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Year 10 English Tutors

What’s new in Year 10 English?

In year 10, students look closer at citing and referencing texts. When selecting vocabulary, students learn to be more precise with meaning with the intention of affecting audiences. In literature response, students begin to analyse and respond to others’ interpretations of texts. They study social and ethical viewpoints represented in texts. When creating literary texts, students start to develop a personal style and evaluate the effectiveness of their texts. In imaginative writing, students make connections with other texts based on themes and references.

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Main content of Year 10 English

The core contents of year 10 English are:

  • Citing and referencing conventions,
  • Text analysis, including how the arrangement of sentence and clause structures, nominalisation, and abstraction shape meaning,
  • Literature response, including engaging with other interpretations of texts,
  • Delivering presentations with attention to voice, language conventions, and other strategies to engage audiences,
  • Creating well developed imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts that address complex issues.

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Common challenges for students in Year 10 English

When analysing texts, many students at this year level struggle with putting forth their own point of view. Often, the task is to discuss a particular statement made about a text and students tend to rehash the plot instead of using the relevant events or passages in the text to support an argument.

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Main outcomes for Year 10 English

By the end of year 10 English, students should be able to:

  • Develop interpretations of texts and evaluate others’ interpretations,
  • Use cohesive arguments to explain various viewpoints and perspectives,
  • Develop their own writing style using language features, stylistic devices, text structures and images,
  • Create texts that present complex ideas,
  • Actively contribute to class discussions, expressing their own and engaging with others’ opinions,
  • Use correct grammar, select vocabulary for effect, and use accurate spelling and punctuation.

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Most important concepts to ensure your child understands in Year 10 English

Putting forth an argument with evidence, writing about complex ideas, and developing their own writing style are some of the main concepts taught in year 10.

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If hiring a tutor, what study habits and content to focus on in Year 10 English?

Using feedback on essays and other writing from the student’s classroom teacher, a tutor can help focus on the areas that your child is having problems in. Problem areas can be expression, sentence structure, retelling the story instead of making an argument and others. Working in partnership with the teacher in this way can result in demonstrated progress.

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Main challenges involved in tutoring a Year 10 English student

By year 10, many students have established certain writing habits and writing processes which sometimes leads to the same errors or to a lack of improvement. However, year 10 is a good time to polish essay writing skills including answering the question, arguing a particular point of view with evidence, and brushing up on grammar so that the student is prepared for the crucial final years of high school.

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Some good ideas on how to help your child in Year 10 English

If you can, it is a good idea to read the novels or other texts your child is studying so that they can discuss their ideas and work with you. Often talking aloud to another person helps to clarify ideas.

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What they say about our tutoring:

We had tried a couple of tutors for our son prior to contacting Ezymath but found them unreliable or just unsuitable.  Ezymath assessed our son’s needs and then recommended a suitable Maths tutor with whom we were very pleased.  They offered flexibility and a very professional service.  The feedback on our son’s progress was also very helpful.  I recommend the Ezymath service to anyone who wishes to see their child achieve academic success.  
Thank you for your email. Sabrina was very happy with Sheetal. She feels much more confident now and has a better understanding of the concepts. She feels that she can now better cope and is confident enough to do it on her own.   Many thanks for all your help.
Sounds like Alex is doing a great job.  I’ve spoken to Quyen and she is very happy with the tutoring sessions.
Michael has really enjoyed having Raj come as his tutor.  In fact he also managed to get 80% on his last algebra test at school.  It has really empowered him to want to do well in maths and he looks forward to his tutoring session each week. We look forward to seeing him continue on his maths journey throughout the year. Many thanks Ps. I have referred a few of my friends onto your website as their kids were having difficulty too!!!
So far so good with Tim. Tim is now tutoring both my kids and both are really happy with him. Results will show in the months to come. It is early days but we are very happy so far.
Yes, we are very pleased that Sophia likes Rebecca and the tutoring seems to be going well. Rebecca obviously has patience and takes the time to explain things so Sophia can follow them and work through the maths, which is exactly what we wanted. The problem with the school is they move along so fast that there is not enough practice time, and we (the parents) are not familiar with what they teach so we can’t just help out quickly; we have to re-learn it ourselves first, and then we’re probably not good at explaining clearly. That’s why it is great having Rebecca who can obviously explain things in a way Sophia understands. The main thing is that Sophia sees herself as ‘no good at maths’, but when something is explained so she understands it, she is very pleased when she can get the right answers. A lot of it is a confidence thing I think, and also her school maths teacher has been quite negative about her work; so hopefully the tutoring will rebuild some of Sophia’s general confidence over time, which would be great. Sophia will never be a star at maths, but if she can just get passes instead of always negative marks and comments from school, we will be quite happy with that. Sophia is very good at English/Hums and art; maths is her weak area, and we are very pleased (and actually surprised) that she is sitting through an hour of maths tutoring each week without complaint. We did not know how it would go; we tried one other tutor a few months ago – a retired male maths teacher - and she hated it. So this time we are very happy.
Hi, Ruhail has been great and his flexibility has helped enormously. He spent 3.5 hours with Casey last weekend as she had a test she was very concerned about. Casey did much better in her test than she would have done and we are already over the moon. Please pass on our thanks.
We are really happy with Jarryd, we realise it is going to take time and we are prepared to do that for Thomas. Thomas is really comfortable with Jarryd and this helps. Wish we had done this earlier. Thanks for the enquiry.

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