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  • We really cannot speak highly enough of Conaire. He is communicative, polite, always on time, and most importantly, highly competent with maths. From their first meeting, Tim has enjoyed and benefited greatly from his tutoring and encouragement. On a scale of 1 to 10, Conaire rates a 10+ (with no exaggeration at all).
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  • Sam has been an excellent, kind, understanding and patient tutor with Gabriella. Under his guidance she has made improvements in her outcomes and study habits in spite of her great difficulties with the subject. She had gone from a fail grade to a pass mark and has steadily applied herself more consistently to regular study thanks to Sam. We have nothing but praise for his abilities.
    Wetherill Park
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  • Our tutor Chloe is amazing. Both Anna and Elle are doing well.
    Black Rock
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