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HSC Legal Studies Past Papers

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Looking for HSC Legal Studies past papers to practice your skills and apply your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place.

In your HSC Legal Studies course you’ve had the opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding of the nature and functions of law and law-making, the development of Australian and international legal systems, the Australian constitution and law reform. You’ve also investigated the key areas of law, justice and human rights through a variety of focus studies which considered how changes in societies influence law reform. Exam questions will relate to the syllabus outcomes but if you want to be sure of passing and excelling, you will need to demonstrate your ability to integrate the knowledge, understanding and skills you’ve acquired through studying the course.

Completing HSC Legal Studies past papers will give you a good idea of what to expect in your final exams. The syllabus changed in 2009 so we’ve got HSC Legal Studies past papers from 2010 onwards to help you below. Also, click here to access the Legal Studies 2019 HSC Exam Pack.

We’ve organised the past papers by course and year, naming the links as accurately as possible. If you find any errors, please let us know.

Sometimes, there’s only a marking guide available, in others, the marking guide contains sample answers as well. The table usually shows each question and the criteria with each mark or mark range.

3 Tips to Help you Prepare for Your HSC Legal Studies Exam

  • Check the HSC Legal Studies Syllabus. There’s no excuse for not knowing what to study. Use the syllabus as your ultimate guide to what you should know. The questions you’ll be asked in your assessments and in the final exam will relate directly to the syllabus.
  • Make Current Affairs Your Best Friend. You must broaden your knowledge about law related cases occurring in Australia. The media is jam-packed with these. Collect online news articles. Relate the content you’re studying to cases that come up daily on the news. Keep a note of these so you can cite them later in essays and when you answer exam questions. Challenge yourself with previous cases and be able to recall legislation and precedents for similar cases.
  • Test Yourself by Doing HSC Legal Studies Past Papers. By reading through the markers’ comments, you will be able to recognise exactly what the markers are looking for. With essays, you will know what was tested the year before, so it can probably be ruled out for this year,  but they can still ask questions from the same section especially if it relates to something that has been occurring in Australia.

3 Tips to Help you Ace Your HSC Legal Studies Exam

  • Read From the Back of the Paper. Read the World Order Questions first and decide which one you’ll do, then move to the Family Section and decide which question you’ll do there. Then read the Crime question, then the Human Rights question and then read the Multiple Choice questions, doing them in your head as you’re reading them. Many students find this approach helpful in getting their brains working on what will be required. Also allocate time for each section in alignment with the marks allocated.
  • Multiple Choice Questions – Aim to be Fast and Accurate. Spend half the recommended time on the 20 questions so you have more time for essays. Attempt to read and answer each question within 30 seconds or less. If a question takes longer, mark it clearly, leave it and come back to it. Don’t forget to answer every question by the end so you don’t give marks away for no reason.
  • Focus on Essay Writing. 65 marks are allocated to this so it’s important that you know how to go about approaching these questions. Read the question carefully. Underline key words and glossary terms. Plan your answer on the first page of the writing booklet and clearly label this as your plan. Write in full sentences and paragraphs, leaving a line between each paragraph. Make every word count towards getting a mark. Focus on concise factual detail. No fluff. Write legibly. Make sure you’re answering the question by using the wording of the question, especially in the conclusion. Remember to support your work with quotes from esteemed persons, current statistics and reference legislation, cases, media reports, documents and International instruments.

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