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We are very happy and have been very impressed by Kamran. He has a really lovely nature, is kind, encouraging and very professional. Daneeka finds him very easy to follow and understand and really enjoys her lesson with him every week and already is improving. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a wonderful maths tutor. Sandra, 27th February 2016
Start up with Phi has been smooth, so far Tharanya's feed back to us has also been positive. She is understanding the teaching method used by Phi and feels comfortable asking him questions. Yarmini, 27th February 2016
Jerome has been a positive impact on my daughter Sophia. She is building her confidence already. Francesca, 26th February 2016
We engaged your services last week to assist our son, Riley. Within that short time, we’re absolutely delighted and extremely impressed with the professionalism of your excellent tutor, Eliran! He is very responsive in his communication with me and has been most co-operative when I wished to match his intervention with that of Riley’s school curriculum. Riley was somewhat anxious of working with a stranger, however within the first 20 minutes of the session Eliran allayed his fears with his ability to quickly establish a positive rapport, sweeping Riley up with his clear expectations of how Riley should behave in a confident manner. Eliran is obviously very competent in his subject matter and explained concepts in a simple and repetitive style. Riley was faced with a test 2 days after the initial Saturday tutorial and Eliran was most amenable to making a second session at 9am the following Sunday morning, in order to fit in with our needs! Given that this meant Eliran had to travel to our home using 2 modes of public transport, I was extremely impressed with Eliran’s commitment to his job and my son. Furthermore, Eliran was also very generous with his time starting and finishing the session 10 minutes before and after the hour had concluded! I informed Riley that this kind of dedication is not common in every employee and that I was astounded with Eliran’s diligent work ethic. I believe this conversation inspired Riley to perform with the similar level of integrity, and it has already paid off! We all eagerly awaited the outcome of Riley’s test and we’re absolutely thrilled that he scored a distinction of 79%, rising well above his average performance of 60%! My husband and I couldn’t have wished for a better start, to what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship with Eliran & Ezymathtutoring! Tania, 25th February 2016
We have used this organisation for my daughter Stephanie's HSC preparation and she ended up doing outstanding in maths in her HSC. Michael, 22nd February 2016
Tutor Stephen is a very good tutor and we would like to give him our highest recommendation for a job well done. We would recommend him to any parent who wants their child to improve in Math. Thank you for all your help Stephen and Ezy Math Tutoring. Lisa, 20th February 2016
Tavishi is going extremely well with all 3 kids, she is very positive and the kids all like her and find her easy to learn from. They are all keen to see her each week so. She is able to explain things in a varied manner so the kids always understand in the end if they didn’t in the start. Her manner and ability to work with 3 very different children is wonderful. She is happy, smiling, polite, prompt, mature and has been a great addition to our afternoons. I would have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone and have done to a few friends already. Stuart, 18th February 2016
Tarun is very kind and helpful to Bree. We are very happy. Brad, 17th February 2016
Your company is fantastic and I was very grateful for the tutorage and progress Kristin made. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Kristin has in fact improved so much that she is now quite solid in math and has a better understanding and better discipline. Mimi, 12th February 2016
Dana was fantastic, so good that I passed my exam and got 98 percent in maths. Thank you. Briony, 14th December 2015
Thank you very much to Jason, he was a great tutor and an incredibly nice person, we appreciate his efforts. Penny, 8th December 2015
We wanted to commend Amelia, one of your tutors who has been working with our daughter Mila on her grade 6 maths. Amelia has been fantastic in all respects - friendly, punctual, encouraging, and a highly effective tutor who has helped Mila achieve her best report in maths to date. Eva, 7th December 2015
I have found the Ezymath process to be highly professional and effectively adaptive in addressing the many challenges that can be associated with home tutoring programs. More specifically, (a) The fact that tutors come to the student’s home environment (b) flexibility in arranging time-frames (c) open lines of communication for input and feedback in relation to student’s progress and adaptability to the home tutoring process. I’ve also found the transparency associated with invoicing and the progress reports to be impressive. I’m unable however to comment on the reality Elijah’s progress with his math challenges. Instead, I rely on Ezymath reports, as well as input from Elijah’s parents and school teachers. Whilst still early days yet, evidently, there does appear to be some evidence suggesting that Elijah is gaining confidence and competence in maths. I believe Elijah’s parents are planning to continue having tutoring session during the Summer break. Marcia, 6th December 2015
Jason is very happy with Melinda and feels the tutoring has already helped. Jenny, 4th December 2015
We have been very happy with Katharine’s tutoring. She has been amazing and put in a lot of effort with Blaine. We are very happy to continue tutoring. Kerstin, 3rd December 2015
Chelsea loves Melanie as her tutor. She is a great tutor, smart, very friendly, and very patient. She has all the quality as a tutor and we did like the way she taught Chelsea. Thank you so much for giving Chelsea the best tutor, we are happy with everything. Margie, 3rd December 2015
Sofia was progressing and Sofia was very comfortable with the tutor. She gave Sofia a lot of help and her understanding of maths had improved and she learned to enjoyed maths, even the homework set and that surprised me. Thank you again. Mary, 1st December 2015
So far so good. The kids are actually enjoying their time with Agnes so that's s good sign. Jaren came out of last weeks tutorial session saying "well you learn something new everyday". It just gives them more confidence with mathematical concepts, I think they're getting something out of it. Thank you. Leith, 30th November 2015
The tutoring is going well - Iqra is working really well with Calum. Karen, 27th November 2015
We find Thomas yo be very professional and organised and easy going. Angela, 25th November 2015
Definitely i would say that Lamia is a great Tutor and is tutoring Krintel really well, she is quite comfortable with Lamia and is surely getting support from her which she has been waiting for. Thanks once again for introducing Lamia to us. JJ, 25th November 2015
Samra is a beautiful tutor, we find her to have connected well with Jessica. Prue, 24th November 2015
we are very pleased with the tutoring sessions Mario is providing. His tutoring has made a significant improvement to our daughters maths grades and has helped to increase our daughter’s confidence with maths which she struggled with previously. He is also very patient, polite and punctual. Kathy, 23rd November 2015
Very happy with Thien. My son has jumped from very bad marks in tests to getting high marks. Tiffany, 19th November 2015
We are please to advise that Chelsea has been attending 2 x sessions with Shayikh and already are seeing results. Shayikh is an excellent tutor and we are happy with the outcome so far. Florence, 18th November 2015
Matt was great with Gemma, thank you for all of your help. Peter, 15th November 2015
Matt was great with Gemma on Monday evening. We have booked Matt again for next Monday. Thankyou for all of your help. Peter, 13th November 2015

