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HSC Physics Past Papers

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Looking for HSC Physics past papers to practice your skills and apply your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place. Go straight to papers>>

The HSC Physics exam will assess your appreciation, understanding, and application of Physics principles, theories, laws, models, systems and structures. It will also test whether you can apply scientific skills to examine Physics models, practices and their applications.

It’s important that you can demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding by describing and explaining Physics concepts clearly and accurately, solving multi-step questions and demonstrating highly competent Physics skills. Doing past exam papers is one of the best ways to prepare you for your final exams.We’ve got HSC Physics past papers from 2002 to 2019 to help you with this.

We’ve organised the past papers by course and year, naming the links as accurately as possible. If you find any errors, please let us know.

Sometimes, there is only a marking guide available, in others, the marking guide contains sample answers as well. The table usually shows each question and the criteria with each mark or mark range.

3 Tips to Help you Prepare for Your HSC Physics Exam

  • Understand the HSC Physics syllabus.When you know what is expected of you, it’s a whole lot easier to prepare so that you can meet the expectations. Don’t stop at being familiar with the syllabus dot points. Aim to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts.
  • Focus on Physics Concepts That you Struggle With. Keep a list of troublesome concepts. Consolidate your understanding of these by creating your own flowcharts and tables. Another effective way to test your understanding is to teach it to someone else. Although handy you don’t even need a student to practise like this. You can also record yourself and then listen back to see where you need to improve.
  • Past Exam Papers are Your Friends. Doing past exam papers under strict exam conditions, exposes you to exam style questions and tests your exam readiness. Record and track your exam scores and re-do problem questions until you feel confident to answer any question on the specific topic.

3 Tips to Help you Ace Your HSC Physics Exam

  • Know how to Respond to Key Verbs in Questions. Respond appropriately to key verbs in questions. E.g. Explain means linking cause and effect, showing the evident relationship between things and covering why and/or how. Describe means covering characteristics and features in detail, and Assess means making a judgment about the value of something.
  • Communicate Logically and Sequentially. Use the relevant scientific communication structure and format when responding to verbs. E.g. Explain requires a sequential flow of logic from an identified start point to an identified end point. Be able to describe everything as a process.
  • Don’t waste a Single Minute of Writing Time. The HSC Physics Exam is a killer. You have to keep moving so you can get as many marks as possible. If you stop writing for a minute, assume that you’ve hit a roadblock, move on to another question and circle back later.

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2007 HSC Physics Exam Paper
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2006 HSC Physics Exam Paper
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2005 HSC Physics Exam Paper
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2004 HSC Physics Exam Paper
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2003 HSC Physics Exam Paper
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2002 HSC Physics Exam Paper
2002 HSC Physics Guide + Answers

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