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Deepti, tutor in Balaclava, VIC
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

It is such a pleasure to watch a student being open to learning things. I enjoy sharing knowledge. I can't help but stand in awe when students challenge me in ways I would have never imagined, such as asking me why is plus times minus is a minus - it is pretty simple to remember, is not it? - Well, not! I just can't believe how quickly an hour passes when I am tutoring! My goal is for the students to feel the same.

My Strengths as Tutor

I used to be very poor in Maths. I literally used to get 0 out of 100. But with the proper tutoring of my uncle at home, my grade increased from 0 to 99. I have experienced being both 'very poor' and 'excellent' in Maths. Because of this experience, I believe I can keep myself in student's position, help them realise their potential and improve their Maths skill.

Most important things I can do for a student

- To build confidence in students and make them believe that they can improve with hard work and determination. - To make them believe that Maths skills are not god-gifted to anyone but are gained through sheer hard work.


  • Deepti has been tutoring my daughter for 1 year now. I am so happy with the difference it has made to my daughters understanding of a subject that she was very behind in and I was very concerned.
    Michelle, Mentone
  • Deepti has been working with my daughter on her year 9 Maths this year and we have seen a great improvement in both her skill level and her confidence. Deepti is very reliable, friendly and professional and I can highly recommend her skills as a tutor.
    Eva, South Melbourne
  • Deepti has been tutoring my son in Year 7. Deepti has developed an amazing rapport with my son and has inspired him emensely. His maths results for algebra have improved out of sight since having Deepti tutor him. Deepti is able to engage him and explain the rules and concepts and reinforce them through practice. Having been a teacher myself, I am very impressed with Deepti's skills and this has been reflected in my son's results. In addition his keenness in maths since having Deepti as his tutor is very impressive.
    Jenny, Brighton
  • Deepti has been working with my two boys for the last few terms. Both of my boys have struggled with maths and she has done a fantastic job building their confidence and developing their skills which have improved substantially since she has been working with them.
    Emma, Port Melbourne
  • Deepti has helped my learning curve and our sessions are very productive.
    Krystal, Happy Valley
  • Deepti is great, learning quickly.
    Krystal, Happy Valley
  • Eleanor says that she likes Deepti and she learned a lot from her.
    Liz, Elwood
  • Deepti has a kind and patience method of explaining things to our daughter who has shown a steady improvement in her Maths ability since beginning her sessions. Deepti has instilled a new confidence in our daughter which has been a great comfort to us. We would recommend Deepti's services to anyone
    Andrea, Bentleigh East
  • Deepti is working with my daughter for more than a year as her Tutor. The great strength of Deepti is the trust relationship that she develop with the students, so they feel comfortable to open up and get the guidelines she share and teach. My daughter was definitely improved her math, but more important improved her confident and approach to math.
    Sarit, Hampton East
  • Deepti has a really nice working relationship with my daughter. She feels comfortable with her and enjoys her maths classes.
    Fiona, Brighton

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