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Adele is very happy with Irina. We have already seen results. In her last in class quiz, she came 5th in the class. An improvement from a few weeks ago when Adele got 3/15 for the class quiz. Deb, 7th November 2012
Both Thomasine and Luke are liking Scott as well. He has always been on time and is very polite. Jonathan and I can’t believe our luck! Nina, 7th November 2012
We have been very happy with Kancelot, Nathan seems to be taking to him very well and his influence has already shown improvement. Nath's confidence has already lifted somewhat, even though the results have not yet improved. It will take some time, we understand that and I think Nathan is on board with that as well. Samuel, 7th November 2012
Thank you for your follow up email. Yes it all seems to be going along fine with Ben. I think Cassie is finding helpful and slowly building her confidence again. She was quite a bit behind and struggling so I understand it will probably take a little while. She had a maths test last week which Ben appeared to provide a thorough preparation for her. Amanda, 3rd November 2012
I am happy with the way things have started up.  Peter has already had an improvement in his Maths test result and I am hoping that this will also be the case with his recent SAC. Jenny, 1st November 2012
We are extremely happy with Estephanie.   She has managed to hit exactly the right note.   We are just looking for Isabel to understand some basic principles and Estaphie is managing this with patience and skill.    I cannot speak highly enough of Estaphanie. Jane, 29th October 2012
Yes, everything is going well and Avishag is GREAT!  She is clear, direct, and no-nonsense, which is exactly what Is needs (can’t get away with anything), and yet this is balanced with underlying kindness (motivated to do well).  It’s not something I can describe well in words, but Isabelle definitely responds well to Avi’s method.  She has improved to passing the most recent test (from massively nowhere near passing), and I can see her confidence in math has improved, too.  She was shocked to suddenly find herself helping some of her friends work through questions that they couldn’t understand, and enjoyed the feeling, so that is an achievement!  Yes, she still has a long way to go, but we’re off to a good start.  It’s so good to have Avi reinforce methods of organization and skills that don’t register for Is when I mention them, too!  We are both very, very grateful to have Avi help Is through this. Natalia, 26th October 2012
We are more than happy with Kancelot. He and Rohan seem to get along well, he is punctual and polite – and is also helping Rohan improve his maths skills. Keith, 26th October 2012
Arielle finds Ivan explains concepts really well and she seems to get on well with him , which is also important! Certainly she feels he is more helpful than the previous tutor and she doesn't dread the lesson like she used to before and manages to be alert for the whole hour. This is a big improvement on the previous tutoring experience! Lyn, 26th October 2012
EzyMath is great for the busy working family as the tutors come to your place at an agreed time to suit the family. The rate is very competitive and the written reports are a valuable source of information on a student’s progress. The tutor was conscientious and went out of her way to obtain appropriate resources for our son. She was reliable and flexible and made our son feel at ease and more confident with his studies. Sandra, 19th October 2012
My husband and I have been very satisfied with the service we received from Ezy Maths. We were very quickly appointed a tutor for our 9 year old Daughter and were extremely happy with David who quickly developed an excellent rapport with our Daughter. She very much enjoyed David's style of teaching and her confidence and knowledge in Maths have increased exponentially. We would thoroughly recommend your service. Ruth, 16th October 2012
Alice had been getting poor marks in maths, despite doing well in other subjects.  Neb and Amy effectively identified issues with the way she approached maths problems ie not stepping through problems sufficiently, and helped her overcome these.  Alice's marks and attitude to maths have improved greatly as a result.  As she has improved, she has become more confident and willing to do the homework and study to do even better.  It has been a positive experience all round and I would not hesitate to recommend Ezy Maths Tutoring. Doreen, 14th October 2012
Thanks for the email - Callum enjoyed his session with Micah last Sunday and is looking forward to the next one, which is a good thing!! Penny, 5th October 2012
Thanks for the follow up. We could not be happier with Avi.  Alex really likes and respects her. She is already helping to build his confidence and having him see that he actually doing very well. We would like to continue with her for sure. Deborah, 29th September 2012
We are very happy with Matt – he is a good personality match for James and he is finding the sessions most valuable. Jan, 24th September 2012
