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Ryan has been great. Jordon is already understanding more of the content which is fantastic. His words were "Ryan explains things much better than my teacher, so I understand it better." Jess, 30th July 2015
All good. Abi really likes Charlie. He relates really well. Kayrn, 30th July 2015
Thanks for your e-mail follow up! All is going well thank you with Serenity-Mae's tutorials. It has been a positive experience for her which is great! Lana, 29th July 2015
Dorcas was brilliant. Proactive, organised with a genuine interest in Yasmin’s learning. Dorcas went over and above what was required of her and for that I am very grateful. Your company has always been professional and understanding also, no complaints there whatsoever. Thank you for following up with us and perhaps another time in the future we may need your services, I wouldn’t go anywhere else to find a tutor. Yelda, 29th July 2015
Stella is fantastic and Alex’s maths grades went from D to B with Stella so we are very grateful. I am keen for her to continue because she was doing very well with Stella. Rebecca, 28th July 2015
Thank you for finding a new tutor so fast. I just want to let you know that even the very first session with James a great success. He is very competent, explains thins very clearly. Both of my children enjoyed it. Krisztina, 25th July 2015
Based on the sessions held to date with Ai-linh, Nathan is really enjoying her teaching style. From my perspective she is really sweet and is always punctual and consistent which has really maximised Nathan's learning and our ability to plan for effectively. Thank you for arranging for Ai-linh to assist Nathan. Dianne, 24th July 2015
Thank you for your email. Based on the sessions held to date with Ai-linh, Nathan is really enjoying her teaching style. From my perspective she is really sweet and is always punctual and consistent which has really maximised Nathan's learning and our ability to plan for effectively. Thank you for arranging for Ai-linh to assist Nathan. Diahan, 20th July 2015
I’m very pleased with Carly at this stage Nerys’ attitude towards Math has changed already and that’s extremely positive.  Carly is always there on time and stays the full hour, she also communicates effectively about any schedule changes. So far so good. Donna, 27th May 2015
All is good and Mitchell looks forward to the sessions. Karen, 25th May 2015
Thanks for the follow up. Mitchell is getting a benefit from the tutoring. Ian, 25th May 2015
Matthew seems to be of to a good start. Vivian seems to have the competence and patience that other tutors have not had. We are happy to continue working with Vivian and hopefully Matt will eventually show signs of improvement. Jon, 23rd May 2015
Lucy is enjoying her lessons with Grace and is making good progress. Thanks Ann, 22nd May 2015
Thanks for your email Tracey is a very attentive and professional tutor so we are hoping that is will make a difference to Lucia's results with maths. Sue, 21st May 2015
Louisa is very happy with Martina. Thanks! Zoe, 21st May 2015
Thanks for your email. Yes, Richard is helping Lochie with his maths, and Lochie says that he is benefiting from the tutoring sessions. We hope to continue the tutorials throughout the year. Naomi, 19th May 2015
Hi, all seems to be going well so far hopefully it will pay off with good HSC results Tina, 18th May 2015
We are so happy with Hana.. She is amazing and the boys are responding really well to her. Michelle, 16th May 2015
Josh is lovely and seems to be working well with Kate - time will tell but at this stage we are very happy Gillian, 15th May 2015
Chirag is working really well with both girls, and they are looking forward to his sessions. At the moment we are focussing on building their confidence in tackling math problems and starting to challenge them. Kylah, 14th May 2015
Kyle engaged with Josephine very quickly. He has a delightfully engaging and affirming nature. She opened up immediately and felt more confident to tackle maths problems in the session.   Very pleased to have him on board. Samantha, 13th May 2015
Jeevan is happy with Posearn's approach and seems to have settled well with the arrangement. He has been on time every lesson and seems to be a dedicated tutor. We are looking forward to seeing progress in Jeevan's Maths grades but for now we are pleased that he has someone he can turn to for help when he encounters problems with homework. Harbans, 13th May 2015
Yes we are happy with the way things have started.  Ahmad-Firdauz has been very helpful and we believe has already helped Jayden improve is focus.   Jayden has a math test today which we are hopeful show improved results even if by just a slight margin. Cazna, 11th May 2015
We couldn’t be happier with Lachlan, he has built an instant rapport and James is noticeably enjoying maths and tutoring.  Thank-you. Marni, 10th May 2015
Thank you for your note. We've really enjoyed Dan - very diligent and patient as he works Jack through some very tricky concepts. All going well at this end. Louise, 10th May 2015
Bella thinks that Benjamin is very nice and is helping her a lot so that's great. Fiona, 8th May 2015
Thank you for your email.  I am really enjoying working with David, he makes the study fun and very interesting. We’re working through some gaps in my knowledge and then I am greatly looking forward to getting into the much more complicated and exciting math. Humphrey, 7th May 2015
Henry has had 3 sessions with Justin so far, and it is going very well. His current topic is algebra and he feels that he is benefitting from the additional assistance. Justin is punctual, helpful (even stayed back an extra 10-15 minutes last week to help Henry with a problem-solving sheet) and is very pleasant to have around. Emily, 6th May 2015
I know it is only early days but Harley and Owen seem to have ‘clicked’.  They are working really well and not only is Harley’s confidence growing but also his understanding of the maths chapters they have been studying has improved.   I no longer have to hassle him to do his homework - always a bonus! Martine, 6th May 2015
All seems to be going well with Jared. We are overseas at the moment so have put tutoring on hold. Griffin said he likes Jared and is keen to continue tutoring, he said Jared is incredibly smart and always takes time to explain to him.   We were worried as Griff seemed to be really attached to Nick and couldn't believe you would have someone as good to replace him. Where do you find these amazing young men? Jen, 5th May 2015
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