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A Parent’s Promise

2018-09-03T18:21:57+00:00 Posted in Parent Advice by

Dear Child, As your parent, there are a few things I can promise. I promise to love you unconditionally, to provide for your basic needs (and extras if you’re lucky) to provide opportunities for you to learn and grow, and to do my best to help you ..

5 Ways To Help Your Tutor Help You

2018-09-03T18:15:44+00:00 Posted in Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Organizing Lessons, Parent Advice, Relationships: Parent, Student &Tutor by

Working with a tutor can be one of the most beneficial steps in transforming struggling students into successful students. The one-on-one attention works wonders by focusing on the student’s individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. The tutor and student relationship is an important one, and when a match ..