Just thought I would let you know Eden received the highest mark in her math class for the year common test.  The teacher was very impressed and I had one very happy daughter. Rita, 24th September 2012
Sarah is great the tutoring is going really well and Anjelika looks forward to her classes :) Hana, 22nd September 2012
Shannon did really well with her entrance exam and it was for that reason I contacted you. Her confidence has doubled since her tutoring with Daniel began, so for that I am truly grateful. Daniel was a great tutor who related well to Shannon. He has taught her some valuable strategies. He is also a lovely boy so he deserves a lot of credit. Thank you for the organised way you delivered the service. I have recommended your company to others so hopefully you will hear from them. Karen, 22nd September 2012
A quick note to advise you that we have already been pleasantly surprised with Liam's current test result. Josh is doing a great job, and the Liam is responding well. In fact , for the first time ever, Liam has surpassed his twin brother in a Maths exam. Mark, 21st September 2012
Ashleigh is really enjoying the help Sunny is giving her & is starting to feel more confident within herself. Apparently even her teacher has remarked on her improvement. Ashleigh is keen to continue tutoring for the rest of the year. Sunny is a great tutor & matched perfectly with Ashleigh. Sarah, 20th September 2012
We are very happy with Phanidah, he is very nice and patient and seems to teach Emily effectively. Emily likes him and already seems to have a more positive outlook with her maths. We are happy overall that the one-on-one tutoring allows Emily to relax about “not knowing it” so she can truly go back to basics with Phanidah and build slowly from there. Teresa, 20th September 2012
All is progressing fine at present and we are happy with Raymond's tutoring.  Patrick has warmed to him also and we see him asking a lot more questions than he would ask normally. Steve, 19th September 2012
Hannah has got off to a great start and has really connected with Mihika and finding the sessions beneficial with the results already showing in her last test results. Therefore we are happy and looking at this at this long term for the next 18 months. Mihika is very patient and Hannah finds it very easy to work with her. Helen, 19th September 2012
Brendan is very happy with Gennady, he is doing a great job at the moment, thank you for sending him, wish he had started earlier with him. Nga, 19th September 2012
Zaliha found the tutoring extremely helpful and Jacob is a wonderful teacher, very intelligent and patient. Zaliha googled your service online and we cannot find fault with the professional service and assistance that Ezy Math Tutoring provides. We would not hesitate to reengage with Ezy Math Tutoring in the future and will highly recommend your service to others. Thanks again for all of your support and a special thank you to Jacob. Alice, 18th September 2012
I would like to say that Justin is a wonderful young man. I know it’s only early stages but Arin had a smile on his face that filled my heart. Arin has a lot of respect for Justin, which tells me there is a good connection or understanding developing. Thank you for finding us Justin. In Arin’s words “ I have learnt more with Justin in three lessons than with the other tutor we had over the past year”. I think we can say Arin has gotten off to a great start. My only hope is that Justin is also comfortable with us. Cris, 11th September 2012
Thank you for your follow up of my son's tutor.  I am very happy with Ben and my son told me that he is getting along with Ben, much better than his previous teacher.  Ben's teaching techniques is very different compare to his previous teacher, therefore my son is finding he has learnt much more with Ben.  Thank you for sending him such a good teacher.  I would highly recommend Ben to my friends if they ever need a tutor. Thank you. Laure, 10th September 2012
Hello , both Ruby and I are very happy with her expanding understanding and Boris is a positive , patient and focused young man , he seems to be connecting with Ruby quite well with mutual respect . We look forward to more understanding. Elen, 10th September 2012
Nicola likes being tutored by Avi who she finds very patient and has a great ability to explain concepts so that they are easily understood.  We have had a great start and are really looking forward to some good results. As a parent I find Avi mature, responsible and reliable.  She is a good role model for Nicola. Sammi, 6th September 2012
Thanks for your email. I am happy to let you know that Jessica has settled down very well with Patrick. She is actually enjoying her tutoring sessions and has already felt a bit stronger and more confident. I have taken some time to listen to them and they get on well and Jessica does not feel uncomfortable to ask questions. Both Jess and I are so far, very happy with Patrick's tutoring. Jessica, 5th September 2012
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