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Maths Study

Studying and practicing the different concepts no matter what year math you are in is very important. Especially if your child is lacking in understanding and not doing well in school. Our math tutors here at Ezy Tutoring are here for just that, to help your child practice the concepts over and over until they fully understand and can do it on their own. Our experienced tutors know many different ways of teaching lessons and ways to try to get your child excited about learning math and maths studying.

Maths Vocabulary

Understanding math vocabulary is a huge part in helping each student understand how to do each different concept. Sometimes teachers and maths tutors don’t fully teach how to interpret all of the vocabulary because they are too focused on the different functions and formulas. With most functions and formulas you have to understand the vocabulary in order to understand the function or formula. For example if a student doesn’t know that when a problem or teacher says “find the sum” means addition they could be stuck on the problem from the beginning.


One way to help student’s maths study is to have them work off of the worksheets that are available on our website under resources. If you want to be able to help teach your child and help them study along with their maths tutor you can find worksheets. There are worksheets for their specific year of math they are in that you can download and print out for your child to work on in between tutoring lessons. There are also the exact worksheets with the answers right with the worksheet link so that you can go over the worksheet with your child. This will help to see if they are getting the right answers and help them practice and study. The way that each child maths study is different but the best way to help them learn and study is to give them attention and opportunities to use the concepts they are learning about. The attention, patience and exercises that are needed are often given by the tutor. Your maths tutor will help keep your child on track with learning with their in school class but help from parents can also have a big part in helping them learn as well.

After school jobs

A lot of parents ask is the fact that my child has an after school job making a difference on their grades? While a lot of teens get excited about looking for a job, landing their first job and their first chance of gaining their own money it could take a toll on their grades. This can especially effect the student’s that are already struggling in school. After school and weekend jobs take a lot of a student’s free time. While having a job is showing that they have responsibility and discipline instead of taking time that could be being used for maths study groups, meeting with a maths tutor or staying after school to meet with the teacher they are rushing off to work so they will not be late. After school jobs could also interfere with the sleep that a teen needs and their sleep schedules. Working after school usually requires late nights by the time they get to work. If they don’t have the sleep they need and are tired and unmotivated at school this could also have an influence on their grades. All in all if your teen does not absolutely need to have an after school job it is suggested that they don’t have one so that they can completely focus on their school work and grades.

How to help your child

Hiring a maths tutor is one way to help your child learn, study and understand better. If you are wondering if you should get a tutor because you do not know how to help your child in maths, you should reach out to our team and see if a tutor is a good fit for your child. There is no better way of learning and studying than giving your child exercises, help and attention.

Payments and contacting us

If you want to find out more about how much it costs to have a tutor and how to contact us. Check out the contact us page and talk to our customer service team, they will answer any questions you may have.

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