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Jade has been absolutely wonderful with Lucas. He's enjoying his tutoring sessions and sounding more confident about  Maths already. We understand it may take quite a while to see any improvement in his actual marks but there has already been a definite improvement in his attitude towards his capabilities. Lucas is very happy with Jade and we will definitely be continuing the tutoring. Belinda, 14th March 2013
I was very happy with the staff at your head office. My my initial contact person was Marcus, and he was extremely professional and thorough in explaining the services EZY MATHS provide and he reassured me of the the level of tutoring that the company provides and that they will endeavour to match a tutor for my 15 year olds math's concerns. The thing I liked the most is that at no time did I feel pressured and he made it sound so easy; Which it was. Thank you, and I will be using you guys again when the time arises. Jenny, 14th March 2013
We really like Syed and Lucy is working well with him.  Her confidence is starting to grow with her times tables which is great to see. Nickole, 14th March 2013
Everything is going well. Lizzy and I are very happy with Michael and pleased with her results so far. Isabelle, 12th March 2013
Just letting you know that Layla is gaining a lot from Jacob and in only three weeks.  Her confidence is starting to grow little by little and she is trying more on her own which is great to see. Narrelle, 9th March 2013
Andrew is very happy with Stephen's tutorials. They have already formed a very healthy teacher student relationship, and Andrew is enjoying his Maths.  He got everything correct in a test he did at school last week.  The only thing that was incorrect was the fact that his decimal point was not in the correct place. James, 8th March 2013
Natalya is progressing really well with her math tutoring. Daniel is an excellent tutor and Natalya feels very comfortable around him. Her enthusiasm for maths has soared which for Don and I is a big step forward in such a short time. Her teacher has already commented on her progress and we have no doubt that her grades will continue to improve over time. Tarryn, 8th March 2013
WE are very happy with Adam. He is an excellent tutor and he is engaging them both very well Susanna, 7th March 2013
Priscilla is wonderful with both my boys. I would recommend her without hesitation. Josephine, 7th March 2013
I have seen improvement already. Jason is a gem and I want to continue with Will having his weekly tutoring session. Virginia, 7th March 2013
Ken is working out really well, so glad you put us in touch with him. Jade, 5th March 2013
Ezymath were professional and helpful, they quickly obtained a tutor in my area whilst other tutoring companies had glossy ads or websites, but were disinterested or did not get back to me. The tutor provided helped my daughter improve greatly in Maths. I would recommend their service to anyone. Same, 26th February 2013
Jess is very happy with Tim. Looks like being a great fit. Victoria, 25th February 2013
MIchael has enjoyed Nathan's tutoring sessions. My son found Nathan's theory far more informative and much clearer then his current maths teacher. Michael connected well with Nathan. Michael, 25th February 2013
Hi We are very happy with Andres, he is excellent we will be continuing. Abby, 25th February 2013
The tutoring with Alex is going very well - Sophie is enjoying it and learning too! Carol, 19th February 2013
Yes we are very happy with Jacinta. She is lovely and Emily likes her. She seems to be very suited to Emily, as she has a very practical approach to helping Emily with her Math’s, and understood straight away what Emily’s basic needs were. We look forward to Jacinta tutoring Emily this year. Teresa, 19th February 2013
Thanks for your email, Mitchell is really excited to have Ken as his tutor, he made a great impression when he came along for a chat and that high expectation has continued. He has a natural way with him and engages well with Mitchell, unlocking the mysteries and some tricks to understanding Math. We also like that Ken is a skilled tutor in many subjects so are looking forward to a long term relationship with him as a mentor for Mitchell. Someone that has worked hard to achieve success which is what we all want for our children. Thanks again I feel this match will be a good one. Jodie, 18th February 2013
Cassidy has had one session with Scott. Cassidy came home very positive, saying that Scott was great at explaining concepts and that he will benefit from his tutoring support. Cassidy related well with Scott and seemed very impressed by his level of knowledge and by his academic progress at university. In effect, Scott is a great role model for Cassidy. I hope this all continues well. Susan, 18th February 2013
Thank you for your email.  So far so good, Kristopher is very good and Sammi is very happy as she is now starting to understand maths. My husband and I are very pleased. :) Donna, 18th February 2013
Lauren had her first Tutorial with Caitlin today  and Caitlin loved her straight away with confidence built on day one. So far, so good :0) Jackie, 11th February 2013
Ezy maths tutoring was just what we were after for Zena. We tried a couple of other tutoring companies before ezy maths tutoring but one we had to travel to to get there and the other offered us a young and inexperienced tutor, tutoring is more than knowing about the subject it is being able to teach it. Ezy maths tutoring offered us with everything we were looking for, reasonable pricing, at home tutoring and of course an excellent tutor. We found 'Tara' to be patient and understanding and Zena went from a D to getting B's and C's. We were very happy, thanks to Tara and ezy maths tutoring. Janelle, 10th February 2013
Very happy with John.  Would like Jackson to have more lessons with him but can't get Jackson to agree to it as yet!  Working on him.  May ask John to help out with science and possibly English as well in the future if he has time. Rosanna, 7th February 2013
Thank you for touching base. I am really impressed with William's efforts to date. He has very quickly worked out Layla's weaknesses and the areas that need attention. I also believe that his strategy of working slightly ahead of schedule and thus getting her 'in front' in some areas will help with her confidence in class. Layla is also receiving additional Maths support in school and combined with William's efforts, I am confident that we should see her Maths results improve. Tatjana, 6th February 2013
Pat has really appreciated and enjoyed the help Josh has given him with his Maths. Tutoring with Josh during the holidays will make an excellent start to year 11! Suzanne, 5th February 2013
In response to your earlier email, I am absolutely delighted with Nick.  Tabi trusts that Nick can help her and is beginning to deal with the sense of panic she builds up when confronted with problems she is not sure how to solve or techniques taught in class that she did not understand.  I can see Tabi beginning to feel more confident and she certainly feels supported by Nick. Carolynne, 5th February 2013
I would highly recommend the service of ezy math tutoring. I found it  to be very professional, when first looking for a tutor  the guidance I was given made it an easy choice, our tutor was extremely helpful to our daughter and we notice improvement almost immediately, the regular reports on her progress was also beneficial,  Sue-Ellen Hope Sue-Ellen, 4th February 2013
We found engaging Ezy Math Tutoring a very good experience.  Our young tutor was extremely helpful in keeping our daughter calm and focussed while she completed year 12.   It was great having the continuity of someone outside the family to act as a guide in the preparation of not only Maths and Chemistry,  but helpful hints for English as well. Michael, 31st January 2013
This is to let you know that I was happy with what Laura has learnt from the tutoring she received with Ezy Math.  Laura said she felt she had a better understanding of Math from those few lessons that she had.  The tutor was very thorough and we were grateful for his patience with Laura. Michele, 30th January 2013
My son Ezra obtained an ATAR of 95.85 and was granted his first preference – Commerce and Mechatronics Engg. at Monash University. He obtained  a study score of 43 in Physics and 37 in Maths Methods. We are  grateful to your company for willing to send a suitable Maths and Physics tutor even after term 1, after we realised that that Ezra was having difficulty in Maths Methods. Your tutor was extremely patient , always on time and Ezra was able to discuss difficult concepts with him. We would definitely recommend your company to others. Mario, 24th January 2013
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