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Maths Teacher

A maths teacher can have a huge impact in a student’s grades. Each teacher has a different way of teaching that works for them and each student also has their own way of learning that works for them. These two factors don’t always mesh the best and that is where a student will have problems. Some maths teachers don’t full explain things, they just quickly go over it and do a few problem then give the students a worksheet to work on. This is where our maths tutors come in and fill in the blanks for the students.

Difficult Teachers

Sometimes the problem that the student is having with their maths teacher themselves. If the teacher dislikes your child or they feel that way at least this could be harmful to their learning experience and have an impact on their grades and academic performance all year long. Our maths tutors are more than happy to help the student with their math no matter what. It is important to try to fix the relationship between the student and teacher or at least make it better so your grades are not being impacted. One ways to try and fix this are to: Respect the classroom rules; by following rules the student is showing that they are taking the class seriously and that they respect him/her. Have your child evaluate the whole situation and make sure that their behavior is positive and they don’t have an attitude towards the teacher.

How to help your child using the methods that their teacher uses

Some parents when trying to help their child practice worry about using a different method than their teacher is using to teach them. This is a valid concern as giving the student too many methods and techniques while they are trying to understand concepts can create added confusion to what they already don’t understand. Whether it is a parent or a maths tutor they should try and keep the method of learning consistent with how they are learning in class. The student will probably not be able to tell you exactly how they are bring taught but one way to know what methods they are being taught is looking at the students class notes. If the student does not have class notes the maths tutor or parent should encourage them to take notes and teach them the proper way to do so. Handouts are another way to try to figure out what methods to use.

How to select your math tutor

All maths tutors that are looking to work for us Ezy Math Tutoring go through a very strict selection process. All possible tutors take numerous tests to assess their skills and qualities and also to see if the possible tutor is a good candidate to work with children. Other than the above tests we also check to make sure that the potential tutor has the proper education and skills to motivate and educate children. The selection processes consist of many factors, resume screening, skill summarizing, commitment profiling, simulations, interviews, testing and making sure they can work with children. After tutors have passed our strict selection processes, all candidates will receive additional training in order to ensure they know how to give the best possible quality learning experience to each and every child. All Ezy Math tutors must obey with our strict standards and regulations to work with us.


If you want to be able to help teach your child along with your tutor but do it in the ways that their maths teachers do it then check out our worksheets available. These worksheets are available for download and to print out for your child to work on for extra practice. You can also the answers to these worksheets right below or above the worksheet link so that you can review the worksheet with your child to see if they are getting the right answers and help them practice. The best way to help your child learn is to give them attention and opportunities to use the concepts they are learning about

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