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Year 12 maths

What are the advantages of year 12 maths tutors?

Year 12 Maths and Yr 12 Maths Tutoring
Year 12 maths tutors can come with more advantages than just better grades. It is true that the most visible result will be better maths grades, but year 12 maths tutors can do more than just that!

Our tutors are trained to provide your child with the best possible experience, motivating them to do better in school. Ezy Math knows that every child is unique and that they have individual strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors are trained to find those strengths and weaknesses and to turn those into a strategic learning plan that will provide your child with the extra help they need.

Using our year 12 maths tutors will also give your child more confidence and self-esteem. These two qualities are essential to do well in school, so having those extra qualities will definitely reflect in the overall grades of students. Our Ezy Math year 12 maths tutors do so much more than tutor, they inspire and become mentors to the student, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

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Back to the Basics

Most year 12 students will have problems with year 12 maths due to a problem with the fundamentals. For many students it is important to go back to the basics and fully grasp the underlying material before they can go on to year 12 calculus.

Many students find it difficult to ask help at this stage, only because they have managed fine before and they are quite surprised when they suddenly do not grasp the new material. It is quite a common problem, especially in classes with a large number of students who simply did not receive the individual attention they needed.

Maths is a tricky subject, so students need the basics to build further knowledge on. Our year 12 maths tutors will provide students with that and more, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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Local tutors for your area

Ezy Math Tutoring only provides tutors with extensive knowledge and skills for your area. We search for the best tutors in your area and cover a large part of Australia. Areas we cover are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. If you are not entirely sure that we can provide you with year 12 maths tutors, do not hesitate to contact our friendly representative and we will try to cater for your specific needs.

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How can I pay for the tutoring?

Nothing is more annoying than having to have cash on hand to pay for the tutoring lessons. Ezy Math has a simple yet functional online system in place where parents can easily pay for the tutoring lessons using the customer ID or the student’s name.

The online system uses PayPal, which is a safe way to pay for things online. The only things you need to use this system is a PayPal account, the name of the student or your customer ID. If you have any further questions about our payment methods, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

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A math tutor can be vital in developing a solid foundation of mathematical understanding or to extend students that are already preforming well. It is important to challenge and allow students to confidently apply techniques to solve practical problems.

At Ezy Maths Tutoring we provide tuition within a positive, supportive environment to allow the best opportunity to identify areas of development. We build a solid rapport with each student and determine their best learning method to ensure we are maximising the learning experience.

So if you are looking for a maths tutor for your child, trust the experience educators at Ezy Maths Tutoring to provide quality tuition that meets the student’s needs every time. Our maths tutors will plan their lessons to reflect the current curriculum and assist your child in getting ready for their year 12 exams. So no matter where you live, out maths tutors service across all suburbs and are dedicated to helping all students to realise and achieve their short and long term academic goals.

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What they say about our tutoring:

Zara has been a real help so far to Naomi who looks forward to seeing her each week after school. Zara is always on time and has a lovely approach, which Naomi has warmed to and she now feels less intimidated by her maths work.
Thank you so much for your email. We are so very happy with how things  are progressing. I can already see Keeleys confidence improving and I can hear her understanding coming along as I listen to the session. Dennis is a fantastic tutor! He is very understanding and patient. He is a lovely man, very friendly and has amazing manners and people skills. I will be recommending your company to anyone I know in the same situation. Thanks again.
Ezy Maths Tutoring really helped my daughter progress both her knowledge and enjoyments of Maths. Her progress has been amazing and she has looked forward to her weekly session with her tutor. The tutor connected really well with my daughter and was able to build her confidence. I am sure that she will now find the transition to high school much easier with her improved skills in maths.
Tammy is great.  She has a friendly manner and she is enthusiastic at every session. Lucy seems to like her and she has some great methods for teaching.  She engages Lucy and makes the sessions fun and interesting bringing things along to help Lucy understand what she is trying to teach her.  She is concentrating on what Lucy's weaknesses are while thinking ahead for Lucy for year 7. From  my observations of the sessions I think she will help Lucy enormously. I am very happy with Tammy to date and hope that she is happy to continue on with Lucy
We are delighted with Charlie as Gabrielle’s tutor. He has been prompt, polite, pleasant and extremely helpful. Within 2 sessions I could see her confidence in attacking problem solving questions had improved and approach to Maths in general.
Thank you. So far so good. Sarah is very approachable and friendly, quick to respond to emails etc. and has a great collaborative style. Jake, who was skeptical of tutoring at first, has found the sessions very useful.
We are delighted with Charlie as Gabrielle’s tutor. He has been prompt, polite, pleasant and extremely helpful. Within 2 sessions I could see her confidence in attacking problem solving questions had improved and approach to Maths in general.
The tutoring with Shamir has been great so far.  Tyler is very happy with him and we can only look forward to an increase in Tyler’s results through hard work and dedication. Shamir appears very dedicated to helping Tyler, which really shows through.  We are very happy with him so far.

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