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We are so happy with Sarah.  She is extremely professional and very well organised.  She is also very thorough with her lessons and her method of teaching.   Chantal really enjoys the hour she has with Sarah and Chantal has already gained confidence and is enjoying maths once again due to Sarah’s positive and constructive feedback.   Sarah is an asset to Ezymath Tutoring. Louisa, 23rd April 2013
Nina was very happy with her tutor, and her marks in maths have shown good improvement. We have been happy with Ezymaths as well.   Mark, 22nd April 2013
Tutoring with Robert is going extremely well. Robert has an excellent way of explaining concepts and Tara and Ethan are already feeling more confident with their maths.   Joanne, 17th April 2013
Both Ashleigh and myself are very happy with Duncan. Ashleigh is already feeling much more confident and I believe that she will progress steadily. Sunil, 15th April 2013
Thank you for the report. We are very happy with Kim's approach and way of teaching . Yejeena is very responsive to her and enjoying her learning. She has become more confident in school and starting to put her hand up to answer questions when her teacher asks questions from the the class. It seems to us that , Kim also is enjoying working with Yejee and very happy with Yejee's attitude toward her extra study hours after school. Julie, 17th April 2013
I was very happy with your service and team. I was fortunate to have met two tutors and both were reliable and most importantly helpful.  I came to you as I was attracted to your approach and no upfront fees or pay for what you receive at very competitive rates.   I was particularly impressed with your assessments and reports. The communication is outstanding between client and company as well as tutor and client. I would highly recommend your service.   Gabie got to where she needed to and at this stage is doing very well. If she will require any further assistance you will be our first call.   Many thanks for everything so far. Natalie, 16th April 2013
John has been excellent with both lachie and william. We believe a full term of tutoring will greatly assist. Nicolle, 11th April 2013
Thank you for your email.  Things are going well with the tutoring and Christian is a capable young man, as you say it will take time to see an improvement. Hopefully after that time, Kimberley will be feeling more confident. Gary, 11th April 2013
So far we are extremely happy with Sarah. As you said, it is very early days, but so far so good. Mackenzie is very comfortable with her and feeling very positive about having Sarah as his new tutor. She is always punctual and friendly. And she has taken on some extra sessions with Mack over the school holidays which has been very helpful. I look forward to getting a couple of months tutoring under our belt to hopefully see some progress. Kate, 10th April 2013
We are very happy with AiPing, she works the boys hard and seems to be very knowledgeable. Sally, 9th April 2013
Thanks for the email.  I am very happy with Charlie he seems to be doing a good job and Ellah has said that he is doing a good job and is really teaching her the concepts. Magdy, 6th April 2013
Thanks for the email. We are very happy with Lisa. She is bright and keen and has established a very easy rapport with Xiao. Xiao actually really likes her. We feel very confident that Xiao will continue to make progress with her maths. Michael, 31st March 2013
Thank you for your follow up.  Ty is progressing well and we are all happy with the way things are going (mum, dad and Ty).  Apart from the normal issues, that sometimes he just “doesn’t feel like it” at the beginning of the session, he enjoys the tutoring and is gaining benefits already.  Though Ty has always had quite a good understanding of Maths, the idea of tutoring was to keep him at his best.  He was complaining of not understanding his teacher this year, so the different ways of thinking and and ways of teaching are definitely helping.   I am happy with Sheetal and his dedication to his tutoring, even ringing Ty to check his progress before an assessment.  This is not something that I was expecting, but is a welcome addition as I see it helping Ty keep focused as well. Melinda, 31st March 2013
Thank you for your email received today.   I am very pleased to report that we are very impressed with Minh and his approach to tutoring our son.   Minh is a very responsible and passionate teacher, we feel his enthusiasm will promote Elijah-Taye to the required level in a reasonable time frame. Jason, 29th March 2013
So far so good, Nicole is doing a lot better and Nidhi seems to be a great help. Norman, 29th March 2013
I texted Nathan to say well done cos April got a B- on her maths exam. Huge difference in her grade and her attitude, she's sooooo happy. Karen, 29th March 2013
Andres is doing a fantastic job, he has a great rapport with Rio and is incredibly professional in his approach.   Thank you for providing Rio with such a wonderful maths tutor. Georgina, 28th March 2013
Lauren and Caitlin have got off to a good start. Lauren is very understanding of Caitlin’s needs and has worked really hard on preparing her for her first term Math exam. Caitlin has already built some confidence knowing she will do better ( after starting with Lauren). She also knows it is only early days. Lauren is very good at explaining things at a Caitlin level. Kev, 28th March 2013
Jamie has said he thinks the maths tutoring is good and feels more confident in maths tests at school. He seems to have a positive attitude towards his maths tutoring sessions and responds well to Cal's patient and encouraging approach. Tanseem, 28th March 2013
Anne is loving tutoring and James is doing an amazing job so yes we are very happy and wish to continue! Fadi, 24th March 2013
All is great with Nathan. He's a lovely man and April has her block testing for maths tomorrow and she's confident- a good sign. April will now have a couple of weeks break due to holidays but Nathan will certainly be coming back. April quietly winges  about the homework Nathan sets for her but we don't interfere and are glad that Nathan makes sure its completed as April's attitude to maths was pretty bad.   Kerry, 23rd March 2013
Thanks Gene, so far, Jamie’s response has been very good.  He has had 2 lessons to date, as last week was cancelled at our request (he was away on camp).   Jamie has responded very well to Eshan, who’s approach is unassuming, gentle, but persuasive and constructive.  Jamie actually looks forward to spending time with Eshan to teach him his Maths strategies.   We look forward to seeing Eshan again next week.   Thanks also for the newsletter.  I have to say that I think your supportive written material is very useful! Denise, 23rd March 2013
Hello and thank you for your email. We are happy with Philip's progress in these few weeks as you suggest I am sure more time is needed for him to be more confident . We are also happy with his tutor he is very well spoken, polite and gets on well with my son so far. Norma, 23rd March 2013
Sophie is very happy with Jane as a tutor.  Jane is extremely diligent - we have the complication of the UK syllabi and Jane has taken a lot of trouble in her own time, to check up on what Sophie should be learning ! Jane, 21st March 2013
We are very happy with the way the tutoring is working out. Harry seems to have improved already and his confidence is on the way up, all good news. Lee has been excellent and Harry is very happy to work with him. Beilin, 21st March 2013
Thanks for asking So far so good Michael is great. Kane seems to be quite happy Kamal, 21st March 2013
We are very happy with Cohen. He is excellent. Gerard, 21st March 2013
Thanks for the follow up.  Yes I am very happy with Sean, he has worked with Machlin through some difficult times and nothing has been a problem for Sean. Kristen, 21st March 2013
We love Jen. She does a great job! Tanya, 20th March 2013
We chose EzyMath Tutoring as that is the subject our daughter  most needed help with, and we decided to pick specialists in this subject over other tutors who seemed to do everything.  Our tutor Emma, was a uni student, very professional, friendly, she worked very well with our daughter.  Emma had lots of great tricks and tips for Madison to use in her studying and test-taking, broke some things down so they didn't seem so scary or overwhelming to our daughter.  Madison was much more confident in math class, homework was easier, she was more confident in taking exams.  It meant a lot to Madison and us, a lot less stress at home when it wasn't my husband or I trying to teach her with all the emotions that tend to go along with that.  I would recommend EzyMath tutoring to anyone looking to improve their math skills. Dione, 18th March 2013
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