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    Year 5 Maths Tutoring

    Year 5 maths is the first time students will learn of Roman numerals and differentiate them from the Hindu-Arabic system of counting. Here, they will also be taught about prime numbers and composite numbers. Improper fractions and mixed numerals are new topics to learn as well as introductory probability. There will also be introductions to special shapes and triangle types as well as basic map scales.
    Year 5 maths will teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers of all types and all sizes. In fractions, comparisons and simple equivalence will be expounded upon. Prime and composite numbers, mixed numerals and improper fractions are year 5 maths’ main numerical tasks. Probability will also be introduced and in algebra, geometric patterns will be taught. Other topics include:

    • using scales in graphical data presentation and interpreting sector graphs e.g. pie charts,
    • converting between different units of measurements,
    • understanding square and cubic parameters with respect to areas and volumes,
    • in geometry, 3-dimensional objects will be highlighted with prisms,
    • 2-dimensional shapes will focus on triangles and circles.

    The concept of probability is a common challenge in year 5 maths as well as prime numbers and improper fractions. While working with numbers of different sizes is an extension of maths studies in previous years, it can still be daunting for students who are yet to condition to the abstract thinking that maths requires. Students who are not comfortable with performing basic arithmetic operations on numbers of all sizes will start to struggle.
    At the end of year 5 maths, students must be able to work with numbers of all types and sizes; especially fractions, simple decimals and percentages. They must also be able to record and describe geometric and number patterns in words and with tables. They must likewise have learnt how to choose the right units of measurements depending on the context of the question. Drawing and identifying 3-dimensional objects such as prisms and pyramids and 2-dimensional shapes such as triangles are required by the end of this year.
    It is important that your child can work with any number at the end of year 5. This cannot be stressed enough. Understanding what a number represents, regardless of how it is presented and then being able to work with that number is cruical. This is truly foundational content and must be comrehended in its entirety.

    Your child should also be able to identify different shapes and objects as well as take measurements in the right units.

    The content to focus on in year 5 maths is working with numbers of all types. This is the bedrock of every other aspects of maths. Everything from algebra to geometry will be helped by this. To this end, the tutor you hire should rigorously ensure that your child is comfortable with numbers.
    One challenge in tutoring a year 5 maths student is in providing justification for the methods you choose in your examples when teaching. This is especially so with measurements. With the different units of measurements available, it can be exhausting having to explain over and over again which and why one is the most appropriate and why. Students really need to develop their own sense of logic and reason. Explaining probability can also be difficult.

    More generally, at this stage mathematics becomes sufficiently complex that there is often more than one way to solve a problem. This can be confusing for students who are used to having only one possible method that can be memorized and doesn’t require much abstract reasoning.

    The best help to give a year 5 maths student is to exhaustively go through the difficult parts. This will require long hours and if you cannot do this yourself, you should hire a tutor. Remember, year 6 is the culmination of Primary school and then, the maths curriculum will assume past years’ works are well understood.



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    Paul is very pleased with Peter's tutoring style and he feels he is making progress as he recently sat a math test and did better than previously. Paul is being better motivated by Peter and as Peter explains it , Paul feels he understands concepts better. Thank you.
    Matt was excellent, he helped Josh immensely. I only wish we had started earlier. I now know who to come to for my other two children. Thank you.
    I have used other tutors and tutor services in the past however the difference with ezymath was that I received regular reports on how my son was progressing and also tips and tools to enhance his learning.  The tutoring is very structured and also disciplined which kept my son on track.  Yesterday we received his year 9 Naplan results and he achieved a Band 10, and his results last semester…
    Darius is WONDERFUL. My husband said it is great hearing the tutor and Tom discussing the work going on. Looking forward to seeing the improvement in Tom's yearly report for maths.
    I found Ahmad a wonderful young man whom Kira really took to straight away and was so happy to finally start to understand Maths.  He is a exceptional teacher.
    We have been using Ezy Math Tutoring now for around 18 months. We have found the tutors to be courteous, punctual and knowledgeable. The children have become more confident with Maths.

    Our philosophy to teaching is based upon a firm belief that every child can succeed at maths or any other subject, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s …