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Year 7 maths

Why Use Year 7 Maths Tutors?

year 7 maths and yr 7 maths tutoring
Maths can be a tricky subject, no matter how smart or how talented a student is. As soon as you notice that your child is running behind in maths during year 7, it is essential to get some help to keep them on the right path to success.

By using year 7 maths tutors, students can stay on top of the material they are covering, without running to far behind or even having to repeat year 7.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Year 7 Maths Tutors?

Keeping grades up is not the only advantage that students can get by hiring the services of year 7 maths tutors. Students can also get ahead of the material they are covering in school, giving them a bit of an advantage compared to other students. Given the fact that maths is an extremely important subject for a successful future career, you simply cannot go wrong by hiring the services of year 7 maths tutors.

Using a maths tutor can also provide your child with the confidence they need to succeed. Doing better in maths, can also give your child the confidence to do better in other areas of school as well. Getting better grades is one thing, but combine that with more self-esteem and confidence and you will get better academic performance all together.

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How Do I Find Year 7 Maths Tutors Suitable for My Child?

All year 7 maths tutors undergo very strict screening processes. That way we can ensure that the year 7 maths tutors offer you the best possible service.

Our screening process consists of a number of things, including resume screening, skill profiling, commitment assessments, face to face interviews, tutorial simulations, tutor testing and working with children evaluations.

The strict screening processes that we subject our year 7 maths tutors to ensure that you will get a maths tutor that knows how to motivate your child and provide them with better grades. However, our year 7 maths tutors also have to follow our training program after hiring, to ensure that they work according to our strict standards.

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Discover Our Additional Resources

Are you in need of some extra practice for year 7 maths? Head over to our resources page and take advantage of our practice worksheets. The worksheets are pretty basic, but can make the difference between passing and failing.

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Find Year 7 Maths Tutors for Your Region

Ezy Math tutoring offers maths tutors for different areas in Australia. When you use Ezy Math tutoring, you are able to take advantage of math tutors in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

You do not have to fill in any lengthy forms either. Even though we have enquiry forms available online, you can also reach us by phone or email for more information. Do you have any additional questions about our tutors or do you need some personal assistance? Contact our team of professionals and we will gladly help you with all your questions and enquiries.

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We understand that when you child is entering secondary school they need a very particular and specialised kind of help. The right tutor at this pivotal stage can make all the difference.

We understand how frustrating high school homework can be and how easy it is to fall behind. Whether it is Algebra or Statistics we can help. When it comes to Maths, the words “calculus, advanced functions and data management” can seem very intimidating and daunting. With the right tutor it can go from intimidating to easy. We want to show our students that all areas of Maths are manageable and applicable in the real world and we use these concepts in everyday life.

We make sure that our sessions are customised to your child’s circumstances, whether they need to practice, catch up or fill in some of the holes in their education. Our customised curriculum can help the, reach their mathematical goals.

Secondary school is the foundation for tertiary education and it does not matter what that subject is, at Ezy Maths Tutoring we have the experience to teach it and make it easy for your child so they can achieve their goals.

What they say about our tutoring:

Daniel is absolutely thrilled with Sheetal. I am also impressed with Sheetal’s approach and commitment. His tutoring dwells into understanding the concepts behind mathematical formulas, not just simple application, which is exactly what I had been hoping for. I am also pleased that Sheetal is open to extra lesson should Daniel need them. So in response to your question - very, very happy. I’ve been recommending you guys to my friends !!!
Hello,  I am sorry I have been so uncommunicative.  Dev was lovely and I was sorry to see her go.  She helped Thea very much with her maths and did herself out of a job.  Thea and her teacher told me that she had caught up and was actually finishing before everyone else.  I hope however, I can get Dev back if Thea's maths falls back again.  She was really fantastic and can highly recommend her.
Morgan (my son) reckons she is fantastic, and that she is really helping him out tremendously at the moment. He says he is understanding the work etc. I think the best part is that he is listening and communicating with her
I thought our tutor was very good, and was very happy with the professionalism. Many thanks Keep up the good work.,
We are very happy with Harriet – thanks. Mikayla has found it very easy to relate to her – and Harriet is always approachable and responsive. As it has only been a couple of weeks and is now school holidays – we haven’t got any school results to go on however I am sure we will start to see results in this area. We had a negative experience with tutoring in the past (different organisation) – so we were reluctant to go down this path again – however I think we will have success with Harriet.
Thank you for your e-mail.  I have spoken to Wen from the beginning about how he finds the tutoring with Charles.  Wen advised that he is happy with Charles as Charles is very kind and very understanding tutor. Wen said Charles communicate with ease and that makes it easier for Wen to understand.  Wen said he likes that Charles teaches him the faster and straight forward methods as it is less confusing.  Wen said he has been attempting harder questions with Charles which in turn gives him more confidence to attempt them. Maths tutoring testimonials
Thank you for the follow up. Sinan is working out fine. He has connected with Matthew well. Matthew has indicated that Sinan is explaining some of the mathematical concepts better than what his teacher is explaining, which is a good start.   Hopefully this will translate into a better maths grade.  

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