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Maths TutoringWe Provide Mathematics Tutoring – Contact Us

Students who discover maths realise more of their true potential. More career paths are available to students who succeed in mathematics. Maths tutoring helps.
Nathan’s marks have improved considerably over the past few months and i have noticed that he has a new-found confidence. He has discovered that if he applies himself he will succeed. - Jodie S
After two months our son’s marks in year 10 maths went from the fourties to the seventies. I think most tutors know their maths but our tutor is a wonderful communicator and talented educator whom we wish to retain through the HSC. - Brian W
Since working with David she’s improved out of sight and is now first in her year. She understands questions better & as a result her marks have improved in other subjects across the board. - Jim L

Our goal is turn your child into a successful and independent learner. Our specialist math tutors will teach your child the learning strategies required for them to succeed in mathematics on their own. Ezy Math Tutoring is a new kind of maths tutoring company. We provide home tuition for all grades in mathematics; from year 3 to year 12. Your child can succeed with our maths tutoring service – it is one of the best operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

  • Your Mathematics Tutor Competed To Join Our Tutoring Team.
  • Your Mathematics Tutor Goes Through Months Of Training.
  • Your Mathematics Tutor Is Committed to Your Child’s Success!

Maths Tutoring Can DE-Stress your Child's EducationOur tutoring service is extremely specialised and experiences a burst in demand from July to September. Improvements of 20-35% are possible if sufficient preparation time is allowed before exams. Start ASAP or search for maths tutors.

Why Choose Ezy Math Tutoring?
There are many different reasons why you should choose our company for your maths tutoring needs. When you choose Ezy Math Tutoring, you can be sure that you will get a highly qualified professional. All of our maths tutors are subjected to strict screening processes and training.

Our company gets around 300 applications every month, but only the best maths tutors are selected to come and work for us. In order to get the job, maths tutors need to undergo resume screenings, skill profiling, commitment assessments, tutorial simulations, tutor testing and a working with children evaluation.

Once maths tutors have been accepted, they undergo intensive training so that all maths tutoring is done according to our high standards. Ezy Math tutoring believes that each student deserves the best possible service, so we aim to deliver just that every single time.

What Types of Maths Tutoring Can I Take Advantage Of?
Ezy Math Tutoring offers plenty of options for maths. Our covered math subjects include year 3 maths, year 4 maths, year 5 maths, year 6 maths, primary maths, year 7 maths, year 8 maths, year 9 maths, year 9 maths, year 10 maths, year 11 maths, year 12 maths, general maths, HSC maths, extension maths and high school maths. So no matter which type of maths tutoring you need, Ezy Math tutoring is the best place for you.

Is There Maths Tutoring for My Area?
Ezy Math tutoring covers a large part of Australia. There is maths tutoring available for areas such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. If you are not entirely sure if Ezy Math tutoring has maths tutoring available for your region, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate for your needs.

How Do I Request Maths Tutoring?
Requesting maths tutoring at Ezy Math Tutoring is quite straightforward. We offer various communication options where parents can request maths tutoring for their child. Parents can fill in a request form or can contact us via telephone to arrange a first trial lesson.

The trial session is used to determine where the problems lie. A maths tutor will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the student and can then propose a learning strategy that is completely made for your child.

Are Their Extra Benefits to Maths Tutoring?
Maths tutoring often provides more benefits than only better grades. The student can get ahead of other students, giving them an advantage compared to others.
Getting good maths grades often provides students with more confidence and better self-esteem as well. This can also lead to better academic performance all together. By choosing maths tutoring from Ezy Math Tutoring, you guarantee a successful future for your child.

Ezy Math Tutoring provides clients with various ways to pay for tutoring. The most used method is our online payment method. In order to take advantage of this payment method, you will need a PayPal account.

Customers are provided with a customer ID, which they can use to make the payment for the lessons. Next to the customer ID, customers can also use the name of the student to make the payment.


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