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14 Apr

9 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is one of those things that you think everyone else has except you. When you walk into a room, the door squeaks, and everyone looks at you, you’re 99% sure they’re all making fun of your shoes or hoping yon don’t sit by them. Even as adults, we struggle, some more than others, with […]

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14 Jun

Does Screen Time Help Or Hurt Student’s Education?

Parents everywhere struggle to find the right combination of studying and screen time for their children. If the kids had a vote, they’d “study” in front of their favorite TV show, or attempt to play video games while writing a paper. Concerned parents know that too much screen time can distract students and hinder their […]

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1 Jun

How You Can Help Your Anxious Teen

Navigating the teenager years is hard. Navigating the teenager world while dealing with anxiety or other mental health issue can seem impossible for both the student and the parents on the other end. Trying to understand the root of their issues, researching and learning all you can about their disorder, and balancing that with encouraging […]

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16 May

How To Study For Final Exams And Other Important Tests

Smart students know that there is a difference between reading over the notes at lunchtime before a test, and actually studying. When it comes to major tests that have a big impact on their grade, successful students have a plan and a strategy for studying. If your child has a big exam coming up, encourage […]

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1 May

3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child At Home

Parents always want what is best for their children, and they want to encourage their children to strive for excellence, never give up, and be the best version of themselves that they can be. So when a parent learns that their child is struggling in school is can be heartbreaking. Many parents want to help […]

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15 Apr

4 Ways To Improve Math Scores

4 Ways To Improve Math Scores Many parents, who feel like they’ve tried everything to help their frustrated and defeated child succeed in math, have searched the Internet for quick fixes, worksheets, online games and other solutions for what seems like an unfixable problem. However, when it comes to improving math scores, there is no […]

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1 Apr

For Students: Fitting in at School

During your high school years, you may be constantly worried about how you will fit in with your peers, how you’ll measure up, and what your friends and classmates will think about you. Sometimes, the need to fit in with the “in crowd” can overshadow the real reason why you’re in school in the first […]

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15 Mar

Good Grades Start At The Dinner Table

Good Grades Start At The Dinner Table If you’re like most families, you lead a pretty busy life. There are kids to wrangle and spouses to communicate with, dogs to walk and parties to attend, dinners to make and dance recitals to get to. There is always something to do, something on the To-Do list […]

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1 Mar

For Parents: Things NOT To Say To Your Child

As parents, we do a lot of talking. We talk to our children on a daily basis, relaying vital information (don’t forget to wear your seatbelt) and basic information (please don’t leave your socks on the floor.) But sometimes, as parents, we don’t realize the weight our words have on our children. Peggy O’Mara once […]

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15 Feb

A Parent’s Promise

Dear Child,   As your parent, there are a few things I can promise. I promise to love you unconditionally, to provide for your basic needs (and extras if you’re lucky) to provide opportunities for you to learn and grow, and to do my best to help you become the intelligent, responsible, healthy, happy, productive […]

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