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About Ezy Math

about ezy math tutoringThe Problem Revealed

Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish; he’ll eat for a lifetime.

This famous proverb sums up our tutoring philosophy almost completely. We are aware that students are overwhelmed, year after year, with math classes that teach them how to get from the beginning of the problem to the end. They study enough to get through the next test, and forget everything before the end of the school day. It is because of this broken system that so many students are falling behind in math as they move to higher and higher grade levels. This leads to a low self-confidence and a continued negative attitude towards math.


Our Solution

We approach education much differently. Our tutors break the cycle of inefficient teaching by showing students not just WHAT to study, but HOW to study. So many students go through their educational career without the tools to properly prepare for a test. Our tutors watch and listen very carefully to what the student says and does, and caters their teaching to the way the student learns. We know education is not a one size fits all concept, which is why we personalize each strategy for each individual student. We provide them with tricks and applications that make note taking easier, which makes organization easier, which in turn makes it easier to study and comprehend the information at hand. Our goal is not to get the students TO the test; our goal is to get them THROUGH the test with confidence and PAST the test with even more confidence.  We strongly believe that every child can succeed with the right support, skill development, and the right kind of attention from a skilled and experienced tutor.

Our tutors understand the vital roles parents play in the education of their children, which is why parents can expect regular open and honest communication from the tutors, they can expect to be listened to when they voice their concerns and are encouraged to play a role in their child’s progress. Students can expect to be allocated a tutor who works in a way that is best for the student, and with whom they can build a solid relationship. As in all relationships, sometimes two people don’t “click” and it is our goal to find the right tutor for every student.


How it Started

A mathematician started Ezy Math. Not someone who thinks they can kind of teach students. Not someone looking to make a few bucks starting their own business. But a math enthusiast turned professional tutor. A professional tutor who realized there weren’t any companies in Australia that focused on the process of learning, studying and achieving instead of just quick tricks to get students through the next exam. Ezy Math Tutoring was born out of a love for math, out of the belief that the experience of struggling with a problem but then solving it yourself is character building and confidence building; the skills one learns through that process can be vital in all aspects of life, not just in the classroom. It is also founded by a passion for showing students that they CAN succeed in math, and even more than succeed, they can truly ENJOY it.

What they say about our tutoring:

Things are going well. Chris is doing a very good job. Since the tutoring sessions, my daughter seems to be more positive and has stated that Chris is explaining the work well, which makes it easier to understand. I am confident that this was the right decision and can’t wait to see the results.
Lucy is wonderful. Dominique is participating well in the sessions and covering areas I feel she requires assistance in.
We had been looking for a Maths tutor for my son for the HSC for some time with very limited success. Companies would indicate they were able to supply a tutor but when push came to shove there was either no one available or the booked tutor never showed up. In desperation I spoke to a friend who I knew had a tutor for her son. She recommended Ezy Math and indicated she was extremely happy with her son’s tutor Faraz. Ezy Math were easy to get on to and able to find me a tutor for my son almost straight away. I was really pleased to be advised that the tutor was Faraz whom I had already heard good things about. Faraz contacted me and we were able to organise a suitable time. Faraz has done a fantastic job keeping my son motivated and on track. The point of the sessions for us was guided revision and to consolidate the learning that was happening in the classroom. Faraz was calm and patient and able to keep my son focussed. My son has indicated he felt the sessions were extremely useful, and really helped him to pull together what he needed for the exams. Feedback reports sent monthly let me know that Faraz felt things were on track and where improvement was needed. Invoicing and payment was easy and no fuss via the website. All in all I have been really pleased with Ezy Math and so has my son.
Lee has been terrific for Harry. He has helped Harry develop confidence and knowledge in Maths that certainly wasn't there at the start of the year. And the results Harry is achieving at school are outstanding. Thank you.
It seems Gillian is really benefiting greatly from the tutoring and I must say that Joyce is a super star! She has somehow turned Gillian 180 degrees in her attitude to maths.
I just wanted to thank you and my son’s tutor, Faraz, for all of your work with him over the last couple of months. I have found Aiden to be much calmer and more focused about the subject since Faraz started tutoring him, which has been fantastic. Aiden found Faraz extremely helpful in guiding his revision and assisting him with the components that he was struggling with.
We were very satisfied with Tammy and have recommended ezymathtutoring to other people.
Thank you for following up on the tutoring.  Kishan is proving to be very suitable. He and Chris relate very well.

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"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

― Mother Teresa
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