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Year 9 maths

  1. Why use year 9 maths tutors?
  2. What are the advantages of hiring year 9 maths tutors?
  3. Are there year 9 maths tutors for my region?
  4. Do your year 9 maths tutors have the necessary qualifications?
  5. How do I pay for maths tutoring?

Why use year 9 maths tutors?

year 9 maths and yr 9 maths tutoring

Maths can be a tricky subject for many students, especially as the year’s progress. Students may find it difficult to ask for help sometimes, resources may not be widely available at school or other students may influence the choices of your child.

Luckily you can take advantage of year 9 maths tutors, where your child can catch up with maths in the security of your own home and under your supervision.

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What are the advantages of hiring year 9 maths tutors?

The benefits of hiring year 9 maths tutors do not limit themselves to better grades in maths. Using year 9 maths tutors can give your child some crucial advantages in school, not only for maths, but other courses as well.

Year 9 maths tutors can cover a wide array of subjects with your child and may expand these subjects to materials that the student has not learned in school yet. This gives the student a huge advantage compared to other students in that same year and can have an impact on his or her future.

Doing well in school can give the student more confidence and self-esteem as well, which will definitely reflect in other courses and the overall grades of the student.

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Are there year 9 maths tutors for my region?

Ezy Math Tutoring offers year 9 maths tutors in different areas of Australia. The regions we usually cover are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Not entirely sure if we have year 9 maths tutors for your area? Do not hesitate to contact our representatives and we will try to accommodate you.

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Do your year 9 maths tutors have the necessary qualifications?

Our company does not hire year 9 maths tutors without the necessary qualifications. Before our tutors get hired, they undergo strict selection processes to ensure that they are suited and qualified for the job at hand.

All our year 9 maths tutors need to complete resume screening, skill profiling, commitment testing, face to face interviews, tutorial simulations and tutor testing. Their ability to work with children is also evaluated and tested according to high standards.

Our testing processes are also followed by rigorous training, so that every year 9 math tutor works according to our rules and standards. By the end of our training, our tutors are able to create individual learning strategies that meet the specific needs of a student.

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How do I pay for maths tutoring?

Ezy Math offers a number of ways to pay for maths tutoring. The easiest way to pay for lessons is through our online payment system. The system works with PayPal, so you will need an account in order to use this system. However, PayPal is extremely easy to set up and you will not need cash on your person in order to pay for the tutoring.

When you use Ezy Math, you will get a customer ID. This customer ID is used to make payment to Ezy Math using our online payment system.

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Year 9 is one of the foundation years for HCS/VCE success. Having a solid understanding in Year 9 allows students to effectively develop the skills required in the senior years of high school. At Ezy Maths Tutoring we have the most experienced tutors working with the best resources to help you excel.
Our Year 9 Maths tutors teach students analytical skills to master difficult exam questions. Our tutors details and structural approach to learning deepens students understanding and build their confidence by keeping them one step ahead of their Maths at school.

Our tutors are subject matter experts and are knowledgeable and explain things clearly – even the hard stuff. They continually assess and monitor the progress of your child’s understanding of key concepts and track their progress.

At Ezy Maths Tutoring we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services, that we offer our first session free. This allows students to experience a tutoring session with no financial penalty if they do not enjoy the experience. We are confident our tutors are the best – so come and experience learning the Ezy Maths Tutoring way today!

What they say about our tutoring:

We chose EzyMath Tutoring as that is the subject our daughter  most needed help with, and we decided to pick specialists in this subject over other tutors who seemed to do everything.  Our tutor Emma, was a uni student, very professional, friendly, she worked very well with our daughter.  Emma had lots of great tricks and tips for Madison to use in her studying and test-taking, broke some things down so they didn't seem so scary or overwhelming to our daughter.  Madison was much more confident in math class, homework was easier, she was more confident in taking exams.  It meant a lot to Madison and us, a lot less stress at home when it wasn't my husband or I trying to teach her with all the emotions that tend to go along with that.  I would recommend EzyMath tutoring to anyone looking to improve their math skills.
Jade has been absolutely wonderful with Lucas. He's enjoying his tutoring sessions and sounding more confident about  Maths already. We understand it may take quite a while to see any improvement in his actual marks but there has already been a definite improvement in his attitude towards his capabilities. Lucas is very happy with Jade and we will definitely be continuing the tutoring.
I was very happy with the staff at your head office. My my initial contact person was Marcus, and he was extremely professional and thorough in explaining the services EZY MATHS provide and he reassured me of the the level of tutoring that the company provides and that they will endeavour to match a tutor for my 15 year olds math's concerns. The thing I liked the most is that at no time did I feel pressured and he made it sound so easy; Which it was. Thank you, and I will be using you guys again when the time arises.
We really like Syed and Lucy is working well with him.  Her confidence is starting to grow with her times tables which is great to see.
Everything is going well. Lizzy and I are very happy with Michael and pleased with her results so far.
Just letting you know that Layla is gaining a lot from Jacob and in only three weeks.  Her confidence is starting to grow little by little and she is trying more on her own which is great to see.
Andrew is very happy with Stephen's tutorials. They have already formed a very healthy teacher student relationship, and Andrew is enjoying his Maths.  He got everything correct in a test he did at school last week.  The only thing that was incorrect was the fact that his decimal point was not in the correct place.
Natalya is progressing really well with her math tutoring. Daniel is an excellent tutor and Natalya feels very comfortable around him. Her enthusiasm for maths has soared which for Don and I is a big step forward in such a short time. Her teacher has already commented on her progress and we have no doubt that her grades will continue to improve over time.

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