is a very nice, pleasant young lady, who seems to know all about maths and the curriculum.   Jodi, 29th June 2013
Thank you for your email, we are very happy with the work Christian has performed with our daughters as are they.   We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a highly skilled tutor in Christian and look forward to continuing these arrangements Vivian, 28th June 2013
The tutoring is going really well. Jimmy is a great person and really good at tutoring. My son is really happy and comfortable with Jimmy. We are not taking a break over the holidays, so Jimmy is back on Wed night. Jimmy is really helping him understand his maths. Thank you for everything. Tanya, 28th June 2013
Yes, we have been very happy with how Cheyne and Juhi are getting along. Cheyne is feeling more confident about tackling her maths now and quite looks forward to her sessions with Juhi. Melissa, 28th June 2013
thanks for your enquiry.  Isabella is enjoying her time with Manisha and the topics they are covering are all starting to sink in.  Isabella likes they way Manisha explains things to her and feels comfortable in asking questions.   Manisha seems like a very capable person and I like her professional manner in all things.  At end of each lesson, she runs through with me what has been covered and leaves Isabella with some tips and exercises to go over during the week.   I am pleased with how things are progressing and will continue until Isabella feels like she is at a place where she no longer requires assistance. Helen, 28th June 2013
Yes, Lauren is fantastic!! Jesse is actually enjoying the work and doing Lauren’s set homework (and it’s the holidays)! Thank you so much! Sharnie, 28th June 2013
Please be advised that I would like to cease the tutoring services of your company. My boy has greatly benefited from the tutoring of Robin who has shown great patience, ability and caring. I did inform Robin last night that I was not continuing with tutoring as I feel Liam is now back on the Maths track. If I need further assistance, I’ll give you a call.   Thanks (especially to Robin). Simon, 26th June 2013
While my 4 Children were wary at first of doing  extra Maths, I was pleasantly surprised at their quick turnaround. Trinh was very patient and all 4 noticed their improved confidence and understanding in class, thank you! Mike, 21st June 2013
Mo is a lovely girl and Ashleigh seems to be benefitting a great deal from her tutoring sessions with her. Ashleigh is fairly motivated and I’m sure by the time exams come around there will be a noticeable difference in her capabilities.   Mo and Ashleigh interact quite well and Ashleigh is much more confident about what she is doing after her sessions.   All in all, at this stage we couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. Cindy, 21st June 2013
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