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Darius is fantastic. He is extremely dedicated and well mannered. He often stays more than 1 hour to make sure Harry understands everything they have covered. Harry has become enthusiastic toward maths and he can already see improvements. Thank you so much for referring Darius, he has been a life saver! Shone, 21st July 2012
Thank you for your email. Andrew has settled nicely with Phal and is engaged and enjoying the experience. Phal has spent the last few weeks getting a hold on where Andrew is up to with his maths and I am sure it will continue to be rewarding for him. Jacqui, 20th July 2012
I have found your entire service from the first contact professional and friendly and will recommend both your organisation and Andrew to anyone who requires a maths tutor. . As I said earlier, I found Andrew both  diligant and effective in the few sessions we were able to fit in. Jesse's main comment was that 'He makes everything so easy to understand' which is really what tutoring is about. Carole, 20th July 2012
Boris is great, Amy has relaxed a bit since the first night. She seems to be going well, and she was very happy with herself as last night they covered year 8 maths which made her feel clever! Peter, 19th July 2012
We started yesterday and Dylan and Erin both seemed happy and got along quite nicely. Liza, 19th July 2012
Yes everything has started off great. Lachie really likes Suzan which has made it much easier and seems to be looking forward to Sunday tutoring. Thanks you very much on the email, much appreciated. Rachel, 19th July 2012
All is going very well with Eden's tutoring.  We are very happy and our only regret is that we didn't do this earlier. Eden has said she has understood maths more with Calvin than in all her years at school. We look forward to seeing Eden's confidence in maths grow steadily and am pleased she is comfortable with Calvin's patience to keep questioning him in areas she struggles with. Rita, 19th July 2012
I would like to express my satisfaction with Ezy Math Tutoring and I would not hesitate to use you in the future or recommend you.  Mitchell Fung worked very well with my son and I was very pleased with his knowledge and nature.  A big thankyou. Diana, 17th July 2012
Rebecca had her third session with Kerryn tonight and is finding the tutoring helpful.  She has trial HSC exams in three weeks' time and finds Kerryn is good at explaining the concepts that she's struggling with.  I am impressed with Kerryn's calm manner and ability to explain things well to her. Sarah, 13th July 2012
Very happy with kimberly:) Cristina, 13th July 2012
Matthew is very happy with Anthony.  From the first day with Anthony, Matt realised what a great help Anthony will be with his better understanding of his studies in maths. Thank you for you help. Jacinta, 12th July 2012
Thanks for checking. Hendrik thinks Jacob is "cool" and is very positive about the tutoring. We are definitely going ahead. Miranda, 12th July 2012
Oh, we’re very happy! Sup is a delight. Seb will, I expect be back up to average in no time and we may well then look at Sup for our 7yo, when Seb finishes. Seb is only slightly below average and at a selective school, so there’s not much work to be done, but, Sup really is great. David, 7th July 2012
I have been very impressed with your company and its professionalism. Thanks so much for the time and effort you have invested into Grace. Fiona, 4th July 2012
Thankyou. We have had our first session with Asitha and are very happy. He had a lovely manner and my daughter felt very comfortable with him. He has a great attitude and we think it is going to work out well. Georff, 3rd July 2012
Our son started with his maths tutor in Year 6, he was struggling and his marks were in the lower quartile of the class.  Now half way through Year 7, he's gained confidence with maths and achieving excellent marks placing him above the year average.  His tutor is a great young uni student, he takes the time to explain problems in a way our son can understand them, he's patient and clear when he needs to redirect a problem.  One of the great benefits is the wonderful example he has been to our son, showing him how maths will play an important part in what he might want to do in the future. We are extremely pleased with results our son is achieving and credit a lot of the improvement to the support and work of our Ezy Math Tutor.  We love that tutoring happens at home and at a time that works for us a family. Amanda, 14th June 2012
Raymond is FANTASTIC - the benefits of his tutoring is already obvious with my eldest very confident and my youngest gaining it! Jasna, 11th May 2012
1. I am very impressed with the service your Company provides… Mihika is an outstanding Tutor, and the feedback you have provided in terms of monthly report is very well received… well done!!! 2. In case you guys don’t do any formal Customer feedback surveys, I would highly likely recommend your Company to others parents seeking this type of assistance. Paul, 6th May 2012
By the way I would like to say Mahya is an amazing tutor and Matt has really improved his confidence and skills with her around. Melissa, 4th May 2012
hi thank you for acting so quickly getting rebecca a tutor  the tutor was very helpful now rebecca feels very confident she has had her 2 hour lesson and is very happy with the results thank you once again regards. Deber, 4th April 2012
Although my family has only met Wageesha once, we all felt very comfortable with her. She has a wonderful way with children and communicates very easily with them. Initially my son was very reluctant towards having a tutor however, after working with Wageesha he really enjoyed it and wants to keep going. She is very respectful and easy to talk to. I can already see that she would strive to get the  best from her students. Tania, 29th March 2012
I am 100% satisfied with your company and Rick, Alanahs tutor. I will definately call on you if the need arises again and won't hesitate in recommending you if anyone I know required tutoring services. Janine, 23rd March 2012
More importantly, I want to let you know that Hannah, Peter and I are very happy with Phal - she's super smart, friendly and a great communicator.  She's lifted Hannah's confidence within a few short weeks and, circumstances permitting, we look forward to a long and productive tutoring association with her. Cheryl, 20th March 2012
I have some results to report. Wari has sat three tests in the last week or so, the results are: Maths - 95.5%; Chemistry - 100%; Economics - 77% (no coaching in this subject). We are very happy with these results, especially the chemistry one as she has had the most trouble with that subject. Last week, before the Friday chemistry test they did two hours on chemistry, she found the lessons very hard, but the following test very straight forward. In the maths test, she actually did all the calculations correctly but lost marks for rounding an answer incorrectly and rounding a couple of other answers when she shouldn't have! We are very happy with Alexander's teaching, although we are not sitting in the room, he sounds very clear and concise. Another very important thing to consider  is that she is very happy with her results and is gaining more self confidence, and, I think, is generally more relaxed and happy with life. Scott, 6th March 2012
Our tutor, Amy, came to our place yesterday for my son's first session.  Thought I'd give you a bit of feedback.........she was lovely, had been keeping in touch beforehand, and Alex seemed to show signs of much improved motivation !! She clearly is experienced in tutoring students and at this very early stage I think we're off to a great start. Tanja, 18th January 2012
thanks for the information ,sienna will have her last session with wade this week and we will be starting back the last week of january .Wade has been a great help to sienna and we look forward to seeing him next year to help us through year 8 . I am highly impressed with wade and ezy math tutoring .all the best for the holidays. Cheri, 13th December 2011
Sorry for the late reply. Sunny has been great and I’m very happy with how things have started. Marty really likes him and finds his explanations easy to comprehend. Sandy, 12th December 2011
We are exceptionally pleased with Adhi.  He has done a great job with Jonathon and we hope to get him back next year on a regular basis to help Jonathon in Year 11. Merv, 28th November 2011
Sorry for the late reply. Yes Ewan is very happy and I can already see his confidence improving. Vicky, 24th November 2011
Raj has been excellent & Chloe’s teachers have really noticed an improvement.  I will recommend Ezy Math to everyone! Thanks for that. Bec, 11th November 2011
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