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Connor has improved so much this year, his confidence, organization & overall results have come from a C to a A. I'm not going to do any tutoring through the holidays or for next year as I'm prepared for Connor to put everything into practice and hope that he can maintain his results without the tutoring. I have been happy with Ezymathtutoring and if Connor was to start to struggle again I know where to come. Chris, 12th December 2016
Sam has been a fantastic tutor for Annalise, she has improved and was very proud of her end of year results at school. Yvette, 7th December 2016
Aisling is great with Roger, she is strict yet fairand keeps him on his toes. Roger's passion for school has improve since having 1 on 1 sessions with Aisling. Kueni, 6th Decmber 2016
Very happy with the tutoring. Irene, 5th December 2016
Stefan is good and I am very happy with him. Aarti, 1st December 2016
Just wanted to let you know that we have been super happy with Ben as a tutor for Callum. Emma, 29th November 2016
Thank you very much. Georgette was a great tutor for him. Paul, 29th November 2016
The tutoring is going quite well. We were really impressed with his proactive approach in asking for her naplan results and course outline from her teacher so he work in line with what she will be learning in class. Rebecca,28th November 2016
I am happy with Paul and we will definitely continue with him. Irene, 28th November 2016
Kristie is amazing, thanks for sending her! Jodie, 28th November 2016
I would just like to say that Reagan was very professional and very reliable.   He was well suited to my daughter for tutoring. She felt very comfortable with him and she did demonstrate  growth with her math. I would definitely recommend Reagan to other people.  The only other thing is that I regret not having done it sooner. Desley, 26th November 2016
The tutoring with my son Jordan and Remy is going really well things he feels that the tutoring is beneficial and that he is getting a better understanding of the topics. He has the big exam tomorrow but Remy has been very helpful in getting him prepared and after the exam she has identified areas that Jordan needs to work on which is great. Mary, 24th November 2016
We are really happy with Harry, thank you. James is responding really well to him and he Harry has the knowledge and ability to hold the attention of a teenager who generally struggles with focus! Melanie, 24th November 2016
Miah has done really well in her final maths exam! Her tutoring lessons with Alex are obviously working. Catherine, 23rd November 2016
As Jessica has her final exams next week we would like to discontinue her maths tutoring. We have been extremely pleased with your service and would recommend you to others. Simone, 22nd November 2016
Miki has been seeing Sachin for over a year.  We all think he is brilliant.  He is incredibly reliable, highly talented and thoroughly courteous.  We could not imagine a better tutor.   Jane, 22nd November 2016
I am very happy with how this progress is going. Sheralee, 29th November 2016
Nick has been an outstanding tutor for Brooke. We can't speak highly enough of him and his knowledge and approach. Julie, 18th November 2016
We are very happy with the tutoring so far. Ben has gained some confidence in the past couple of weeks. Robert is great.. explains things in a way that Ben can easily understand. Emma, 15th November 2016
Great Tutoring and marks are an improvement. Thank you for your persistence and patience! Michele, 14th November 2016
Thanks you for your email.  We have been very happy with everything.  Reagan has been great with our son Jack and been a huge help to him over the past months.  Jack has pretty much finished for the year now having completed his end of year exams.  As he is year 12 we won’t be requiring assistance next year.  We have two other children and would certainly use your tutoring services again if required. Mandy, 11th November 2016
So far we are pretty happy with Daniel and his enthusiastic and focused approach. I think Cleo feels very comfortable with him and he has been able to help her manage her work load and advancing slowly to re gain her confidence. He has a lovely mature manner, a very likeable guy.   Toni, 11th November 2016
We have been extremely happy with your service and in particular the professionalism and help Jordan received from Suraj.  Cannot endorse Suraj enough. Samantha, 10th November 2016
Lauren has only had a couple of sessions with Nirvan but the benefits were instant & she has really valued his tutoring which has given her more confidence in her capabilities as well. Nirvan seems an exceptional young man & his polite manner & tutoring style are a credit to him. We have been very pleased with the quality, prompt & ease of arrangements & would like to utilise your services again next year. Tania, 9th November 2016
Georgette, Luiz's tutor is amazing and we would like her to continue if possible over the school summer holidays. Paul, 9th November 2016
I could not be happier with how things are going. Cleveland really likes Laurent. Cleveland doesn’t complain about having tutor that day and is really taking it seriously.  Listening and focused, even being neat and becoming organised. Tracy, 8th November 2016
Andrew had his last week with Cameron this Saturday, Cameron has been an excellent tutor, he is very tuned in to maths specialist, and has helped Andrew greatly in his learning. David, 6th November 2016
Thank you very much for your assistance.  I have found your company to be extremely professional.  Rory has been of great assistance to Cordelia and we are very appreciative of his help. Jane, 5th November 2016
Thanks it is going very well with Payal. We are happy, thanks very much. Nicole, 3rd November 2016
The tutoring is going great! Brody really enjoys his time with Daryl and his grade has improved greatly. He got an A on his assessment today and the last time he spoke with his teacher his grade had increased from a D to a C. Peggy, 3rd November 2016
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