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Suparna is lovely and very patient and Sitota is very happy with her. I think it will take a good few months before we see any progress with Sitota considering her learning difficulties. All positive and we are moving forward though Sally, 21st June 2013
At this stage we are very happy. Nick likes Tharaka and his overall attitude to maths has changed. He is quite happy to give things a go. His confidence is building. Sally, 20th June 2013
Diana is terrific.  She’s on time, very patient and Declan feels he is now understanding the basic concepts.  It will take time but Diana will get there with Dec Anna, 20th June2013
Good afternoon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending Justin as Arin’s tutor. He has been wonderful and has helped Arin greatly to achieve a better result as well as boosting his confidence.     Thank you so much to your friendly team and of course to Justin. Christina, 20th June 2013
Just a quick email to thank you to Ezy Math and especially Daniel. Natalya received her report card yesterday and passed maths which hasn't happened since the end of year 4. Her teacher has said that continued practice is neccesary for her to continue to pass as she tends to forget the maths concepts when not applying them regularly.   Don, I and her teacher have seen an incredible increase in her confidence in Maths as she is no longer afraid to put her hand up and answer a question.   Daniel is such a fantastic tutor for Natalya and she responds very well to his approach to tutoring. Natalya, 20th June 2013
It was a pleasure working with such a lovely organization. Not only do they listen but they try and solve the child learning difficulties. There tutors are great and also support the child. My daughters mark improved and so did her love for Math’s. Would recommend Ezy Math Tutoring to all. Fred, 14th June 2013
Thank you for the email- yes Steph is off to a great start and has developed a great rapport with William- he is approachable,dependable and enthusiastic-  - I am extremely happy with things. Loretta, 12th June 2013
We had tried a couple of tutors for our son prior to contacting Ezymath but found them unreliable or just unsuitable.  Ezymath assessed our son’s needs and then recommended a suitable Maths tutor with whom we were very pleased.  They offered flexibility and a very professional service.  The feedback on our son’s progress was also very helpful.  I recommend the Ezymath service to anyone who wishes to see their child achieve academic success.   Derek, 12th June 2013
Thank you for your email. Sabrina was very happy with Sheetal. She feels much more confident now and has a better understanding of the concepts. She feels that she can now better cope and is confident enough to do it on her own.   Many thanks for all your help. Janet, 11th June 2013
Sounds like Alex is doing a great job.  I’ve spoken to Quyen and she is very happy with the tutoring sessions. Vicki, 7th June 2013
Michael has really enjoyed having Raj come as his tutor.  In fact he also managed to get 80% on his last algebra test at school.  It has really empowered him to want to do well in maths and he looks forward to his tutoring session each week. We look forward to seeing him continue on his maths journey throughout the year. Many thanks Ps. I have referred a few of my friends onto your website as their kids were having difficulty too!!! Melissa, 3rd June 2013
So far so good with Tim. Tim is now tutoring both my kids and both are really happy with him. Results will show in the months to come. It is early days but we are very happy so far. Karen, 1st June 2013
Yes, we are very pleased that Sophia likes Rebecca and the tutoring seems to be going well. Rebecca obviously has patience and takes the time to explain things so Sophia can follow them and work through the maths, which is exactly what we wanted. The problem with the school is they move along so fast that there is not enough practice time, and we (the parents) are not familiar with what they teach so we can’t just help out quickly; we have to re-learn it ourselves first, and then we’re probably not good at explaining clearly. That’s why it is great having Rebecca who can obviously explain things in a way Sophia understands. The main thing is that Sophia sees herself as ‘no good at maths’, but when something is explained so she understands it, she is very pleased when she can get the right answers. A lot of it is a confidence thing I think, and also her school maths teacher has been quite negative about her work; so hopefully the tutoring will rebuild some of Sophia’s general confidence over time, which would be great. Sophia will never be a star at maths, but if she can just get passes instead of always negative marks and comments from school, we will be quite happy with that. Sophia is very good at English/Hums and art; maths is her weak area, and we are very pleased (and actually surprised) that she is sitting through an hour of maths tutoring each week without complaint. We did not know how it would go; we tried one other tutor a few months ago – a retired male maths teacher - and she hated it. So this time we are very happy. Stuart, 1st June 2013
