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Just wanted to let you know that my daughter just finished her first tutoring session with Derek and he was fantastic!   Thank you so much for connecting us with him, things are looking up already. Liz, 28th July 2016
We are very impressed with Geoff. He was very kind and engaging with Michael today. Thank you. Martina, 26th July 2016
Daniel as a tutor is a very good fit (perfect) for Sid! We are quite happy with the way things are progressing so far & happy to continue. Sudha, 25th July 2016
Patrick is great,  he is working so well with Drew.  He has already given Drew the confidence he needs to be able to learn.   Thank you for sending Patrick. Pauline, 25th July 2016
Julian has done a wonderful job tutoring Julia. She has always struggled with maths but has made very good progress thanks to his patient, consistent effort. We look forward to his continuing to tutor Julia up to the HSC exams. Jane, 21st July 2016
Gianna is a fantastic tutor who has definitely been able to help my son Bryce improve his understanding.  Bryce has jumped from a C in Maths to an A- which is proof of excellent work from both Gianna and my son.  Thank you. Adam, 20th July 2016
You have hit the Jackpot!  Georgina is very happy with Stephen. Many thanks for all your efforts. Jo, 19th July 2016
Really happy with the tutoring and Stephen is great, really professional. My son is feeling a lot more positive about catching up so really happy. Kath, 17th July 2016
We are more than pleased with Kai's maths progress. I can tell that Ben is such a good tutor because he had described Kai exactly in his report. All Kai's school teachers throughout his school years have wanted Kai to speak up in class. Kai isn't shy when he's relaxed and comfortable, it's just in those environments I guess he's quieter. I hope he gets the confidence to speak up soon and I think with Ben he will and I am looking forward to the tips he can give to Kai. Mel, 11th July 2016
James has got off to a good start-in his first test this week, he got 91% in his specialist exam.  Matthew is able to work through all the challenging questions with James and ensure that he understands the theory behind the maths.   I definitely feel that James has commenced Semester 2 with a more positive approach to Specialist Maths and I look forward to seeing improved results. Karen, 10th July 2016
Things are going great - James got over 90% in a recent test, and said it felt easy because he understood it. That's what I want to hear. Matt, 8th July 2016
Jordan is really benefiting from the lessons, Suraj is a great teacher. Samantha, 5th July 2016
Hongzheng is going very well and Lily is enjoying the classes. Anita, 4th July 2016
It is a great pleasure for us too, to see Vas enjoying his lessons, and trying his utmost hardest to listen and catch up. This is all due to Jake too, he is a very big favourite to Vas, he loves his lessons with him, as he explains everything they are doing till Vas understands. Maritsa, 2nd July 2016
Sahm is a fantastic tutor. Maths is James' best subject now. Melina, 1st July 2016
My son Matthew has been a student of Arda's here in Perth. Arda has been fantastic and helped Matthew through the difficulties he was having. Matthew has achieved 93% in his last exam and his class tests have all been consistently high. Vicky, 30th June 2016
We are very happy, I have referred 3 families at this stage to you. I am impressed with how thorough Monica's lesson plans are, and how they move clearly from low order thinking to high order thinking in a fun way. Kylie, 28th June 2016
I am blown away by her expertise and professionalism as a tutor. I have had tutors before but never anyone as passionate. My daughter got so much out of her first session and Chloe was very informative with her feedback about my daughter. I have organised to book her twice a week as I am confident it will make a world of difference. Jen, 23rd June 2016
Gabriele loves Monica and I will be looking at upping his tutorials to once a week after term 3. We are very happy. I have recommended your service to 4 of the parents of children in Gabriele's class. Unfortunately there has been a massive and noticeable drop in the teaching, motivation, and comprehension of mathematics for our class, but you have helped us immensely and I have passed this information on. Monica is a dream, and understands my son very well, and they have bonded quite quickly. Kylie, 21st June 2016
I’m really pleased with Kamran’s work with Tyler, he has shown a noticeable improvement in his attitude to maths and his effort and understanding. Tyler is really enjoying working with Kamran – his style of treating him as an equal in his learning journey has been of real benefit. Simone, 21st June 2016
Thanks Josh has already increased test results from barely passing to 88%. Exams in the next week will be another challenge. Looking forward to seeing Harry tonight. Thanks regards Sharon. Sharon, 20th June 2016
We are very happy with the tutor sessions to date. Kellie and Luke are working well together and we believe this has already been reflected in Luke's recent exams. Melanie, 18th June 2016
My daughter progressed so well with the support of your tutor, Eliran and we think she is ready to work independently. Thank you for providing a great educational service. We will keep you in mind if we need your support for the future. Ross, 15th June 2016
I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago about a tutor for my son Gabriele. You organised for Monica to come to the house and she is beyond a perfect fit. Gabriele was thrilled about the lesson, even though he was nervous at first, and can't wait until his next session, so thank you! Kylie, 9th June 2016
Aslinn is currently travelling along well. We have valued Jess’s contribution to her reaching her goals in maths. If Aslinn needs further assistance we will have no hesitations in using your service. Stephanie, 10th June 2016
Kai and Ben are getting on greatly. Kai had a big win last week. He went from 53% on a maths test to 88%! He received champ of the month award and a chocolate bar! He was thrilled! We are starting to see the results now. Thank you Ben for everything! Melani, 9th June 2016
Priya has made a very positive start with her tutoring with Abdullah. He is very good at explaining concepts and seemed to understand Priya’s needs very quickly. We are very happy with Abdullah. Geeta, 8th June 2016
We could not be happier with MinJae as Adam's tutor!! Adam fist pumped the air after MinJae left last week (second session) and informed me he "absolutely loved" the session. He suits Adam perfectly and I often hear them laughing during the sessions. Adam was very comfortable with MinJae from the first session and we are truly grateful to have found him; he is polite, patient and generous with his time, not to mention extremely good at explaining mathematical processes. As a result Adam's understanding of maths has grown exponentially. Maree, 6th June 2016
We have been very happy with Tako and feel she has really assisted our children to gain greater confidence with their math work and to work through math steps carefully, which was our key goal. We have also been impressed with the organisation of the tutoring through your services. Jodie, 6th June 2016
I am very happy with Erin’s progress, Cassie has been a great help and she communicates with Erin well , which has seen Erin progressing to a higher grade. Dianne, 5th June 2016
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