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All students need to go from struggling to catching up is the right kind of help at the right moment. The same goes for students who are on top of their assignments but never quite excel at science.

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    100% Good Fit Guarantee

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    Qualified Tutors

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    1000's of Happy Students

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What they say about our tutoring


We were extremely satisfied with our tutor.  She helped Chantal immensely and since then Chantal has done very well in school.  Her Naplan results came back today and they were above the National and her School marks. Ezy Math was very helpful and understanding and I have nothing but praise for the company.

I have used other tutors and tutor services in the past however the difference with ezymath was that I received regular reports on how my son was progressing and also tips and tools to enhance his learning.  The tutoring is very structured and also disciplined which kept my son on track.  Yesterday we received his year 9 Naplan results and he achieved a Band 10, and his results last semester at school were excellent and his confidence and ability has improved immensely  , many thanks to ezymath and his fantastic tutor.

Ezy Math tutoring gave me an invaluable opportunity and experience. With fortnightly advice, support and materials I was able to give my all to my students. The reward being an invaluable satisfaction when the mother heard from my students' teacher that her work was really improving. I really enjoyed the experience and always left the students feeling like I had made a change. For prospective tutors I would say Ezy Maths is a great place to work, they provide plenty of materials, support and the staff are very co-operative and understanding about your needs

All students need to go from struggling to catching up is the right kind of help at the right moment. The same goes for students who are on top of their assignments but never quite excel at science.

Students reach the next level when they work with someone who understands their needs, who’s available and honestly cares about their goal. That kind of support goes a long way, especially with chemistry, as it tends to be elusive and hard to master.

Chemistry Tutor Pentland Hills

In most cases, that kind of help isn't available at school. Teachers already have a full classroom to manage and are generally swamped with tasks. Maybe you've already thought of finding a local Pentland Hills chemistry tutor for your child, but you didn't know where to start and what to look out for.

We can help.

This is what we do. We organise one-on-one tutoring in your home, at a time that's most convenient for you. You choose what the tutor covers and how often they come. Not quite sure what your child needs to learn? No need to worry, we'll figure it out.

We charge a simple hourly fee and last but not least, in case you don't like the first lesson - we consider it a trial and match you with another chemistry tutor in Pentland Hills.

We've seen it time and time again, all it takes for a student to start trying again is that one aha moment.

The right tutor can get your child there.

Give it a try!
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