Hi, Ruhail has been great and his flexibility has helped enormously. He spent 3.5 hours with Casey last weekend as she had a test she was very concerned about. Casey did much better in her test than she would have done and we are already over the moon. Please pass on our thanks. Jenny, 1st June 2013
We are really happy with Jarryd, we realise it is going to take time and we are prepared to do that for Thomas. Thomas is really comfortable with Jarryd and this helps. Wish we had done this earlier. Thanks for the enquiry. Michelle, 31st May 2013
Hayden is starting to feel more confident with his maths, so we think 10 weeks more tutoring should cover all bases for now, and a few weeks towards the end of the school before the final exams should do wonders for his results. Thankyou..... Michael, 24th May 2013
Bre says she is happy with Ameya. He explains things well and ensures she understands things before moving on. Only week 3 but all good so far. Donna, 24th May 2013
Just wanted to let you know that Mark seems like a good match for Nik. He really likes him and had a really successful first session. Thanks for your support and assistance in finding him! Josie, 24th May 3013
Douglas was great & Liam responded well with him - But the school have always had in house tutoring that Liam was uncomfortable attending - But with Douglas's input he now feels confident to go and take that path. As I pay School fees this makes more sense than another outlay on top.  He is making great progress and all is well. Moira, 22nd May 2013
Thanks for your email.  Our decision to discontinue the tutoring was not due to any dissatisfaction - quite the opposite.  My daughter only had a few sessions with her tutor, and in that time gained a huge amount of confidence in her abilities.  The tutor was able to reassure her that she wasn't as bad at maths as she believed.  This new-found confidence enabled my daughter to discuss openly with her teacher the difficulties she was having, and get some extra help at school.  Since then, she has performed markedly better in her assignments and tests. Natasha is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend your company to anyone experiencing difficulty with Maths. Thanks for the follow up and for all your help. Megan, 17th May 2013
We’re very happy thank you, the sessions with Taran are going well. Sarah, 17th May 2013
Alex was happy with the initial session and they have their second session this weekend.   She was able to obtain an immediate improvement from her interaction with Phillip as he worked on actual tasks with her. Dominique, 17th May 2013
Marissa was very impressed with Ellaine, she found her easy to understand and follow. She is looking forward to her next lesson. Thank You. Fotini, 14th May 2013
Daniel is absolutely thrilled with Sheetal. I am also impressed with Sheetal’s approach and commitment. His tutoring dwells into understanding the concepts behind mathematical formulas, not just simple application, which is exactly what I had been hoping for. I am also pleased that Sheetal is open to extra lesson should Daniel need them. So in response to your question - very, very happy. I’ve been recommending you guys to my friends !!! Margarete, 9th May 2013
Hello,  I am sorry I have been so uncommunicative.  Dev was lovely and I was sorry to see her go.  She helped Thea very much with her maths and did herself out of a job.  Thea and her teacher told me that she had caught up and was actually finishing before everyone else.  I hope however, I can get Dev back if Thea's maths falls back again.  She was really fantastic and can highly recommend her. Audra, 1st May 2013
Morgan (my son) reckons she is fantastic, and that she is really helping him out tremendously at the moment. He says he is understanding the work etc. I think the best part is that he is listening and communicating with her Renard, 29th April 2013
I thought our tutor was very good, and was very happy with the professionalism. Many thanks Keep up the good work., Lilita, 26th April 2013
We are very happy with Harriet – thanks. Mikayla has found it very easy to relate to her – and Harriet is always approachable and responsive. As it has only been a couple of weeks and is now school holidays – we haven’t got any school results to go on however I am sure we will start to see results in this area. We had a negative experience with tutoring in the past (different organisation) – so we were reluctant to go down this path again – however I think we will have success with Harriet. Cathryn, 26th April 2013
Thank you for your e-mail.  I have spoken to Wen from the beginning about how he finds the tutoring with Charles.  Wen advised that he is happy with Charles as Charles is very kind and very understanding tutor. Wen said Charles communicate with ease and that makes it easier for Wen to understand.  Wen said he likes that Charles teaches him the faster and straight forward methods as it is less confusing.  Wen said he has been attempting harder questions with Charles which in turn gives him more confidence to attempt them. Cindee, 24th April 2013
Thank you for the follow up. Sinan is working out fine. He has connected with Matthew well. Matthew has indicated that Sinan is explaining some of the mathematical concepts better than what his teacher is explaining, which is a good start.   Hopefully this will translate into a better maths grade.   Ivan, 23rd April 2013
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