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Year 4 Maths Tutoring

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Year 4 Maths Tutoring

Here in Year 4, students are introduced to calculations involving money with whole numbers, fractions and decimals. They will also be introduced to using formal written methods for performing addition and subtraction. Informal written methods will be used for doing multiplication and division involving combinations of two-digit and one-digit numbers.

Year 4 maths is also when percentages will be introduced as well as conversions between percentages, fractions and decimals. Other topics also include:

  • constructing simple number sentences;
  • introduction to conducting surveys,
  • constructing tables and graphs,
  • interpreting simple statistical results,
  • measurements and geometrical shapes

The content of year 4 maths expands on performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These operations are performed on whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages of different digits, denominators and decimal places. Calculations related to money are especially focussed on.

Furthermore, simple number sentences will be given by students after solving for answers. In data usage, construction and types of tables, graphs and ways of interpreting data will be taught. Measurement for Year 4 maths will encompass estimation, taking actual measurements and using measurement units for length, area, volume, time, mass and positions. Students will also study two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Thinking in different dimensions does present difficulty for students in this year, especially in geometry. Calculations involving money may be challenging for some but most students find working with data especially tough.
At the end of Year 4 maths, students should be able to work with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages of varying digits and decimal places. They should also be able to construct and complete simple number problem sentences after finding solutions to various questions. Concepts around simple data gathering and analyses should be grasped by the end of this year as well as interpretation and graphical presentation of results from their data analyses. Students should also be able to estimate, take measurements, make comparisons and record lengths, areas, volumes, masses and time. Representation and description of 2- and 3-dimensional shapes should be learnt by now too.
Year 4 maths tutoring is when you should desire that your child understands working with numbers of all kinds. Being able to comfortably work with all the arithmetic operations regardless of how numbers are presented is a crucial skill.

Students also need to become articulate when constructing simple number sentences. As maths becomes more complicated, the ability to verbally express understanding becomes more important. A firm grasp of data analyses and geometrical shapes is also advised at this stage.

When getting a year 4 maths tutoring, encourage that your child should be given not only more problems to solve but also taught to think and solve maths problems independently.

Some of the concepts introduced in year 4 are a lot more abstract and challenging to understand. It is essential the year 4 maths tutoring extert helps your child develop their sense of logic and ability to think independently. At this level of mathematics rote learning will not be effective and continued reliance on memorisation rather than understanding may create a longer term problem.

Getting a Year 4 maths student to regard objects in 2- or 3-dimensional shapes can be quite a challenge. Working with the different units of measurement can also prove hard to follow for most students.
Help your child learn faster by presenting him/her with real world problems especially those involving money, measurements and shapes. Engaging your child to solve problems involving various units of measurement can be especially helpful.



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