My son, Lachlan McKerracher, has been tutored by Daryl for the last four years. Don’t know where that time has gone?

Anyway, tomorrow he sits his final Math exam EVER as he will be graduating year 12 on the 20th November.

It was with sincere sadness that we farewelled Daryl on Sunday afternoon ( he did two tutorials this week gone for Lachy to prepare for his final exam) as he had become an invaluable fixture in our house every week.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of just how important this young man is to your business here in Brisbane. Daryl was always punctual, polite and flexible if needs be. He had to teach Lachy through good and bad day's and was always patient with him but at the same time firm and fair.

The most important thing of all is that he assisted Lachy to achieve a standard we didn’t think was possible in the beginning with Math, as Lachy is very much a humanities man.

Lachy has gone from near failing at the beginning of year 9 to a consistent A /A+ level by the end of year 10 and been able to maintain that standard till the end.

Which is now, sadly.

Thank you Ezymath for finding Daryl for my son and please make sure Daryl is recognised for his outstanding commitment to his job and Lachy.

Jacqui, 11th November 2015
Maryanne was fantastic, the confidence I saw in my daughter this morning was amazing and that was only with one session. Thank you for sending Maryanne our way. Donna, 9th November 2015
Thanks for organising Matt for tutoring. Tom had a great first session with him and said he “got heaps” out of the experience. Kathy, 6th November 2015
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