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WennLynn, tutor in Carlton, VIC
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I like the accomplishment of helping students understand a concept that they previously found difficult, and help them improve their grades. It is also a way of interacting with others and building tutor-tutee relationships.

My Strengths as Tutor

I believe in active learning (as opposed to 'spoon-feeding), and that identifying correct thinking skills will help tremendously in the learning process. As a student myself, I can connect with tutees by adopting their perspective in order to identify the reason why they are facing challenges in understanding a specific concept. I can then make corrections as necessary or find alternative approaches to help them learn. I also encourage them to not fear making mistakes, and ask questions where necessary, as it can often point us to something that we did not know previously.

Most important things I can do for a student

Apart from helping them improve their grades, I believe it is also important to help them employ correct learning strategies and thinking skills

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