Adriel, tutor in Cherrybrook, NSW

Adriel - Physics Tutor in CHERRYBROOK


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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

From my own personal experiences of going through high school and putting the time in to learn about different subjects, it feels like a waste to not pass the knowledge on or use it in a constructive manner, instead of eventually just forgetting it all. I feel like tutoring offers me an opportunity to impart the knowledge I spent so much time learning and as well as the ability to help someone more easily understand concepts from my past mistakes. Also opportunity to build relationships and work in a dynamic environment, where the needs of each student is unique really appeals to me.

My Strengths as Tutor

One of my strengths is curiosity, always asking to big questions. I feel this helps me in tutoring as I can help students see the bigger goal and focus them on the important parts that are relevant to that goal. Another strength I have is being highly relatable. I try to actively be as relatable as I can, as I know that if i can help students to feel more comfortable, it will create an environment where they learn more easily and enjoyably. I also feel my meticulous nature helps me as a tutor as once I am aware of a problem or issue, I won't stop until i solve or find solutions to it.

Most important things I can do for a student

I feel like tutoring gives me a unique opportunity to engage with children on a personal level on top of on an academic level. It allows me to talk the children about their week and the events that are happening in their life, which can at times can be a major factor in their academic performance. Building up the confidence in others particular importance and resonates with me, as I had extremely low self-esteem and confidence in myself during the early years of high school and I find that this may be the real issue behind a child's performance instead of talent or ability.