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Both the boys are extremely happy with Gavin and their progress is going well. Katherine, 29th August 2015
All going well for us at present thank you, Alice seems happy and likes Kelsey so we will keep at it. Rian, 28th August 2015
Barbara tells me that she is understanding and Erin is lovely. So far so good . Christina, 27th August 2015
Calvin and Gabby are working well together. Gabby even got an award at school. We are happy with the way things are going at the moment Sam, 26th August 2015
My son Kael seems to be getting a lot out of working with Alaya so far. Paquita, 25th August 2015
Regarding Zoe’s tutoring with Sean. I spoke to Zoe last night after her lesson with Sean and she seems quite happy with him and is happy to continue with him. We to are happy with the way he is tutoring Zoe. Greg, 24th August 2015
Luke enjoyed the initial experience and seems keen to Have Christopher assist him with his studies. At this stage so far so good. 23rd August 2015
Mitchell is happy with the new tutor, thank you. Sean is a good communicator which makes Mitchell feel more relaxed thanks again. Ian, 22nd August 2015
We are very happy with Sheetal. Timothy is making great progress and we are happy to continue. We will have Tim do his Navy test in a few weeks and if we need to do a bridging course we will ask Sheetal to tutor him with that as well. Kim, 21st August 2015
Yes - Bailey is happy with Reshmi. She's good at explaining how he should be breaking down the question in order to get the answer for the problem. As he only has less than 2 months before the HSC they've been working on a plan to get Bailey to work on and improve his maths. Belen, 20th August 2015
My Granddaughter, Ava, is very comfortable & happy with her tutor, Mihika. Also, myself & Avas Mother are happy with Mihikas cheerful, pleasant manner & punctuality. I will be continuing the tutor lessons as we’re very happy with Mihika & some improvement with Ava so far. Susan, 19th August 2015
Malmi has been working with two of my daughters So far we are doing well. Anthy, 19th August 2015
We have had 2 Tutoring lessons with Ishita so far and we are very happy. Ishita is a delightful and intelligent young woman and Emily and I felt comfortable the minute we met her. She is quite an effective tutor and we look forward to get continuing her tutoring of Emily. Thank you for your support. Teresa, 19th August 2015
Marnus really enjoys Kamran’s help and encouragement. They were preparing for his test on Thursday and I hope to get a positive test result because of that. I appreciate my son’s positive response to Kamran and his tutoring. Mel, 18th August 2015
So far so good! They have clicked from the first lesson. Clay is learning lots so Ryan's style obviously suits Clay to a T. Ryan is a lovely boy and we are very happy with him. Karen, 18th August 2015
Overall I think the boys are happy. Denise, 18th August 2015
We are more than happy with Lucienne and Lara is already making improved progress at school. Lucienna is a wonderful mix with Lara and they get along great. I would recommend her to my friends. Deidre, 18th August 2015
We approached EzyMath Tutoring as our son missed out on quiet a lot of maths in year 4 due to illness. We were given James as our tutor and he did a great job in catching Daniel up on all he missed. We would recommend EzyMath tutoring for anyone wishing to assist their children in maths. Lillian, 17th August 2015
Andrew is a great tutor, always on time & he is a very polite young man. He is very good at explaining & teaching Georgia short cuts. They get on well which helps & she is happy learning maths. Helen, 13th August 2015
As far as I know, the tutoring is going well. They actually meet at Sydney University library as it is a handy meeting point for both of them and a good place for them to work. I believe that they have a good understanding between them but I will talk to Georgina again today after her lesson. Joanne, 12th August 2015
Thanks for your note. It seems to be off to s good start. We appreciate maths coaching and look forward to seeing Louisa and India work together. Tracey, 12th August 2015
It is going very well. Katie is a truly lovely person. Cassandra has responded well. It is going as well as it can. Cassandra is naturally avoidant of the subjects that she is being tutored in, currently with Katie we are doing one week on Maths and the following week on English and so on. Cassandra engages in the tutoring, and does seem to learn, despite her being sure that she doesn’t need a tutor. My partner and myself are very busy at the moment and don’t have time to tutor her ourselves, besides, she doesn’t like to listen to us, whereas, she will sit beautifully with the tutor. So it really works in that way. Lorna, 11th August 2015
Sophie is responding to Rounak very well. Rounak is a great teacher and Sophie gets along well with him. We’re all very happy! Jarrod, 11th August 2015
The tutoring is going really well and Celine is lovely. Lisa, 10th August 2015
Jacques seems quite happy with the 3 weeks tutoring he has had and when asked says he is enjoying the lessons. So a good start. Jennifer, 10th August 2015
Everything seems to be going well so far. Karl seems super smart and very friendly and Gabriel gets along with him well. Shannon, 10th August 2015
Tanay enjoys learning with Curtis which is a great thing so I am sure he will listen to what Curtis has to tell him. Seetha, 31st July 2015
Yes so far we are happy with Emma. The reason we want the tutoring is that I would like Stephanie to be extended in a similar way to that which coaching colleges follow ie they seem to follow the curriculum of selective schools. I would like Stephanie to have the same opportunity to be extended. Since the coaching colleges are inconvenient for us, we much prefer to have a tutor like Emma. Linette, 30th July 2015
Thank you for your email. Ben and David are working well together and it appears that the working relationship is positive. Interestingly, Ben has instantly been able to move to working with David as both David and Ben have in common the same secondary school that Ben is currently going to. So while David attended the school some years prior to Ben, and much has change, they were still able to compare experiences about the school which helped start them working constructively. We are very satisfied with continuing with David. Luis, 30th July 2015
All is going well with David. He is always on time and explaining things well with Ella. They are working through her math book and things are moving forward which is great. She will continue with a tutor once she starts school in Malaysia. Melissa, 30th July 2015
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