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Thanks for following up. The tutoring is going well with Patrick. He is a nice polite young man, and professional, and Nick has responded positively. I can already see a bit more confidence with his Maths work. Rosa, 3rd September 2012
Jack is really happy with Jereme, we don’t expect miracles straight away but just having the support is comforting for him. Time will tell. Mary, 3rd September 2012
Eva has had a good start with Amy. Amy is lovely, it did not take her long to work out Eva’s needs. Eva actually enjoys the lessons and her recent exam results were impressive. Liz, 3rd September 2012
Gabie really likes Michael and his way of teaching. We are very happy with him so far. I am very impressed with your staff so far. Natalie, 3rd September 2012
It is going well with Gerard. Gerard is focusing on homework each week and then extending him in certain areas, such as fractions and decimals, which he finds hard. Luke has mentioned that he has learnt some new ways of approaching some problems and algorithms, which has made him feel more confident at school. Gerard has a lovely manner and appears to relate well to Luke. Fiona, 29th August 2012
Madison has now had two sessions with Emma, they seem to be going well, Emma is very personable, has been working on some practice sheets with Madison for an upcoming maths test.  All seems well so far. Diane, 23rd August 2012
We are very happy with Michael and Caroline's confidence has already improved thanks to his support. Cizik, 23rd August 2012
Ayon has been a wonderful tutor for Connor and he now feels that he is coping very well with his journey into HSC. He has learnt a lot with his tutor and is now studying hard with a lot more understanding. I would like to thank you. Laura, 22nd August 2012
We are very happy with Darius' tutoring of John and would like the tutoring to continue. Ken, 20th August 2012
We have had our introductory session with Rachel and we were very pleased on Saturday. Tommi is also very happy with Rachel.  They built a rapport and I believe it will work. Sam, 20th August 2012
We are very happy with Teresa, Katia feels very comfortable and is enjoying the tutoring. Anne, 18th August 2012
Thanks for your email, Aaron seems happy with the way things are going with his tutor Andrew, he seems to be learning things so we are happy. Jackie, 17th August 2012
Jem is really happy working with Josie and looks forward to her time working with her. Josie has a great way of relating to Jem and making her feel confident. Deb, 17th August 2012
Jason is a very nice young man who is always prompt and seems well prepared for each lesson. Charles  enjoys his tutoring so far and seems to be gaining a little more confidence. Sue, 17th August 2012
Shannon is delighted with Daniel and I can already see measurable results. She appears more confident.  We are more than happy to continue with him. I just need to work out  which plan to choose. When do I need to decide this? Karen, 17th August 2012
We have been very happy with Ameya – he has been well prepared, punctual and very committed to his work with Emma... I would happily recommend both Ezy Math tutoring and Ameya to people. Michelle, 15th August 2012
Thank you for writing to me enquiring about Aaron's progress.  So far so good, I think he is really happy with the teacher Mihika.  I think they work very well together. Laya, 11th August 2012
Tim has now had 3 sessions with Dean and so far it seems to be a positive experience. Tim enjoys his company and understands the way he explains things – I guess this is a good place to start and hopefully it will continue to build into a rewarding learning experience. Louise, 10th August 2012
We are very impressed with Jason and Scott enjoys the sessions with him which is great. Thanks. Louise, 10th August 2012
I’ve not actually met Tevita myself but both Ashleigh and my husband Adam have nothing but good things to say about him.  Ashleigh is very happy with his tutoring so far and seems to have a better understanding of the maths subjects she is doing. Gayle, 10th August 2012
Yes Daisy is a good tutor and seems to work great with the younger children.  I was very happy with her for David. Ane, 8th August 2012
All good! Boys very happy with Josh. He has certainly helped their confidence and that is the start to better marks. Louise, 7th August 2012
Very happy with April, will continue -thank you very much. Amon, 3rd August 2012
The tutoring is going really well with Jacob. Both Thomasine and Luke are really happy with him. They say he is really good and gives loads of examples. High praise indeed. Jonathan and I are delighted as well. We find him always on time, if not early, so far and he is very polite and easy to talk with. So thank you very much. Mari, 3rd August
Vik is doing very well, my daughter is very happy. She would like to continue with him. Abu, 3rd August 2012
Jacqueline is really enjoying having Denise as her tutor.  She finds Denise's manner and approach to tutoring very good.  Jacqueline said it has made a great difference in her knowledge, understanding and confidence. Carmen, 28th July 2012
Natalie is really good and reliable. Cheryl is actually enjoying her tutor lessons with Natalie and looks forward to them. I actually was watching them for a bit during one lesson and I have to say, the way Natalie tutors is quite impressive. I have no negative feedback about her. Really appreciate your help in finding a good tutor for my sister :) Ana, 27th July 2012
Your Tutor was great and even took the time to phone Glen’s teacher to discuss areas where he was having problems so he could work on it him.   He was great and I would recommend him in a heart beat. Jenny, 26th July 2012
Tamara has been a great help on Wednesday afternoons for the homework club program. The students have responded well to her and she has a small cohort that continuously seek her help. I am sure she will continue to have a permanent and measurable impact beyond the initial motivational boost. Thank you. Sofia, 24th July 2012
We are extremely happy with Wageesha and she is to be commended on the wonderful job she has done with my children. She is extremely conscientious and a positive role model for my children. Tanya, 21st July 2012
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