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Primary Maths Tutoring

What’s new in primary maths?

Maths tutoring for primary maths

At Ezy Maths Tutoring our primary maths tutors make sure they cover the following content in their lessons. Recognition of number systems and ability to count, write and order numbers of any size. Recognition of negative, prime and composite numbers. Addition and subtraction of numbers up to four digits; multiplication and division of numbers up to 2 digits. Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals and fractions as well as work with money concepts involving these. Construction of number sentences involving all four operations. Introduction to probability through the concept of chance and the likelihood of event occurrence. Our primary maths tutors also cover recognition and construction of simple geometric patterns. Construction and interpretation of data representations as well as the ability to calculate the mean of any data set. Other important concepts our primary maths tutors include are, taking measurements of length, area, volume, mass and time and using the appropriate units of measurement. Identification and construction of 2-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensional objects as well as the classification and measurement of angles.

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Main content of primary maths

The main content of primary maths include:

  • Recognition of integers both positive and negatives,
  • Working with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, rates and ratios with the aim of introducing real world calculations involving money,
    • (using the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with all these numbers)
  • Basic statistical methods including collection, collation and presentation of data as well as an introduction to chance events as a way of explaining basic probabilities,
  • Geometry topics involving recognizing and constructing basic shapes and objects such as triangles and prisms,
  • Taking measurements in the right units.

Our primary maths tutors make sure they cover all these areas when tutoring your child.

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Common challenges for students in primary maths

Challenges in primary maths include the ability to express basic maths concept. Some students may find it difficult to construct number sentences of mathematical operations they have performed. Prime numbers and negative numbers may initially present difficulties just as sorting out the various units of measurement will be challenging to students at this stage.

Of course, it is also necessary to mention the most common problem of fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and the way that they are all interconnected.

Towards the end of primary school, when there is often more than one way to solve a problem, students find it challenging to unify their knowledge and use it in a variety of contexts. Our primary maths tutors therefore concentrate on these areas and assist students will different strategies to be able to solve these problems.

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Main outcomes for primary maths

At the end of primary school maths education, students should be able to work with integers, fractions, decimal and percentages using the four basic maths operations. Likewise, they should be able to take measurements and use the appropriate units. They must, at the end of primary maths, be able to present data collected in simple graphical forms (line charts, bar graphs and pie charts). Ability to recognize and draw shapes in 2- and 3-dimensions is also expected to be fully grasped. Our primary maths tutors will work with students to ensure these goals are achieved.

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Most important concepts to ensure your child understands in year primary maths

Working with numbers is the most important concept your child must understand at the end of Primary School maths. Our primary maths tutors understand the importance of students having the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers, fractions, decimals and percentages. This is central to all other aspects of maths and our primary maths tutors make sure your child has the basis of this knowledge. In addition, recognition and construction of geometric patterns and shapes are highly essential.

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If hiring a primary maths tutor, what study habits and content to focus on in primary maths?

Encourage ample demonstration from the primary maths tutor at this stage and, as much as possible, expose your child to real world problems and applications of concepts learned in primary maths. This is one good way to fully understand maths at this level because it helps transform abstract ideas into concrete understanding.

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Main challenges involved in tutoring a primary maths student

All primary maths tutors introduce many new concepts and this can be a challenge when tutoring a primary maths student. At this stage, you need to be patient with students when tutoring them as they can quickly forget what has been learnt. Our primary maths tutors are all experienced with primary school students and have many different techniques to use to assist them to understand any new concept.

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Some good ideas on how to help your child in primary maths

Constant attention and lots of opportunities to use the concepts taught in primary maths is the best way to help your child learn. Often a qualified primary maths tutor can give the needed attention, patience and exercises to keep your child learning with the class.

A great deal of encouragement is also advised. Students in primary maths often struggle with the transition from rote learning to seeking genuine understanding. Simply, they are not used to having to “struggle” to figure out a question in situations where you can’t memorise what to do. Students need to understand that they are not supposed to magically know the answer to every question. They are supposed to strain their brain at times. Instilling this understanding will take a lot of encouragement.

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What they say about our tutoring:

Thank you so much for your assistance in finding a suitable tutor for Taj.   We have recommended your services to a number of our friends.
Thank you for the follow up email. Eden is already streaking ahead with the help of Nicole. She is great at what she does. Eden enjoys the tutoring sessions & feels comfortable with Nicole. Nicole is also very accommodating regarding upcoming tests etc & is willing & able to schedule additional sessions, if & when required. I am very happy with the progress so far.
Graeme is happy with Gajith as it is great to have someone who can explain how to answer the question on the spot.
I am very happy with Luka.  He is conscientous and reliable.
Nicholas seems happy with Gaj and already he is seeing improvements in his understanding of the maths topics he has covered.  Nicholas is more motivated with maths now and his confidence has improved greatly.  
We are extremely happy with tutoring.  Daniels confidence has grown already and he is enjoying the sessions.  Ben is great .thanks
Kaziboni has been excellent teacher & uplifted my daughter Ahliyah spirits & has taught her so much this last month. My daughter & I are happy with his tutoring skills & Ahliyah understands his teaching methods very well. We are happy to continue tutoring from Kaziboni & I would highly recommend him as a tutor to any child. Thanks again & have a wonderful week.

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