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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I enjoy the sense of accomplishment my students experience when they are finally able to do a complex maths problem which they never thought they would be able to solve, or write an essay they originally felt was too daunting to attempt. These moments are when I am most proud of my students, because it is when they are most proud of themselves. They realise that all their perseverance, time and hard work was worth it as they are finally able to see tangible evidence that they have improved in an area they had originally struggled with. This serves as additional motivation for students, encouraging them to continue to fully engage in our sessions so that they can continue to improve.

My Strengths as Tutor

I understand the need to create a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment to ensure each and every student feels welcome, is comfortable asking questions, is eager to overcome their weaknesses and willing to learn new concepts. I am able to utilise my effective communication skills when explaining difficult concepts to students in an way which makes them easily understandable. I strive to cater to each student's particular learning style and present each lesson in an engaging way to ensure every student remains focused and can fully benefit from the lesson. However, I am flexible in my lesson planning to ensure that more time can be spent on questions or concepts which a student is struggling to understand or which particularly capture their interest when needed.

Most important things I can do for a student

The most important thing I can do for a student is to help them develop a sense of confidence in their abilities. Students who have struggled in a particular area in the past, often become extremely self-critical and engage in negative self-talk, focusing on what they feel they cannot do rather than what they will be able to achieve in time and with dedication. This in turn impedes their future performance in this area, continuing the cycle of negativity and self-doubt. I consider it to be my job to help provide the support and encouragement necessary for each student to realise their full potential. This will allow them to walk into any exam, begin any assignment, or tackle any other challenging or unfamiliar situation in life, feeling confident, capable and prepared. This confidence is critical to their success.