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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

Reflecting upon my high school years, I particularly enjoyed attending maths classes in years 7 - 10. After school, I would attend maths help to provide assistance to students of younger ages. The experience I gained from mentoring students was invaluable; not only did it help me to truly try to understand the students abilities, but it challenged me to teach differently each time. I enjoyed helping students achieve their potential so much that I decided to tutor after VCE; I tutored my brothers as well as other students. I am extremely passionate about helping students succeed in maths.

My Strengths as Tutor

- Creativity (teaching through different methods) - Caring (will go out of way to create my own work for others) - Problem-solving - Whenever I am presented with challenges, I tend to reevaluate my options and listen to my thoughts. I imagine the circumstance and try to present the final solution another way. It has helped me tremendously to slow down and think about my actions before doing so. - Patience: I will always go through concepts again to consolidate. I understand that students have different capabilities. - Persistent: Keeping the goal in mind consistently and sticking to it.

Most important things I can do for a student

I firmly believe in a can do attitude. I have taught several students over the past, and many believe that they don't have the skills to complete the task. Often students do have the abilities to perform work themselves, however, they are unsure where to start. I believe that inspiring students and helping them to carry the mentality that they can achieve what they want, that if students persist and keep following their goals, they can achieve anything.