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Kah Wai, tutor in Lindfield, NSW
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I personally prefer if I know what my students do outside of classes because that's when I know what to do and what to say. Say, John usually plays soccer on Thursday evening. To come back from an evening of soccer to a table where you're suppose to concentrate for at least an hour would prove to be a difficult task. What I try to do is relate to how tiring it must be when I play sports but still have to complete some assignments. I'd tell him to do what makes you relax, be it taking a long shower etc.

My Strengths as Tutor

-- Attention to detail -- I love making detailed travel films whenever I visit new countries but how does this translate to a good tutoring quality? Film making requires a lot of imagination and keen eye to look for aesthetic shots in different angles to describe the culture of a city. While the final film looks great but at times, I could look very silly in the background, bending down and crawling just to get the perfect shot. I feel like that is me in a nutshell; having a keen eye for student's strengths and understanding what he/she needs to succeed as well as my willingness to bend ove

Most important things I can do for a student

The ability to put in the time and effort - Sometimes I understand that parents pay a whole lot for their kids to be tutored by us. With that in mind, I really respect the parents in terms of what they hope to achieve with these sessions. When we reach a common ground between the parents, me and the student, I can recommend a time frame after first few sessions based on their current level and their expected outcome. I will draw out a detailed study plan based on my experience and personal resources that I have gathered after 5 years of tutoring and show that by a certain time.

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